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Faithlife Releases Free 'Read the Bible in a Year' App for 2013

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Author: Vincent Funaro, Christian Post Reporter

The Faithlife social network has announced plans to release a new application that helps users read through the entire Bible in just a year.

The company views this rare accomplishment as a New Year's resolution made by many Christians that often goes unfulfilled.

The free Faithlife Study Bible app allows users to join reading groups with their friends, churches and small groups to build up the Faithlife community. It will also give them access to more shared reading plans, notes and prayer requests from fellow users by connecting them to the Logos ecosystem.

Logos Bible Software provides believers with effective Bible Study tools and a massive digital library of more than 32,000 resources.

The strategy of reading through the Bible in a year has been effective for many Christians, and Faithlife's new app provides people with a new method for doing so.

"It's a simple truth that I forget far too often to know God, we have to know His Word," said Jefferson Bethke, Christian blogger and spoken-word poet. "Reading the Bible in a year helps me to do just that. It keeps me organized, disciplined, and reading parts of the Bible I wouldn't otherwise choose to read on a normal basis."

"The Bible is a delicious feast and reading it all the way through makes sure you aren't leaving anything on your plate," he continued. "Use Faithlife's Read the Bible in a Year plan to bring you closer to your Maker and His Word."

Faithlife describes itself as an online Christian community that allows Churches, schools, organizations, and individual believers to share notes, prayer requests and more resources that help believers further themselves in their relationship with God.

Linked together with Logos software, Faithlife is able to provide believers with a vast amount of electronic resources.

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