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David Dollins

An Ordained Minister, David has been preaching and teaching God's Word for 18 years, focusing his ministry on the Cross, Holy Spirit, and the Second Coming of Christ. David resides in Kentucky.

Posted 9/23/11 at 7:43 PM | David Dollins

To: Rob Bell and Mars Hill Bible Church - Hell is Real

The discussion of whether Hell exists, or whether anyone will go there if it does exist, is a hot topic today. Much of this has been fueled by Rob Bell, whose belief system, captured in his recent book, infers that God is too loving to allow someone to go to Hell. The consequence? Everyone will eventually go to Heaven. I assume that would include the likes of Adolph Hitler. It is important enough that another minister, Francis Chan, has just written a thoughtful book entitled Erasing Hell, countering Rob Bell's position. Incidentally, a Gallup poll was conducted in May 2007 on America's belief in the afterlife. The survey found that 86% believed in God, as well, 81% believed in Heaven. On the flip side, 70% believed in the Devil, while only 69% believed Hell exists.

Honestly? It's a subject many of us don't want to discuss because (and I agree) it makes us uncomfortable. It is difficult to conceive of the idea of any human being in eternal torment. It's reflected in the poll mentioned above, and by that I mean how many more people believe in God and Heaven as opposed to the Devil and Hell. It is easier to think about more pleasant things than those that are not. I wonder if that doesn't contribute to our inability to want to believe that a place so horrible, that it is beyond description, could even exist...but exist it does. Jesus not only said Hell is a real place, He even described it. I truly wish Rob Bell would have considered the following texts below before he wrote or spoke to a crowd. Because it isn't just another crowd he is entertaining...souls are at stake. Francis Chan is 'spot-on'. This subject is important enough that we better get it right. FULL POST

Posted 9/2/11 at 12:21 PM | David Dollins

Why Christians Should NOT Support the 9/11 'Public Prayer' in NYC

Pastor Michael Youssef has recently blogged at as to why he is against the public prayer at the upcoming 9/11 ceremonies in New York City. The title of his post is "Why I Agree with the Mayor of New York", dated August 31, 2011. Just these first two sentences will shock many Christians. May I say, I agree with Michael Youssef! I am re-posting his article here, and I think it will challenge all people who read it. It's provocative, challenging, thoughtful, well-reasoned, and I believe, on the mark! I will elaborate no further because I cannot improve on what he has said. And here it is... FULL POST

Posted 8/22/11 at 12:13 PM | David Dollins

Libya in End Times Prophecy

Libya. Just the mere word itself conjures up negative images, including its leader and ruthless dictator Moammar Gadhafi, the government's participation in terrorism past and present, and Gadhafi's proclamation that Islam should reign from India to Spain. Even now, we watch the events of war in Libya as it races across our TV screens headlining the nightly news, with the ever-increasing conflicts in the Middle East seemingly fulfilling Jesus' phrase "you shall hear of wars and rumors of wars" (Matthew 24:6) thus pointing to His soon return. God has a clear plan for Libya. He has already decreed its outcome through one of the Biblical prophets of old, and God has revealed His 'purpose' in what will be the eventual devastating defeat of Libya...but it won't be done by NATO airplanes nor will it be accomplished through rebel uprisings, neither will it be at the hands of the United States or Israel...God Himself will powerfully intervene. FULL POST

Posted 8/5/11 at 3:08 PM | David Dollins

Iran in End Times Prophecy

The nation of Iran was called Persia, its Biblical name, until 1935. Persia was one of the former great empires of the world, ruling from 539 B.C. to 331 B.C, until they were conquered by Alexander the Great. Kings such as Cyrus the Great, Darius, Ahasuerus (commonly known as Xerxes), and Artaxerxes ruled this once great empire. Persia was also the setting for the book in the Bible entitled Esther. Ironically, the book of Esther tells how a Jewish girl became the queen of Persia and how God used her to save her people from a plot to destroy them. The book also explains how a special festival, called Purim, was established to remember and celebrate the deliverance that the Jews had experienced. Purim is derived from the Persian word pur, meaning 'lot'. It recalls how Haman, the enemy of the Jews, cast lots to determine the best day to carry out his plan to exterminate them.

