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Steve Beyer -

Steve Beyer is the author of BiblicalMind, Riotous Eater and originator of the innovative and unique program Biblical Recovery.

Posted 12/19/12 at 6:30 PM | Steve Beyer -

All That Stuff

It’s been four years now since my wife and I gave up ‘toiling for the things of the world’ and took literally Christ’s promise in Luke 12 to take care of us like he does the birds. We gave up everything, put what belongings we had in storage and waited for God to show us where to live. An old motor home was His first gift. Two months later God put me in a job with housing provided and that was just the beginning. Today, life is comfortable. Our story continues on track as God continues to “clothe us, O ye of little faith”.

As a husband and father, I must be honest it has been the most difficult task I have ever undertaken. Often I miss the ‘things of the world’. Especially as I drive my ‘Barbie Jeep’ (My son’s words not mine) and live in a trailer I don’t even own ---- and as Christmas looms a week away with hands out waiting for that gift --- and as my ‘flesh’ continues to tell me I could do better. All I would need to do is take one of the job offers promising the big bucks again. The truth is, no matter how much my ‘pride’ tells me to go back to the ‘stuff life’, my new heart continues to show the way. FULL POST

Posted 12/13/12 at 12:53 PM | Steve Beyer -

God's Gift Many Christians Don't Have

When Jesus left this earth he gave us something very important. He could have given us anything, and given the chance to choose our "GIFT" from the "creator of all things", I would assume we could come up with some cool stuff.

But Jesus said - "I am leaving you with a gift . . . Peace I leave with you, My Peace I give unto you"
You've got to be kidding right? How about wealth, power, wisdom, or maybe even a cattle on a thousand hills...but peace?

Yes, he gave us peace. Now, if Jesus gave us peace, then why don't so many Christians have it?
I challenge you to grasp the truth that negative behaviors (habits, addictions, etc) you face today are holding you back from a life of peace and fulfillment. Additionally, realize that even as harmful as your behavior is, it is the pattern of failure in this area of your life that is even more devastating. I want to say that once more so that you understand how important it is. The failure becomes as much of an issue as the original behavior.

It may seem an impossible task to unravel the causes for your behavior. The human mind is the most complex organism in the universe. It was created by God when He created man in His image. And the human mind was created so that the incomprehensible God could be comprehended by His creation. Man had perfect understanding from the beginning. God gave him a beautiful place to live and work and plenty of good food to eat. FULL POST

Posted 3/4/10 at 3:37 PM | Steve Beyer -


God told the prophet Jeremiah that His people had committed two evils. First, they had forsaken Him, the fountain of living waters and second, they had carved out large stone vessels that were broken and could hold no water. There is an everlasting difference between a fountain of living fresh water and a broken pot that cannot hold anything.

Above all other physical needs, God designed us to use water every day. Paul said in his letter to the Corinthians that our outward man is perishing Even with daily doses of water, the "house" we live in is dying. In the same passage, however, Paul told us that our inward man is being renewed day by day. Make no mistake, this twenty-four hour cycle that finds us waking up in a new day was created with purpose. We live in a concrete reminder of our dependence on taking daily spiritual nourishment from the Living Source of Life.

Yes, to be born again is absolutely essential. But also to be nourished after that birth is essential. God's health to our "spiritual bones" cannot be put in one's pocket like a hot roll, forgotten about until it ends up in the washing machine. God's spiritual nourishment is like the manna that came to the children of Israel daily.* Those who did not heed his instructions, and through greed or fear gathered more than they could eat, found that yesterday's manna became today's breeding ground for maggots. FULL POST

Posted 2/24/10 at 1:37 PM | Steve Beyer -


It is a fruit of the Holy Spirit, coming just second on the list behind love. It captivated the focus of Jesus Christ. For the joy that was set before Him, He endured the cross, scorned the shame and sat down on the right hand of the throne of God.

