Bible Influences on America!

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Posted 7/22/17 at 3:04 PM | Larry Dozier

Is America Mentioned in Bible Prophecy?

Yes! I am convinced that the USA is mentioned in the Old and New Testaments after listening to Irvin Baxter teach this. And, it appears that America has a specific part to play during the Great Tribulation! Here’s my evidence: There are two chapters in the Bible in which USA and Israel are mentioned as a part of prophecy: Daniel 7 and Revelation 12. In Daniel 7, Daniel’s dream provided a perfect allegory of the rise and fall of America, along with the consequences that America and other modern nations would experience for their wickedness.

Here’s what Daniel 7:4 says:

The first was like a lion, and it had the wings of an eagle. I watched until its wings were torn off and it was lifted from the ground so that it stood on two feet like a human being, and the mind of a human was given to it.

The phrase “wings of a great eagle”, I believe, is referring to America who uses the eagle as her national bird. The eagle is on our flag and our currency. Then the scripture goes on to say, “I watched until its wings were torn off”. This is a perfect description of how America was formed – torn from her mother country, the Lion, Great Britain. The word “torn” implies pain, spilled blood and military battles. FULL POST

Posted 9/24/16 at 2:18 PM | Larry Dozier

In Honor of a Faithful Man of God!

In Honor of Curtis French – A Great Man that Loved God and Loved People

As a 17 year old, I accepted Christ as my personal savior when Barry Wood preached at Falls Creek Church Encampment in Oklahoma. As the Music & Youth Pastor of First Baptist Church (FBC) in Grand Prairie, Texas, Curtis enabled our FBC youth to attend a week-long time of recreation, meditation, bible study and prayer. My salvation and discipleship was the result of his great leadership. And for that, I’ll be forever grateful!

He also taught us how to worship God from our hearts, not just sing to perform. He also developed a great team of adult ministers consisting mostly of parents. And for me, Helen and Cecil Bartel were the two most influential adult ministers. They did an excellent job of teaching me the Bible and advising me how to apply the Bible to my life. The fruit of their work enabled me to host several “Ask the Bible” Columns over the years. And more recently, I’ve been writing a national column about the Biblical influences on American culture. As a result of that column, I was recently contacted by a publisher to write a book. I just finished it. It’s expected to be released on or about November 1, 2016. And the one’s I’ve had the privilege of leading to Christ over the years were really the fruit of his faithful ministry, because Curtis taught us how to effectively share my faith. FULL POST

Posted 9/9/16 at 3:48 PM | Larry Dozier

Keys to the Elisha Double Anointing

It all starts by solving the mystery of The Great Omission!

Is that a typo? Don’t you mean the Great Commission? You remember, don’t you? The Great Commission as spoken by Jesus Christ? It’s traditionally defined as the most important mission of the New Testament Church. As you may know, it has been widely taught that every believer in Christ should be involved in “sharing the plan of salvation” (also called the Gospel of Jesus Christ) with as many as possible. And as enough people accept Christ as their personal Savior a new church would be started and lives would be changed.

As a young teenage Christian, I can remember when I was taught to share the plan of salvation with someone and lead them in the prayer of salvation, thinking that my God-given responsibilities were completed; but were they? Have you ever done that or felt that way? Is that really what the Great Commission says in Matthew 28? I’ve discovered that some things have been forgotten and therefore omitted. That’s why I called this article “The Great Omission”, rather than the Great Commission.
As a result, over the past 100 years some American evangelical churches have grown in great number. But have their lives been changed? And have they changed their culture? Have they been preaching repentance? Or perhaps many have been teaching an easy-believe-ism and sloppy-agape gospel? Many religious surveys have shown that divorce and other social maladies are just as bad in American evangelical churches as in the secular world. For example, in the USA, recent surveys have shown that around 75% of Americans call themselves “Christian”, yet our public schools and federal government seem to be running from anything that honors the God of the Bible or the Bible of the Christian God. Why? FULL POST

Posted 2/13/16 at 1:05 PM | Larry Dozier

Jesus Is My Valentine!

A few years ago, I started developing a morning discipline right after I got up in the morning. I started sitting in my favorite ‘lazy-boy’ chair without any agenda except to hang-out with my Heavenly Father. I got this idea from Psalms 46:10, “Be still and know that I am God’. Then, after clearing my mind, I ask the Father, “What’s on your heart today?” and simply listen in silence for a response.