It would appear not much has changed in 2,500 years. A 'spirit of Haman' still influences the leaders of Iran in the present day. I quote now from The New York Times (October 27, 2005). "Iran's conservative new president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, said Wednesday that Israel must be 'wiped off the map'...Referring to comments by Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, the leader of the Islamic revolution, Ahmadinejad said, 'As the imam said, Israel must be wiped off the map". Don't think it is just Iran's President who believes this. He is only a puppet of the Ayatollahs who actually run the government. Amazingly, Psalm 83:2, 4, is prophetic for our day. It says, "For behold, your enemies make an uproar; those who hate you (God) have raised their heads. They say, 'Come, LET US WIPE THEM OUT AS A NATION; let the name of Israel be remembered no more". Iran's leaders, in their hatred of Israel, have become a self-fulfilling prophecy by quoting Psalm 83:4. One day soon, according to the prophet Ezekiel, Iran will experience a 7-fold judgment from God. Its end has been decreed. FULL POST

Posted 7/29/11 at 11:39 AM | David Dollins

The Early Church Fathers Belief about the Antichrist

So much in our modern day has been written on the topic of the Antichrist. The Bible certainly has much to say about this coming evil person who is so wicked he is literally the Devil-Incarnate. The Bible gives him many titles, including 'fierce king' (Daniel 8:23), 'master of intrigue'  (Daniel 8:23), 'contemptible person' (Daniel 11:21), 'the prince who is to come' (Daniel 9:26), 'man of lawlessness' (2 Thessalonians 2:3), 'son of destruction' (2 Thessalonians 2:3), 'the Beast' (Revelation 13:1), 'the Wicked One' (Psalm 10:2,4), and 'the little horn' (Daniel 7:8) among others. He is the one the Bible says will arise within a 10 kingdom confederacy at the end of days. Some scholars say it will be 10 nations within the old Roman Empire. Other scholars say the world itself will be divided into 10 regions of which he will rule over. It could be either.

Something occurred to me though. Why be satisfied with just studying behind modern day authors? What if we could go back 1,800 years and see what the Early Church Fathers wrote, taught, and believed (i.e., those of the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd generation after the apostles)? Can we know what they believed regarding the End Times? Can we even trace a spiritual lineage after the apostles? The answer to those questions is yes! Not only do we have the original writings of what some of the Early Church Fathers believed about the coming of Christ and Antichrist, we can trace the Early Church Fathers spiritual lineage through the first three centuries and, amazingly, it begins with one of the original 12 Apostles! Just the fact that we can go back to the source for interpretation of the Biblical text has far reaching implications, as you will see. FULL POST

Posted 7/20/11 at 7:58 AM | David Dollins

'Chrislam' - A Spirit of Antichrist

I want to address what is beginning to occur in the Church and why it must be rejected outright. It's becoming increasingly 'in vogue' to accept Islam in the Church. Consider a June 24, 2011 article from World Net Daily. "Dozens of churches, from Park Hill Congregational in Denver to Hillview United Methodist in Boise, Idaho, and First United Lutheran in San Francisco to St. Elizabeth's Episcopal Church in Honolulu, are planning to send 'a message both here at home and to the Arab and Muslim world about our respect for Islam' with a time to read the Quran during worship this Sunday." It has been labeled 'Chrislam', the attempt by some Christians to find common ground with Islam. One person said it was wrong. Another called it dangerous. God uses stronger words than that. Scripture itself declares 'Chrislam', the mixing of Christianity and Islam, to be a Spirit of Antichrist! FULL POST

Posted 7/17/11 at 10:44 PM | David Dollins

The Last Days Outpouring of the Holy Spirit

I recently had the opportunity to walk through the Cathedral Basilica of St. Louis located in St. Louis, MO. You can see the church from the highway, as its green dome stands out above the city. This magnificent structure was dedicated in 1908 to 'the Victorious Christ and Saint Louis IX, King of France, patron saint of the city'. Once inside the building, I felt as if I had been transported to another time due to the Byzantine-like imagery and colorful mosaics depicting Biblical themes on its walls and domed ceiling. I was instantly struck with awe, not just with its beauty but with the message clearly being sent. The focus on Jesus Christ was undeniable.

