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How Do You Conquer a Nation without Firing a Shot?

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As a professional public school educator and a business trainer for over 30 years, I’ve managed programs and schools, coordinated programs and taught in state funded middle schools, high schools and colleges. That means I hold a Master of Education degree from a state accredited Texas university. And as a result of those years, I’ve concluded that our state funded education has lost its original purpose and focus. In this article, I want to simply identify some of the fundamental problems with our state funded educational system and offer three simple solutions to parents.

First, I recommend that all Christians educate their K-12 children for at least their first 6 years at home or in a well selected charter school or a Christian school or better still, start your own charter school that you can select/influence the educational curriculum taught.

The Communist Manifesto states “America will be defeated without firing a shot’. 

How do you conquer a nation without firing a shot? Leading Progressives like John Dewey came up with the answer over a century ago. Just embed your agenda into the educational system, and in a few generations you will transform the country.Political Progressives had little use for America’s founding principles. Woodrow Wilson, the first progressive president, complained that “some citizens of this country have never got beyond the Declaration of Independence,” and said the Declaration was “of no consequence” to modern Americans. This view now dominates in our public schools. Further, they confused the concept of the separation of church and state doctrine state with the separation faith from state. And they used this to attempt to remove all remnants of “God” and individual, personal faith regardless of one’s religious memberships.

Our founding forefathers never intended for us to remove individual and personal faith in God from our government. They only wanted to prevent the state from officially connecting the state with a specific religion like they did in Great Britain and ancient Rome. That’s why they wrote, “We hold these truths to be self evident. That all men are created equal and endowed by their Creator (God) with certain unalienable rights.” If they had wanted personal faith to be excluded from the state, they would have never used the word “Creator”. Plus, we know that the Judeo-Christian ethic had a great influence on American culture and the US Constitution.

And educational Progressives had little use for traditional teaching methods and purposes. Rather than teaching the Great Books of the Western tradition, Dewey recommended education as social development. The past century has seen curricular and teaching excellence replaced with short-lived theories rarely lasting more than a generation.

As a result, many public schools are no longer effective at teaching reading, writing, and arithmetic. They also no longer teach young Americans the history of their country—how it was founded on the principle of equal rights, and how it grew to become the freest and most prosperous nation in history.
Good citizenship is impossible without this knowledge about America, and as a result our liberty is fading fast.

That’s why Hillsdale College has launched the Barney Charter School Initiative: to answer the urgent need for fundamental reform of American K-12 education. After just five years, the initiative has helped found 13 charter schools nationwide, with a goal of opening fifty schools by 2022—each one based on a classical liberal arts curriculum, and each one including a strong history and civics component.

Here are three of my favorite online curricula that will affirm traditional American values, of faith and patriotism, while encouraging the student to consider the values and principles of the founding fathers of America that many believe need to be restored.

I. The Barney Charter School Initiative

The Barney Charter School Initiative is a project of Hillsdale College devoted to the education of young Americans. Through this initiative, the College will support the launch of K-12 charter schools. These schools will train the minds and improve the hearts of young people through a rigorous, classical education in the liberal arts and sciences, with instruction in the principles of moral character and civic virtue.

Reform of American public education, to be successful and good, must be built on a foundation of classical liberal arts learning—the kind of learning best suited to a free society and most needed for its preservation. The Barney Charter School Initiative is an important step in that direction.

To advance the founding of classical charter schools, Hillsdale College works with school founding groups of parents and local citizens who care deeply about education, who plan to apply for a charter, and who are interested in an association with Hillsdale. As a relationship forms with a group, Hillsdale will assist in creating and implementing the school’s academic program. Drawing upon the experience of our College’s faculty members who have led classical schools, and an education department uniquely devoted to classical liberal arts learning, these new schools will promote a liberal and civic education in America’s public schools.
This initiative is made possible by a major grant from the Barney Family Foundation and matching gifts from other friends of Hillsdale College.

For additional information, please contact the Barney Charter School Initiative at

II. (Full K-12 Home School Curriculum)

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III. Online Christian Schooling at Home


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