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Religious Tourism In Zimbabwe

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                  (Three influential Prophets in Zimbabwe ,Magaya (L),Angel(C) and Makandiwa(R))

By Prince Chakanyuka

Zimbabwe is to embark on religious tourism by end of year 2014 in order to boost its foreign currency inflows. Zimbabwe has got a population of about 13 million and the majority of the people are christians.

Zimbabwe's tourism minister, Walter Mzembi is a man on a mission to introduce and promote religious tourism .He has endorsed one of Zimbabwe's rising Prophet ' Magaya "as he released figures of congregants who attended his big Sunday service. “In order to encourage religious tourism, church-inspired and faith-based business can now ride on the back of these two statutory instruments in order to grow their faith based business opportunities and here I cite conventional centres, restaurants, transport business because the church itself has become a market,” he said. “In July 2014 Zimbabwe witnessed 180 000 parishioners along the Masvingo highway near Waterfalls in Harare where Pastor Magaya was ministering,” Mzembi said. “If you have 180 000 congregants; if each one of them buys a bottle of mineral water at $1, that’s already $180 000 in circulation on one single product line called water,”

Mzembi told Parliament as he revealed incentives to local hotels and restaurants whose services support local churches. Of course, Mzembi has been instrumental in coming up with religious tourism policy. And when he speaks on matters that pertain to his ministry there are abound to be intent listeners.

Mzembi said the policy was borne out of a realisation that many people are attracted to local religious shrines, such as the Bernard Mizeki shrine in Marondera, the Zaoga Prayer Mountain in Bindura as well as the Johane Marange shrine as having the potential to see the government policy’s success

The other Prophets who are well known for pulling crowds in Zimbabwe are Prophet Makandiwa who also hold his annual conference which attracts congregants of over 100 000. Prophet Ubert Angel also attracts visitors from all over the world and is a well recognised speaker in all five continents,Prophet Angel was featured of late in the Forbes Magazine as one of Zimbabwes most influential speaker.

The other sects which also attracts huge crowds are the apostolic faith based churchess which attracts a crowd of over 200 000 at its annual meeting 'Pascah" which is held in Mutare ,Zimbabwe.

One man who should be smiling is well know evangelist in Zimbabwe ,Dr Ezekiel Guti who is influential in the rise of pentecostalism in Zimbabwe.He has pioneered thousands of churches in more than 100 countries.

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