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Posted 10/2/13 at 8:43 PM | Jack Wellman |

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Donating Organs Saves Lives

ABC News, 2011

Listen to this touching true story from several years ago that a pastor told me about. A young boy of 7 sat by his sister's bed in the hospital as the doctor walked in and said to his parents, "If your daughter doesn't have a blood transfusion, she'll likely die or go into a coma. And I'm not sure she'll come out of it." The doctor asked, "Is there anyone in your family with her blood type?" Her parents said,"Well, no...only her little brother, and he's only 7." The doctor said that since her blood type is so rare (for example her blood type does not have the necessary S factor), they would typically have to screen at least 200 donors and there may not be time.

In final desperation, the parents* asked the boy if they could use some of his blood for the transfusion knowing that normally a child of this age could not be a donor but they knew the boy’s blood type matched that of his sister. Their daughter had only a matter of hours to live if she didn’t receive at least some of her brother’s blood. The parents had to sign a waiver for the hospital’s medical liabilities and the doctor reassured the parents that they would only need enough of the boy’s blood until another donor could be found. When asked about this, the little boy looked at his sister and immediately said, "Yes." FULL POST

Posted 9/25/13 at 12:23 PM | Jack Wellman

You've Got Angels

Jack Wellman, 2013

There are angels all around us, watching over us, assigned by God. They are protectors of physical and spiritual dangers. They can take human form when they are commanded to do so. Some angels may appear visible to some people while not to others. We might have even entertained angels without even knowing it. The Bible records incidents where humans treated angels badly thinking that they were people. The results were disastrous.

Each one of us may have at least one that is assigned to each and every one of us (Luke 22:43, Acts 22-25). They're commanded to "encamp all around us" and to protect us (Luke 22:43, Psalm 34:7, 91:10-13, 103:21). That is not saying that we won't ever get sick, get a disease or get hurt, since we all have an appointment with death (Heb. 9:27).

The chubby little cherubs that are often depicted as angels are not biblical. Angels are spiritual beings and powerful agents under God's sovereign will. These angels are not passive, but active in nature and might even take physical form if God so wills it. We may have even encountered and entertained angels without even knowing it (Heb 13:1-2). It makes you want to always treat people with love and respect. FULL POST

Posted 9/3/13 at 10:24 PM | Jack Wellman

Promise Keepers and Promise Breakers

US Government - Public Domain

You’ve heard of the Promise Keepers. This is not what this is about. This is about God never breaking His promises like humans may do. God never breaks His promises but we frequently do. God keeps His Word but humans sometimes don’t. The difference between promises made by God and mankind is that God has the power to bring these promises about but we sometimes are unfaithful or unseen circumstances come up to make it impossible for us to keep them. These are called exceedingly great and precious promises in the Word. If you could promise someone something then you might have to qualify it by saying, ”God willing” or “If something else doesn’t come up” but God’s promises are more sure than anything you can even imagine, even when things do come up.

Hebrews 13:5b “Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you.” FULL POST

Posted 8/28/13 at 1:27 PM | Jack Wellman

How Knowledge Puffs Up

Wikipedia Commons, Public Domain

Blowfish (family of Tetraodontidae) are closely related to the Porcupine fish and Puffer fish. These fish are analytical to the idea of Biblical knowledge that comes without love. These fish are the second most poisonous vertebrate in the known world. They are highly toxic to humans. Their unique and distinctive natural defenses have the ability to inflate rapidly. Some puffers also produce a powerful neurotoxin called tetrodotixon in their internal organs, making them unpleasant, and even lethal.

First Corinthians 8:1 is a popular verse within Evangelical Christianity. The proverbial portion of the verse, "knowledge puffs up," regularly echoes through the corridors of our churches. Normally, the proverb is spoken as a subtle rebuke of a believer seemingly falling in love with learning and correcting or chastising those who know less than they do. Since learning brings forth knowledge and knowledge brings forth arrogance, we reason, and then learning isn't a habit worthy of our love. According to many who voice this proverb, some learning is necessary, but the sole objective of study is the application of that which is learned. Our goal as Christians is not to only know more about God but to know how to be more like God. FULL POST

Posted 8/19/13 at 8:43 PM | Jack Wellman |

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The 23rd Psalm – A Personal Bible Commentary

The Good Shepherd, Bernhard Plockhorst (1825–1907)

I want to go through one of the most popular and well known chapters in the entire Bible. It’s the 23rd Psalm, written by David when he was older. This was not written but the young shepherd boy or the newly crowned king of Israel, but many years after David had been sitting on the throne. This Psalm reflects the experiences of a man who had gone through many valleys and had constant shadows of death enveloping him, yet he knew in the end that he would dwell in the house of the Lord forever. I have read a lot of commentaries on this chapter but I thought I would add my own personal commentary to what the 23rd Psalm means to me. You may not agree with mine and your own personal commentary may differ, but this is my personal Bible commentary on the 23rd Psalm.

23:1 The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want. FULL POST

Posted 8/12/13 at 3:34 PM | Jack Wellman

There's Power in the Blood

Why would anyone want to donate blood? I know that giving blood saves lives. But here's a twist for pet owners. In a few rare places, there are actually "Pet Blood Donors' banks. In England, enough blood was collected to save the lives of up to 32 dogs at a Pet Blood Bank UK (PBBuk) collection session at the University of Nottingham's School of Veterinary Medicine and Science on Wednesday (May 20, 2009). But this is primarily about humans donating blood for humans.

