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Better Your Bible Study on iPhone, iPad . . . for Free

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Author: Kensey Burdick, Logos Bible Software

Bible study is a lot better and easier with the updated Logos Bible app for iPhone and iPad. The app is redesigned to be more user friendly and better for groups. New features include a reworked home page, customizable reading plans, Faithlife-connected Community Notes, and additional panels for split-screen viewing.

If you haven’t downloaded the redesigned Bible app, don’t wait any longer! It helps you experience fuller, richer Bible study wherever you go—and it’s absolutely free.

Watch the video here for a brief rundown of some of the new features on Logos Bible app.

Community Notes: Share verse-by-verse thoughts and comments with anyone in your Faithlife community. Passages mentioned by your friends, your church, and Christian leaders show up marked with an icon.

Reading plans: Customize your reading plans with versatile templates to keep your studying on schedule, and then share your personalized plans with others.

Highlighting: Mark the text your way with more than 80 colors and symbols.

Languages: Access the Bible’s original Greek and Hebrew with a simple tap-and-hold on any word. You’ll instantly see the term’s lemma and morphology.

Split screen: Study any secondary resource side by side with your favorite Bible. Both panels scroll in sync, so you’re always in the right place.

Word studies: Learn more about a Greek or Hebrew word by running a Bible word study. Logos 4 links the text to dictionaries, lexicons, and cross-references and lets you compare translations.

Free books: Get 44 resources for free when you download the Logos app. Then open up 25 more free books by creating a account.

iPad app: Powerful study tools work alongside your resources
Android app: Languages feature

Many more features are included on Logos Bible apps. You can learn more about Logos apps for iPhones, iPads, iPod Touches, Android-enabled devices, Macs, PCs and Kindle Fires on our mobile apps page, where you can dowload them for free.

New features that can now be accessed on the Android Bible app include notes, highlighting and languages (see image to the left). Other features on this app are: search, passage guide, custom settings, favorites, library, split screen, Bible word study, text comparison, quick jump and reading plans.

Watch the video here for a brief rundown on how the updated Android app can enhance your Bible study.

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