I sat down in one of the pews toward the front so I could tilt my head back and scan the beautiful mosaics across the ceiling. My eyes came to a stop when I looked up and over to the left. It was a mosaic of the disciples, some sitting and some kneeling, all within and against the backdrop of a large flame of fire that had engulfed them. In addition, smaller flames of fire were just above the head of each person (the picture inset with this article is the very mosaic I was seeing). Underneath the mosaic on that domed ceiling were the words "I will pour out my Spirit on all flesh". That phrase embodies one of the greatest fulfillments of Bible prophecy, as can be seen in the following. FULL POST

Posted 7/12/11 at 1:27 AM | David Dollins

Earthquakes: The Birth Pains of the Messiah

We are living in an unprecedented time. Wars in the Middle East, terrorism, bizarre weather patterns, tsunamis rushing ashore killing multiplied thousands of people, global turmoil and strife, the rise of false religions, economies failing, suffering, famine, pestilences, and...EARTHQUAKES. I've been reflecting on the devastating earthquakes that have occurred over the last decade in Myanmar (Burma), Chile, Haiti, Iran, China, Indonesia/Sumatra, Pakistan, and Japan, to name a few. Recently I researched, at the U.S Geological Survey website, the earthquake activity occurring around the world in the last decade. The number of significant earthquakes (7.0 or higher) has increased in that time. In 2002 there were 11. In 2003 there were 14. In 2004 there were 12 and in 2005 there were 10. In 2006-2009 there were 10, 17, 12, and 17, respectively. But it is 2010 and 2011 that got my attention. In 2010 there were 22. And through the first half of 2011 there have already been 11 that registered 7.0 or higher. That number puts this world again on a pace of 22 catastrophic earthquakes at 7.0 or higher in 2011.

It would seem that the earth is convulsing as never before. I realize some experts disagree. They have said that there are just more stations now than in the past to monitor these happenings while others say there aren't really any increases in activity but more media attention. Whether that is true or not, Jesus did mention their occurrence as the end of time begins to wind down. By way of a personal note, I live in an earthquake zone that is one of the worst in the continental U.S. outside of California. It is the New Madrid fault. This issue is no small matter to me. So let's eavesdrop on a conversation from 2,000 years ago as Jesus and a few others had just left the temple area. FULL POST

Posted 7/8/11 at 10:48 AM | David Dollins

The Suddenness of Christ's Appearing

It was in 1972 that the End Times Christian film 'A Thief in the Night', which centered on the return of Jesus Christ, began making its way around the various churches and their youth groups. The title of the movie was drawn from verses in the Bible penned by both Apostles' Peter and Paul. I remember the film coming to the small church I attended in my hometown in southern Illinois. The movie's theme song "I Wish We'd All Been Ready", originally written by Larry Norman and re-released in recent years by the Christian band DC Talk, still echoes in my mind. The lyrics, though catchy and memorable, had a sobering effect on that 10 year old boy. Why wouldn't they, considering the words were put to a movie where millions of people had disappeared from Earth in the Rapture, leaving behind the unsaved.

I watch the movie now and smile, as it's a little dated - bright orange and yellow clothes, young women with either long parted straight hair or short hair with 'pigtails', and young men with Beatles haircuts, long sideburns, and bushy mustaches. Now 40 years later the 1972 film has less of an impact on me, but the message itself has not diminished. The Apostle Paul wrote "For yourselves know perfectly that the Day of the Lord so comes as a thief in the night" (1 Thessalonians 5:2). Nearly 15 years later, with some of the same words, Peter would write "But the Day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night..." (2 Peter 3:10). The message remains unchanged. Jesus is coming soon. When He returns, it will be sudden. For some, it will be unexpected. FULL POST

Posted 6/23/11 at 1:09 PM | David Dollins

ISRAEL - To Whom Does the Land Belong?

According to the U.S. Department of State's website, the nation of Israel is approximately 7,850 square miles, which is about the size of the small state of New Jersey. And yet, amazingly, Israel and Jerusalem itself command the center of attention of the whole world. Even American presidents, one after another, become preoccupied trying to solve Middle East peace, always trying to get the nation of Israel to give away land in exchange for peace. What has become clear is that world leaders in general don't understand what the Bible declares in this regard. This is not a political issue nor is it a diplomatic issue. It is not even a cultural issue – it is a spiritual issue. How do I know? Psalm 132:13 states, "For the Lord has chosen Zion; He has desired it for His habitation". Therefore, the opinions and positions held by the U.S. President, the Palestinians, the European Union, Israel's Arab neighbors, and even Israel itself are secondary. What matters is what God has said. But I do have a surprise for you. Neither the Jews, Palestinians, or Arabs own the land. So, if not, then to whom does the land belong? FULL POST

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