The present one day supply, worldwide, is one disaster away from being exhausted. Global and U.S. donations have plummeted in the last few years. Besides there being a world-wide shortage of blood, even areas within the borders of the U.S. can run out blood from one local disaster. Blood is needed for obvious reasons, transfusions, emergency blood supplies, life for a young baby or infant, a young child...your grandma, or maybe you someday. There are more reasons to give blood than just helping others. There are actually several important benefits for the donors that are tangible and extremely beneficial. When we are generous in donating blood, the generosity is returned to the donor. Here are just a few ways that donors are helped: FULL POST

Posted 8/3/13 at 1:58 PM | Jack Wellman

God the Evangelist

Sistine Chapel fresco Creation of the Sun and Moon by Michelangelo, c. 1512

Who is the true evangelist when it comes to saving the souls of men and women? Is it those who go door to door to hand out Bible tracts? Is it the sweet little old lady who lives next door and lets her light shine so that others can see Christ? Is it the one who visits orphans and widows, those who go to assisted care living homes, or someone who visits the sick in the hospital? Now these are taking the gospel into all the world, even if its right next door, but truly, the real evangelist is God the Holy Spirit.

John 6:44 may be one of the clearest indications of who does the seeking, "No one can come to me unless the Father who sent me draws him. And I will raise him up on the last day." The word "draw" used in this verse is the same word that is used when Paul and Silas were dragged to jail. The King James' translators didn't seem to like the idea of John 6:44 being read as, "No one can come to me unless the Father who sent me drags him. And I will raise him up on the last day" but that is what the literal language of the Greek is. This shows the effectual work of God in our salvation. If one reads Ephesians chapter one and two, we can see that salvation is fully the work of God. Even the fact that a person is born again as Jesus said in John 3:3 it is actually "born from above." Does anyone have any choice in the matter as to whether they are born or not? Does the baby take part in the decision as to when they are born or to which parents? Certainly not and so similarly, a person who is born of God is done so by the express will of God and then pursued by what the poet Francis Thompson called "The Hound of Heaven." FULL POST

Posted 7/23/13 at 6:06 PM | Jack Wellman

Abandoned on the Highway of Death

Jack Wellman, 2013. Image of a rescued cat by my wife.

When Jesus was asked by His disciples how to pray, He gave them the perfect template in what is commonly called The Lord's Prayer. Part of this prayer was to pray for the kingom to come. I believe it is right to pray for His kingdom to come. Recently, I viewed something that astonished me and created in me an urgent feeling to pray more fervently than I had ever prayed pray for the King of this coming kingom to come...and to come quickly.

I was driving to work one day when in the middle of nowhere, in the desolate stretches of a Kansas highway...far away from any farm or home, I saw an abandoned kitten so tiny and so vulnerable, sitting in the opposite lane of a 65 mph highway. When I was traveling on this roadway, I saw something in the other lane and when I went by I slowed down to see that someone had obviously dropped off a little kitten...probably by someone whose mother cat had just had a litter of kittens because, as I said previously, there were no homes even remotely close. It would have been impossible for this kitten to have made it this far away from a home by itself. When I slowed down with the sudden urge to go back and rescue it, a huge semitractor trailer came roaring by and I thought that this little life was about to be snuffed out. When I came back, what I saw was just a tiny spot of fur and remains spread out over the same lane of the highway where the kitten had previously been. I have not been able to get this image out of my mind since. FULL POST

Posted 7/11/13 at 2:22 PM | Jack Wellman

Refreshing the Weary

Jack Wellman, 2013

I was out doing door-to-door witnessing one day last year and frequently those who professed to be Christian had no time for me. Strangely enough, one man who flatly said that he was not a Christian asked me into his home to rest and gave me a cold bottle of water. How refreshing that was to drink a cold bottle of water because it was nearly 100 degrees that day. The many who claimed to be Christians were less hospitable than this man who said he was not a believer, but he was more kind to me than those who said that they were. I know many profess faith in God but how many truly possess faith in Him? That is, how many actually have living fruit showing their conversion. I thought of Jesus’ words when He said, “whoever gives one of these little ones even a cup of cold water because he is a disciple, truly, I say to you, he will by no means lose his reward” (Matt 10:42). Here was a self-proclaimed unbeliever, yet he gave me a cold drink of water. I pray for that man and I still think of him from time to time. I witnessed to him about the unconditional grace of God given by Jesus’ atoning work on Calvary. I may never know if he comes to saving faith or not but I wonder if he won’t at least be rewarded for his kindness to me when most would not even give me the time of day. FULL POST

Posted 7/3/13 at 12:44 PM | Jack Wellman

What Does Walking With God Mean?

Jack Wellman, 2013 - This picture is art work from the author's late mother, Betty Ruth Wellman, painted in 1986.

I have heard people say that they know of someone who is “walking with God.” That saying reminds me of James McDonald whose ministry “Walk in the Word” does just that in their teachings. But what does the Bible mean when someone does walk with God? Are there ways we can walk with God? What hinders our walking with God?

Enoch Walks With God

Enoch was said to have walked with God. In fact in Hebrews chapter 11 in what is called the “Hall of Faith” it says “By faith Enoch was taken up so that he should not see death, and he was not found, because God had taken him. Now before he was taken he was commended as having pleased God” (Heb 11:5). What I noticed was that Enoch, by faith, was taken up so that he didn’t even die. Where it says that “and he was not found” indicates that they were looking for him and they couldn’t find him. This was because “God had taken him” and “before he was taken he was commended as having pleased God.“ Going back to Genesis 5:22-24 is says, “Enoch walked with God after he fathered Methuselah 300 years and had other sons and daughters. Thus all the days of Enoch were 365 years. Enoch walked with God, and he was not, for God took him.
It is obvious that Enoch walked with God and walk by faith and this pleased God so much that He must have thought, “Okay Enoch, up here!” Wow. Enoch is only one of two men (Elijah the other) to have never tasted death. FULL POST

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