We are told to count it all joy when we encounter various trials, knowing that the testing of our faith produces endurance. Joy was welded to the disciples' character when they saw the resurrected Christ and no one could ever take it from them. Our joy is made full when our prayers are answered. There is joy in the presence of the angels of God over one sinner that repents.
Is joy a feeling?

Joy can make one feel good - but the emotion that joy may produce is not joy itself. There is an element in joy that is a yearning or longing. Joy is a word used to attempt to describe a powerful working of the human heart. We have the power to hold in our heart the certain knowledge that we are living out our part in the Master's plan. Joy is the yearning for that moment when our faith will be sight. This yearning, fueled by the Holy Spirit of God, leaves no room for doubt or the possibility of disappointment.

Joy stakes everything on the truth that death could not hold Jesus Christ in the grave. Any circumstance, past present or future, cannot alter that. In fact, joy's arena is the heart that embraces all circumstance in the sure knowledge that we are moving toward a reunion that is beyond our comprehension.

(Galatians 5:22; Hebrews 12:2; James 1:2; John 16:22; John 16:24; Luke 15:10)

Posted 2/4/10 at 4:59 PM | Steve Beyer -


Psalm 131 begins "Lord, my heart is not proud; my eyes are not haughty. I don't concern myself with matters too great or too awesome for me to grasp." The Psalm was written by King David and it is only three verses long.

He continues, "Surely, I have behaved and quieted myself, as a child that is weaned of his mother: my soul is even as a weaned child." The Hebrew language paints a picture of how a believer behaves and quiets himself. The word means to level out or equalize. It implies an adjustment that works as a counterbalance and its use in this context is evidence God has not abandoned us to try to maintain a behavior about which we know nothing.

In the subtle beauty of the language, this passage reveals the Power at work in our hearts that compels us to make a conscious choice to shift our focus off ourselves and on to God. The word the Hebrew writers used as "behave" is translated "compare" in Proverbs 3:15 when wisdom is described. "All the things we can desire are not to be compared to her (wisdom)." Behaving encompasses the act of comparison! The lightning computations of our mind can balance our behavior by comparing it to a blueprint that God makes available to us moment by moment through His indwelling Spirit.

Another picture is drawn for us in Isaiah 28:25 using the Hebrew word for "behaved." A man plowing his field has made that field "plain" and ready for sowing by leveling it. That "plain" level field represents every believer whose heart is a place where God can plant and then gather the fruits of a surrendered heart.
In addition to behaving himself, the psalmist "quieted" himself. The word quieted holds another key to the mindset of the believer. "Quieted" is translated "rest" in Psalm 37:7. "Rest in the Lord and wait patiently for him." It is also translated as "wait" in Psalm 62:5. "My soul, wait thou only upon God; for my expectation is from Him."

As a child that is weaned, the believer has ripened into a mature person who makes a willful choice to measure and adjust his behavior according to the benchmark set by the Holy Spirit who dwells within. Now that's behavior modification!

Posted 11/6/09 at 10:09 AM | Steve Beyer -


The coming holidays will bring together millions of hosts and guests to dine and celebrate the season. Many years ago, a group of prominent religious leaders decided to host a dinner. They put their heads together and agreed on a date and time, the guest list and the seating arrangement. The dinner was to be held on their Sabbath. One of the invited guests was a man who had a severe case of oedema, a painful condition caused by excessive fluid beneath the skin. He was the unwitting "shill." He was invited to trip up another guest. That guest's name was Jesus. The story is found in Luke 14.

The One who is the God-man, omniscience that dwelled among men, arrived at the party and his hosts "watched him." Everything seemed to be going according to their plan. Jesus turned His attention to the man who was ill. For a moment, the religious leaders held their collective breath - they thought they had him. And then the Lord of the Sabbath asked, "Is it lawful to heal on the Sabbath?"

