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Donating Organs Saves Lives

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ABC News, 2011

Listen to this touching true story from several years ago that a pastor told me about. A young boy of 7 sat by his sister's bed in the hospital as the doctor walked in and said to his parents, "If your daughter doesn't have a blood transfusion, she'll likely die or go into a coma. And I'm not sure she'll come out of it." The doctor asked, "Is there anyone in your family with her blood type?" Her parents said,"Well, no...only her little brother, and he's only 7." The doctor said that since her blood type is so rare (for example her blood type does not have the necessary S factor), they would typically have to screen at least 200 donors and there may not be time.

In final desperation, the parents* asked the boy if they could use some of his blood for the transfusion knowing that normally a child of this age could not be a donor but they knew the boy’s blood type matched that of his sister. Their daughter had only a matter of hours to live if she didn’t receive at least some of her brother’s blood. The parents had to sign a waiver for the hospital’s medical liabilities and the doctor reassured the parents that they would only need enough of the boy’s blood until another donor could be found. When asked about this, the little boy looked at his sister and immediately said, "Yes."

As the boy lay on a gurney, almost motionless, next to his sister, he could see the blood going thru tubes during the transfusion. The boy looked up at his parents and said I love you. The parents silently prayed and cried. The boy slowly asked the doctor, "When...will...I die?" The doctor, stroking the boy's head, told him, "You're not going to die. Why do you ask?" The boy thought about it and said, "I giving my sister all my blood so she could live." The boy had erroneously believed that he was going to die by giving his own blood so that his sister could live. What a supreme example of sacrificial love. The child thought that by giving his own blood that he was actually giving his own life for his sister, but he still did it anyway. He saw how much his parents loved his sister. He hated the thought that his sister might die and it was just too much for him. Jesus once said in John (15:13) that "Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends". And friend, that's laying it down. That's about as close to unconditional love as I have ever heard of with the exception of Jesus Christ laying down His own life for His followers.

I write this to remind you about the World Day for Organ Donation and Transplantation which is October, 14th. This day passes unknown to most...but if only someone had known that there is even the slightest of chance to save someone's life...for life to come out of death, maybe they will at least consider it. When a person is deceased, they have no further use of their organs. Just like money, they can't take it with them. For the Christian there is the hope of the life to come (i.e., John 3:16). It is not a hope-so but a know-so (John 10:28-29). For believers, there should be even more compulsion to bring life to someone who may die without an organ donor. If it is within our power to give it, why not do so? You can so designate this legally. I suggest that your family knows ahead of time about what you have planned to do.

If there is even the slightest chance that one of your organs could save or dramatically change someone's life, would you do it? Most would do this for a loved one, family member or a friend but the vast majority of people don't ever glance at the back of their driver's license. I have already informed my family about my plans after death. You may have even better reasons to donate your organs after you die but please allow me to give you some very good reasons to sign up.

It is free to sign up for.

You could save someone's life.

Children are a major recipient of donated organs.

You could be a hero, saving someone's mom, or dad, or brother.

Someone's donated organ could save your own life.

Your organ(s) could be a living testimony and witness about you as a memorial for your sacrifice.

You have no use for your organs after death (the Egyptians threw away the brain, thinking it was useless but preserved the heart, thinking it was the seat of intelligence).

South Africa lead's the world in transplants.

People will think more highly of you.

After death, you can donate heart, liver, lungs, kidneys (renal) and pancreas, retina's. etc.

There is a severe worldwide shortage of donors, while people die waiting.

You can sign the back of your driver's license in advance, but tell all family members your wishes.

You can tell others to sign up.

Grieving family members receive consolation knowing it saved someone else's life.

An international congress marked the first World Day for Organ Donation and Transportation on October 14th, 2005.

* The parents and the children's names were withheld to respect their privacy.


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