This morning, while I was practicing that morning discipline, I heard the following, “I want to be loved!” So I asked him, ‘How can I show you love, Lord?’ He said two ways, “Tell me that you love me & do what I ask you to do.”

Wow! Talk about liberating! God said, Tell me that you love me and do what I ask you to do! I immediately thought of scriptures that were in support of this comment, confirming to me that those words were truly from our Heavenly Father. Then I began to remember that I am the Bride ‘to-be’ of Christ. But right now, I’m part of the Body of Christ. In other words, I’m engaged to be married to Christ. If you're a believer, so are you! That’s why God wants me to love him first Matthew 6:33). And that’s why God wants me to love others too. He wants me and you to love him first and learn to love what he loves and think like he thinks. Jesus wants to be My Valentine!

The Bottom Line: FULL POST

Posted 12/12/15 at 3:42 PM | Larry Dozier

How Do You Conquer a Nation without Firing a Shot?

As a professional public school educator and a business trainer for over 30 years, I’ve managed programs and schools, coordinated programs and taught in state funded middle schools, high schools and colleges. That means I hold a Master of Education degree from a state accredited Texas university. And as a result of those years, I’ve concluded that our state funded education has lost its original purpose and focus. In this article, I want to simply identify some of the fundamental problems with our state funded educational system and offer three simple solutions to parents.

First, I recommend that all Christians educate their K-12 children for at least their first 6 years at home or in a well selected charter school or a Christian school or better still, start your own charter school that you can select/influence the educational curriculum taught.

The Communist Manifesto states “America will be defeated without firing a shot’.  FULL POST

Posted 11/2/15 at 12:32 PM | Larry Dozier

Posted 10/23/15 at 4:20 PM | Larry Dozier

Inquire of the Lord Like David!

One day as I was praying and worshiping, I heard the words, "Inquire of the Lord like David & Stand in the Gap Like Ester." Although I was familiar with the story of King David, I knew very little about Queen Ester. So, I began to study the book of Ester and review the story of King David. I even watched a movies about them. As a result, the Lord tauight me some new things, part of which, is what I'm sharing in this article. However, in this article, I will only share about my inquiring of the Lord like David experience.

Many perhaps most, Christians are filled with frustration when it comes to receiving Divine Guidance. Most believers have prayed many times about the decisions they face, and frequently feel they did not receive satisfactory answers from God. In spite of praying and reading the Bible, many have made bad decisions.

Why? Is there an answer? Is there a solution for asking God a question and receiving an answer? Yes, the solution to this common dilemma is in God's Word. I trust you have already read about the Urim and the Thummin and also about the three rope-strands. So now you're ready to receive some extremely helpful teaching on how to inquire of the Lord. Read the following scriptures slowly. FULL POST

Posted 9/1/15 at 2:17 PM | Larry Dozier

Is Donald Trump Like 'Jehu' in 2 Kings 9?

Journalists all over the USA and all areas of the American media have been attempting to solve the mystery of Donald Trump’s popularity and success as he continues to defy the political establishment and their politically correct machine. The current political establishment has practiced their own version of how to win elections and influence people. But Donald Trump has defied them, while proving them to be wrong – again and again at least in the short term.

The Republican’s politically correct police have lost the last two presidential elections to a senator that had never held a regular full time job or even managed a small department in a retail store! And they want us to trust them to select the next RNC Presidential candidate without them making any changes? And the DNC helped elect a US President that had one of the most radical and liberal voting records in the Congress when he served as a Senator. Further, the DNC did not check into his background. I have had background checks scrutinized me more when I applied to teach children! I have not seen any evidence that the DNC or the federal government scrutinized Barack Obama’s background at all. It’s time for both political party establishments to hand off the baton to the next generation! And I believe that Donald Trump is making the way for that transfer of power to begin! Clearly, the Republican’s you-scratch-my-back-and-I’ll-scratch-yours approach has not been working for the American people; and the Democrats’ Robin Hood ‘take-from-the-rich-and-give-to-the-poor approach is only making things worse! The Republican’s approach has enabled “crony capitalism” and the Democrats’ approach is destroying the middle class – as the rich keep getting richer and the poor keep getting more entitlements. FULL POST

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