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A Great Time to Begin a Bible Study on Jesus' Birth

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Blogger: Jeffrey Kranz, Logos Promotional Copywriter

Christmas is coming, and we’re all excited to celebrate the Lord Jesus Christ’s coming to dwell among us. But how many of our ideas about Christ’s birth come from the Bible, and how many from Christmas carols, TV specials, nativity scenes, and the like?

The biggest holiday on the Western calendar recognizes the birth of Jesus — let’s do a Bible study to see how it really happened.

Now through Christmas, we’ll be posting new ideas for studying the birth of Christ. Some of the Logos bloggers and I will walk through the Gospel accounts of the Nativity using the powerful Bible-study tools in Logos 5.

Getting started in the Word

So, if you’re doing a Bible study on the birth of Jesus, where can you start? The new Topic Guide in Logos 5 is the easiest way to get started, even if you’ve never read the biblical account of the Nativity. Take a look below to see what you'd find when opening the Topic Guide.

I start typing in “Christmas,” and the guide suggests both Christmas and the virgin birth of Jesus Christ. That’s helpful, because I’m really interested in the second option in this Bible study. I select it, and the Topic Guide brings me places to start my study! I get a definition of the topic and links to my Bible dictionaries and encyclopedias. I also get a list of related verses and topics.

This gives me plenty of Scriptures to read and examine, and other topics to explore. So using the Topic Guide, I get:

  • A suggestion for the topic I really wanted (even though I typed something else)
  • The definition of the topic
  • A list of passages for future Bible study
  • Ideas for more topics to explore

It took me only nine seconds to get to all this information from the Home Page. It doesn’t matter if I’ve memorized the New Testament or if I’ve never opened the Bible before — either way, I’m ready to start learning more about the birth of my Savior. Simple, yet precise steps make Logos 5 an extremely efficient and approachable Bible study tool. I look forward to studying the birth of Christ with you further.

All the tools and books explored today are found in Logos 5 Bronze and higher base packages. Current users with Logos 4 or lower can upgrade to Logos 5 if wishing to actively join in on the continuation this Christmas Bible study.

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