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Posted 2/13/16 at 1:05 PM | Larry Dozier

Jesus Is My Valentine!

A few years ago, I started developing a morning discipline right after I got up in the morning. I started sitting in my favorite ‘lazy-boy’ chair without any agenda except to hang-out with my Heavenly Father. I got this idea from Psalms 46:10, “Be still and know that I am God’. Then, after clearing my mind, I ask the Father, “What’s on your heart today?” and simply listen in silence for a response.

This morning, while I was practicing that morning discipline, I heard the following, “I want to be loved!” So I asked him, ‘How can I show you love, Lord?’ He said two ways, “Tell me that you love me & do what I ask you to do.”

Wow! Talk about liberating! God said, Tell me that you love me and do what I ask you to do! I immediately thought of scriptures that were in support of this comment, confirming to me that those words were truly from our Heavenly Father. Then I began to remember that I am the Bride ‘to-be’ of Christ. But right now, I’m part of the Body of Christ. In other words, I’m engaged to be married to Christ. If you're a believer, so are you! That’s why God wants me to love him first Matthew 6:33). And that’s why God wants me to love others too. He wants me and you to love him first and learn to love what he loves and think like he thinks. Jesus wants to be My Valentine!

The Bottom Line: FULL POST

Posted 12/12/15 at 3:42 PM | Larry Dozier

How Do You Conquer a Nation without Firing a Shot?

As a professional public school educator and a business trainer for over 30 years, I’ve managed programs and schools, coordinated programs and taught in state funded middle schools, high schools and colleges. That means I hold a Master of Education degree from a state accredited Texas university. And as a result of those years, I’ve concluded that our state funded education has lost its original purpose and focus. In this article, I want to simply identify some of the fundamental problems with our state funded educational system and offer three simple solutions to parents.

First, I recommend that all Christians educate their K-12 children for at least their first 6 years at home or in a well selected charter school or a Christian school or better still, start your own charter school that you can select/influence the educational curriculum taught.

The Communist Manifesto states “America will be defeated without firing a shot’.  FULL POST

Posted 11/2/15 at 12:32 PM | Larry Dozier

Posted 10/23/15 at 4:20 PM | Larry Dozier

Inquire of the Lord Like David!

One day as I was praying and worshiping, I heard the words, "Inquire of the Lord like David & Stand in the Gap Like Ester." Although I was familiar with the story of King David, I knew very little about Queen Ester. So, I began to study the book of Ester and review the story of King David. I even watched a movies about them. As a result, the Lord tauight me some new things, part of which, is what I'm sharing in this article. However, in this article, I will only share about my inquiring of the Lord like David experience.

Many perhaps most, Christians are filled with frustration when it comes to receiving Divine Guidance. Most believers have prayed many times about the decisions they face, and frequently feel they did not receive satisfactory answers from God. In spite of praying and reading the Bible, many have made bad decisions.

Why? Is there an answer? Is there a solution for asking God a question and receiving an answer? Yes, the solution to this common dilemma is in God's Word. I trust you have already read about the Urim and the Thummin and also about the three rope-strands. So now you're ready to receive some extremely helpful teaching on how to inquire of the Lord. Read the following scriptures slowly. FULL POST

Posted 9/1/15 at 2:17 PM | Larry Dozier

Is Donald Trump Like 'Jehu' in 2 Kings 9?

Journalists all over the USA and all areas of the American media have been attempting to solve the mystery of Donald Trump’s popularity and success as he continues to defy the political establishment and their politically correct machine. The current political establishment has practiced their own version of how to win elections and influence people. But Donald Trump has defied them, while proving them to be wrong – again and again at least in the short term.

The Republican’s politically correct police have lost the last two presidential elections to a senator that had never held a regular full time job or even managed a small department in a retail store! And they want us to trust them to select the next RNC Presidential candidate without them making any changes? And the DNC helped elect a US President that had one of the most radical and liberal voting records in the Congress when he served as a Senator. Further, the DNC did not check into his background. I have had background checks scrutinized me more when I applied to teach children! I have not seen any evidence that the DNC or the federal government scrutinized Barack Obama’s background at all. It’s time for both political party establishments to hand off the baton to the next generation! And I believe that Donald Trump is making the way for that transfer of power to begin! Clearly, the Republican’s you-scratch-my-back-and-I’ll-scratch-yours approach has not been working for the American people; and the Democrats’ Robin Hood ‘take-from-the-rich-and-give-to-the-poor approach is only making things worse! The Republican’s approach has enabled “crony capitalism” and the Democrats’ approach is destroying the middle class – as the rich keep getting richer and the poor keep getting more entitlements. FULL POST

Posted 7/9/15 at 6:56 PM | Larry Dozier

What's Next for America?

