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Logos 5 Enhances the Study of Scripture for All Believers

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By Vincent Funaro, Christian Post Reporter

Logos Bible Software has launched Logos 5, an application with a new set of tools, features and customizable libraries that encourage and help Christians to share their faith.

Believers studying the Bible now have access to advanced searches while exploring Scripture along with the ability to personalize their libraries by adding to Logos 5's base packages.

The software connects believers with the Logos ecosystem, which includes the Faithlife social network's shared reading plans, notes and prayer requests.

Logos 5's massive networked libraries, smart searches, original language tools and Bible-knowledge features connect users to the Word. And with the free mobile Bible apps, they can take their Christian libraries on the road. — Logos President/CEO Bob Pritchett

Some of Logos 5's new tools include the Timeline, Clause Search, Topic Guide, Bible Facts, and Sermon Starter Guide for teachers, preachers and pastors.

By using these new resources, users can see the entirety of biblical and church history, explore this information using phrases, part of clauses, or can even themes.

The software grants them access to information on biblical people, places, things, and events and connects them to advanced sermon-prep resources.

The software brings friends, family, colleagues and churches together through Faithlife, which is wrapped around the world's largest, most advanced study Bible, the 2.3 million-word Faithlife Study Bible. — Faithlife Product Manager Joel Muddamalle.

It also features Proclaim church presentation software's cloud-synced technology that allows pastors and worship leaders to collaborate on multimedia worship services electronically.

Vyrso Christian ebooks in Logos 5 brings readers one-touch Bible references to tons of Christian fiction and non-fiction.

Logos 5 is available for purchase with a 15 percent special discount for its launch. It comes in seven base packages which start at $250.

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