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Trump Evangelicals: A bad Choice Getting Worse

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This blog does not endorse political candidates, and, for that matter, does not believe in political party identification - especially as a Christian. The focus is on Christians and the way we apply biblical principles as we live out our lives in an ungodly world. The blog is concerned with Christian consistency where our words and deeds align with the scriptures as godly, reliable witnesses to the world. This concern is highlighted even more during the 2016 presidential campaign as Christians must choose between two major candidates that are prima facie morally flawed.

It is ironic that Trump evangelicals and many millennials say they support him and cannot vote for Hillary Clinton because she is corrupt and a liar. However, on both counts they seem to have made a terrible miscalculation. There is now overwhelming evidence that Trump is consistently corrupted, and a liar such has never been seen in this country’s political history. In fact, he seems to lie even about trivial things - a default response which is a pathological tendency typical of a person who does not consider lying a vice. He lies about his lying. He lies about his charitable giving.

He goes back on his word to pay his workers. He premeditatedly and deliberately defaults on his loans. He is someone who seems to think that corrupt business dealing is a virtue, and possibly a personal sacrifice equal to those who sacrifice their lives for this country; who admires despots, dictators and mass murderers as strong leaders; who thinks that it is okay to bomb the families of terrorists, and perhaps use nuclear weapons on those he disagrees with; who thinks that insulting gestures justifies blowing Iranian boats out of the water.

A Growing Shame

“He who answers a matter before he hears it, It is folly and shame to him” Proverbs 18:13 (NKJV)

The question, the really poignant question is this: What were the Trump Evangelicals relying on to make their decision? One thing is for sure, they were not relying on fact based research of either of the major candidates in this campaign. And it certainly cannot be, regardless of the rationalization of many Trump supporting evangelicals, simply a matter of abortion, homosexuality and religious freedom. True Christians can and do differ on those wedge issues in this country. And, especially for those who work in government, in healthcare and in the sciences, these do not represent binary decisions.

It is an embarrassment to read many of the editorials, articles and opinions posted on the Christian Post website that attempt to justify supporting Trump. They are rife with false equivalences, fallacies of all kinds, and a shameful appeal to scriptures that is the epitome of demagoguery, which exposes the self-serving danger of eisegesis. It is to their shame that the person they hold up as the better choice is proving every day to be anything but.

Early on in the process Trump supporters said that what they valued is the fact that he was a “truth teller” who “tells it like it is.” Well, again, on both counts they could not be more wrong. He lies with impunity. More than 70% of what he says is rated by Politifacts as mostly false or pants on fire, the highest degree of lying. Other fact-checking organizations concur. Compare that with about 25% of Clinton’s statement getting the same rating. Yet, to read his supporters in the media who write, or listen to those who speak, they could never support her because she is such a liar and so corrupt. How is Trump better as a truth teller, given the facts?

If nothing else, Trump’s mendacity, foibles and vices expose the tragic lack of wisdom and discernment in those supporters who are supposed to be spiritual leaders of the Church. That is a terrible testimony that does great damage to whatever witness they will attempt for the Gospel from here on. Even worse they have become complicit with Trump’s demonstrated racist rhetoric and actions. That is what they will be associated with. No one will now listen to their moral arguments against abortion and homosexuality. They have shamed their ministries, and that shame will continue to grow unless they set their pride aside and repent. We all know what repent means.

A Need for Humility and Repentance

It is impossible that the Trump evangelicals have failed to recognize by now that he is a counterfeit. It is improbable that they have not questioned whether they were mistaken to think he was otherwise. It is unthinkable that knowing what they certainly should about his very dark character, they can still say that he is the better choice. By any reasonable measure, by the testimony of many who know him, and by those who know what is really going on in the world, whether one is a Christian or not, he is definitely the worse choice for president this country has ever nominated.

The hubris demonstrated in proclaiming, as some have done, that it is a moral obligation to eschew traditional evangelical principles grounded in biblical morals and biblical ethical imperatives, and choose the “lesser evil” (even though spiritually there is no such thing because all evil comes from the Devil, and Christians should always abstain from it), calls for repentance before God and asking for forgiveness.

They have used their position of power and influence to lead many into a sinful path. They have corrupted the holiness of the Gospel by raising personal political ideology above the Gospel of Truth to exalt an unrepentant liar as a “baby Christian”, and by promoting the ungodly tactics of ungodly men as an approved means to support the cause of the Church.

If they have any sense of spiritual humility or godly shame, they will admit that first, they did not hear from or consult God on the matter before making their decision. Second, they will swallow their fleshly pride and admit that they were wrong and that Trump is no champion of the cause of the Church. Third, they will apologize to the Church for bringing its character into disrepute and damaging its message. Finally, they must seek the Lord’s forgiveness for causing unbelievers to blaspheme the name of God. If they humble themselves and repent, then “[God] is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness” 1 John 1:12 (NIV).

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