Many have said that God will have to destroy America or apologize to Sodom & Gomorrah. But the condition of America is much different from Sodom & Gomorrah! How? God told Abraham that He would spare Sodom & Gomorrah if he could find 10 righteous men. He couldn’t! And it was destroyed. I submit to you that there are thousands, perhaps even hundreds of thousands or maybe even millions of righteous people in America right now. If you don’t see that, perhaps this is an Elijah on the Mountain of Carmel moment for you? Although Elijah was greatly discouraged by his circumstances, God said to Elijah in 1 Kings 18-19, You’re not the only one left. There are still many that have not bowed their knees to Baal. I believe that many American leaders are having an Elijah on Mt. Carmel experience, following the recent US Supreme Court on Gay marriage. And, I believe that God is saying the same thing to us as he said to Elijah. Can you hear Him?

During my evening Bible meditation, the Holy Spirit began to share some things with me concerning what he’s about to do in America. He said that he has heard the prayers of his people and will allow America to survive the impending Perfect Storm, although many will doubt and wonder if America will survive. Some will even expect God’s judgment and destruction on America because of her wickedness. But, I believe that the Lord is about to prune America like he prunes a grapevine as described in John 15, not destroy her, although there will be severe consequences for America’s wickedness. America will never be the same again. She will lose her worldwide dominion and world reserve currency status. And like Great Britain (the Lion) before her, I believe America (the wings of an eagle) will be allowed to remain for a season as mentioned in Daniel 7. FULL POST

Posted 6/26/15 at 1:53 PM | Larry Dozier

Forgiveness & Healing Start with "If"

First, we must start with 2 Chronicles 7:14,

If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

But, how does this Bible verse look? How do we comply with it; so that God will heal our land? I have been researching those concerns for quite a few years. This article is the result of 10 years of seeking God’s Word, Will & Ways. I pray that it serves as a motivational and instructional paradigm shift for all of those that read it and allow God to speak to their hearts.

Humble Yourselves

So what does it mean to humble ourselves? For me, the simple yet profound meaning of humility is all wrapped up in gaining a teachable attitude. In other words, when we humble ourselves, we are saying that we don’t know it all and become active, diligent, and attentive learners, rather than thinking that we know enough, without God, to effectively manage our lives. This was first a problem with Satan as his pride (the enemy of humility) was acted upon in heaven. Then later, Adam & Eve were enticed to do the same. Pride says that man can successfully live life without God and God’s influence. So, God is asking us to turn from our prideful, selfish ways and embrace His ways of love. Turn from our prideful words and speak God’s words. And turn from our prideful wills and allow God’s will to prevail. Here's the bottom line when it comes to humbling ourselves, For those who exalt themselves will be humbled, and those who humble themselves will be exalted (Matthew 23:12). FULL POST

Posted 6/12/15 at 12:37 PM | Larry Dozier

Know How to Appeal to the Conscience?

Learning how to appeal to the conscience of others, especially leaders, is paramount in being salt and light on the earth and being culture-changers! I have read and heard many religious writers and speakers that have appealed to the mind and logic when presenting the Gospel, but few have done what Jesus did - appeal to the conscience. Whether they were trying to persuade someone to quit something or start something new, it's not logic that persuades them. It's their sense of right and wrong - their conscience. Perhaps you've heard, "a sermon from the mind reaches a mind, but a sermon from the heart reaches a heart". I believe that's one big reason why the teachings of the Bible, such as the Beattitudes, exhort followers of Christ to do the opposite of their natural, fleshly inclinations and desires. If someone hits me, I want to hit them back. If someone curses me, my natural desire is to curse them too. But Jesus taught to bless others and to do good to others regardless of how evil they may treat us. In Romans 2:4, Jesus taught that it's the goodness of the Lord that leads to repentance!

Jesus was an expert at appealing to the conscience. He frequently modeled it by asking leading questions such as he asked the Samaritan woman at the well, "Woman, where is your husband?". This appealed to her conscience and led her to confess her sin. He did the same during the Apostle Paul's Damascus Road experience. Jesus said, Saul, "Why are you persecuting me?", appealing to his conscience. He could have started a theological debate or called him a murder and screamed "Repent!", but instead, he asked Paul (then Saul) well selected leading questions that appealed to his conscience.

Another excellent example of effectively appealing to the conscience is when the Prophet Nathan confronted the King David. It had been about a year since David had committed adultery with Bathsheba and arranged for the death of her husband. David's cover-up appeared to have been successful. He was carrying out the business of his kingdom and enjoying the little child that resulted from his adultery. Nathan the prophet was charged by God with the responsibility of telling King David his fault. Nathan's example provides several important principles that we can follow when confronting an offender. FULL POST

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