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Is Donald Trump Like 'Jehu' in 2 Kings 9?

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Journalists all over the USA and all areas of the American media have been attempting to solve the mystery of Donald Trump’s popularity and success as he continues to defy the political establishment and their politically correct machine. The current political establishment has practiced their own version of how to win elections and influence people. But Donald Trump has defied them, while proving them to be wrong – again and again at least in the short term.

The Republican’s politically correct police have lost the last two presidential elections to a senator that had never held a regular full time job or even managed a small department in a retail store! And they want us to trust them to select the next RNC Presidential candidate without them making any changes? And the DNC helped elect a US President that had one of the most radical and liberal voting records in the Congress when he served as a Senator. Further, the DNC did not check into his background. I have had background checks scrutinized me more when I applied to teach children! I have not seen any evidence that the DNC or the federal government scrutinized Barack Obama’s background at all. It’s time for both political party establishments to hand off the baton to the next generation! And I believe that Donald Trump is making the way for that transfer of power to begin! Clearly, the Republican’s you-scratch-my-back-and-I’ll-scratch-yours approach has not been working for the American people; and the Democrats’ Robin Hood ‘take-from-the-rich-and-give-to-the-poor approach is only making things worse! The Republican’s approach has enabled “crony capitalism” and the Democrats’ approach is destroying the middle class – as the rich keep getting richer and the poor keep getting more entitlements.

The two major political parties in America, the Republicans, and the Democrats have done a great disservice to America! They have been more interested in promoting their own self interests and increasing their own personal wealth and party’s power than in running the American government’s business for the benefit of the American people! I believe the majority of Americans are aware of this and that knowledge serves as a lighthouse to help them navigate their way through the stormy seas of politics and is continuing to the light the path toward Donald Trump’s political success.

To understand the dynamics of Mr. Trump’s popularity, we can review the Biblical story of Elijah, Elisha & Jehu. The rulers over Israel at that time were Ahab & Jezebel. The Prophet Elijah, Elisha’s mentor, told Elisha to inform a commander in Ahab & Jezebel’s Army named, Jehu, that he will be the next King, after he removes Ahab & Jezebel. So, Elisha appoints a young prophet to deliver this special message to Jehu. After it was delivered, Jehu accepted the message as from God, then Ahab was killed in an unrelated battle and Jehu helped to remove Jezebel and others in support of her, while becoming the next King of Israel – just the prophets said. But remember, Jehu was not a religious or political leader and neither is Donald Trump. So what’s my point? The current political establishment has been seduced and intimidated by a “Jezebel & Ahab” spirit (attitude), while making fear-based decisions in response to the latest whims of “political correctness”. Like in Elisha’s time, the spirit of Ahab & Jezebel has deceived them into believing lies through intimidation and fear of loss. They believe that they have to follow the current political correctness or they will be ostracized, shamed and defeated. But, like Jehu, Donald Trump is full of faith and determination and armed with a Biblical Worldview - believing that God is with him and with his God all things are possible. He defies the PC Police, while honoring Biblical principles and chooses not to allow the PC Police to intimidate him. In other words, Donald Trump lives like Jesus taught – fearlessly from the inside, out. However, the people that are being awakened by Mr. Trump are those that have been living in fear from the outside, in. Like the Pied Piper, Donald Trump has hit a magical chord with the Silent Majority. He has awakened and inspired a sleeping giant!

And, like in Elisha’s time, there are many people in America today that feel the same as Donald Trump, but have been afraid to speak their convictions. So they have sat passively by and not even voted in the last two presidential elections. But, when a leader like Mr. Trump rises up and speaks up with passion and conviction, while articulating the beliefs of many that have silently criticized the federal government and both political parties, he literally puts gas on the fire of their political passions. And when Donald Trump started talking their language, he awakened a sleeping giant in America – the Silent Majority, also called values voters. Their unspoken mantra has been brilliantly articulated by Mr. Trump. Perhaps the name of an old movie can best describe this group, “I’m Mad as Hell & I’m Not Going to Take It Anymore!”

The Silent Majority has awakened; and Donald Trump has become their spokesperson and commanding officer like Jehu did during the time of the Prophet Elisha! And very soon we will here the words, "Who is on my side?" And eventually someone will here the words, "Throw her down", referring to Queen Jezebel. But right now, the spirit of Jehu is saying, "What do you know about peace and prosperity? Join me and I'll show what true peace and properity really are!" And that will be the end of the reign of the Republican (Ahab Spirit) & the Democratic (Jezebel Spirit) establishments as we know them today!

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