Keep in mind that by this time the laws concerning one's movements on a Sabbath had been dissected, objected to and debated until the only ones elated were the ones selling the ink to keep it all straight. While the "camel swallowing experts" were mulling over legalities, Jesus healed the man and "let him go." At times we may feel we are out of the loop at one of life's "parties." We may sense there are issues raging around us that are beyond our control or understanding. In those instances, we can rest in the truth that our Savior has healed us and "let us go." Like the guest at this dinner, our part is done. God sees fit to handle some situations His way without our assistance. FULL POST

Posted 11/4/09 at 6:06 PM | Steve Beyer -


When did Christians embrace the idea that drunkenness is a disease, being overweight is a medical condition, and drug use is too difficult for the God of the universe to overcome? Thousands of churches are hosting "Twelve Step" programs and those who participate are finding little hope. That is just the tip of the iceberg. Christians are not living a life in Christ that is readily available on a daily basis. Rather than conquering the problem they hide it. The abundant life is more pretense than honest victory!

The behavior is not the real issue. The behavior is a symptom of the true problem within. Stopping the behavior will have no effect on changing the real issues. The problem goes beyond the behavior to the cause of the behavior. I am talking about your beliefs. You currently have a source inside of you that influences you to do the things you do not want to do. By changing your beliefs, many behaviors will cease to have control of your life.

In my program BiblicalMind I challenge many of the things taught and believed today. I am not ensnared in some wild eyed ego-driven philosophy. In fact, the answers I give are so obvious many wonder why they never saw these things before. BiblicalMind is based on Biblical principles and I have done my best to write as clearly as possible without making the program too lengthy. My goal is for those who need help to read and understand the principles as quickly as possible and then begin their own journey. I have lowered the cost from $165.00 to only $19.95 in an effort to reach as many people as possible through the holiday season. Please join me in praying for this effort.

Posted 10/29/09 at 6:06 PM | Steve Beyer -


The Bible teaches there is a new life for those who believe in Christ. The sad truth is there is little difference between many who find Jesus and those who do not. I do not believe you have to accept this! If Jesus is who He said He is, and if there is a reality to the so-called daily Christian walk, then Christians should be different. "If you have any encouragement from being united with Christ, if any comfort from his love, if any fellowship with the Spirit, if any tenderness and compassion, then make my joy complete by being LIKEMINDED."

Part of the trouble is we have been led astray and forgotten to take responsibility for what we put into our own minds! Romans 12: 2 says "and be not conformed to this world, but be ye transformed by THE RENEWING OF YOUR MIND!" Paul was telling us a very important thing here - and it requires action on our part.

It may have become a mystery to you why you seem to do things over and over. It feels like an uncontrollable habit. This behavior has become so much a part of your daily life that the distinction between you and the habit cannot be distinguished. In many ways, you believe you are the habit. Years ago, people said, "I have a problem with this or that." Now it is very different; people say things like "I am an addict." In today's society people are encouraged to label themselves. This labeling has contributed to the fact that millions of people's minds accept as fact they are forever caught in a behavior they cannot overcome. FULL POST

Posted 10/15/09 at 2:17 PM | Steve Beyer -


"IT IS ALL PAID FOR" living should be a way of life for a true Christian. The Christian who has a 'handle' on this has the ability to live a 'staggering' life.

I have spent years - literally - burdened with sorrow and grief over the things I did - mistakes made - bad choices. I have lived as if I had to pay the price over and over. Satan wanted me to live there. Of course, I was useless for God!

No matter that Christ paid the price, it is the deep belief that you must continue to pay, which actually makes you pay. You will live out your days carrying penalties that are paid for. FULL POST

Posted 9/30/09 at 5:18 PM | Steve Beyer -


If my life would end today, all would be done. I would be finished. All the things I still thought needed to be done - left undone - would stay. That journey would stop...sealed forever. And I can not deceive myself, that day will come.

"It is Finished" for me will happen during my journey. Yes there will be milestones that I count as 'destinations", but they are not the destination. Not my destination. My destination will be accomplished only with my life's last breath.

So...I remain 'sane'...grasp each day's task and enjoy each step. Today I should never give up. God is taking my through this journey with His purpose in mind one day at a time. I should never skip one breath's enjoyment. FULL POST

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