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129 Things to Do Instead of Committing Suicide

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Suicide is the third leading cause of death for teenagers—after accidents and homicide. Please, if you are considering suicide (or know someone who is), get help right now at 1-800-SUICIDE. Suicide is like junking a car that has a flat tire. You can fix it and things can get better.

Work up your American Idol audition

Go to a music store and play drums

Design your own line of clothing

Do a murder mystery party

Get a psychic reading

Have fake business cards made

Test-drive a convertible with the top down


Start a collection

Go horseback riding

Go to a tanning salon

Spend the day eating junk food

Play with Legos

Make a lemonade stand for charity

Take a bubble bath

Redo your MySpace or Facebook page

Play miniature golf

Read a book of New Yorker cartoons

Watch wildlife

Phone your grandmother

Paint a wall mural in your room

Send a message in a bottle

Put on prom clothes and eat by candlelight

Lift weights


Have a meal at an airport

Study cows

Make puppets

Go to the mall and try on something you'd never wear

Make a video for YouTube

Work up an impression of your favorite celebrity

Get decals for your car

Take up belly dancing or tango

Do some star gazing

Go through your clothes and donate some to charity

Buy someone roses

Have your portrait made

Watch Seinfeld reruns

Go roller-skating

Dye your hair

Plant a tree

Go to a 12-Step meeting

Make cookies

Learn Sudoku

Take a walk

Buy a puppy


Go to a movie

Get a massage

Go to the library


Plan a safari

Go skydiving or ballooning

Call a friend who's in worse shape than you are

Go to the gym and work out in a new way

Write a poem

Rearrange the furniture in your room

Plan your wedding

Get a racquet ball game going

Meet a friend at a restaurant


Attack a household chore

Go to a waterslide park

Write your memoirs

Watch a live theater production

Visit a theme park

Throw a spontaneous party

Ride a rollercoaster

Make Play Dough and do a sculpture

Get acupuncture or acupressure treatments

Walk barefoot in the grass

Practice a musical instrument

Draw a wall-sized picture

Do some yoga

Play Barbies or GI Joe with some little kids

Count your blessings

Draw a picture of your pet

Tour a factory

Rent a limo

Build a time capsule

Buy a new video game


Get a scavenger hunt going

Make pancakes

Dance to the video game "Dance Revolution"

Visit a college

Take a ride on public transportation

Go bowling

Read an old yearbook

Visit a nursing home

Go to a thrift store and buy something silly

Watch "The Matrix" or "Cinderella Diaries" again

Play Frisbee

Write a letter to your Congressman

Go rock-climbing

Watch baseball at the park

Ride your bicycle

Charge up a bill on a credit card

Make homemade pasta

Learn how photoshop pictures

Do a water sport like swimming, tubing or canoeing

Have a picnic, indoors is okay

Get a manicure or hair cut

Go to church or synagogue

Fly a kite


Toast marshmallows

Take up golf

Take an online course

Put together a model of a car or airplane


Go skate boarding

Play basketball

Ask someone new for a date

Go to a big-time sports event

Visit a history museum

Jump rope

Build a snowman or a sand sculpture

Read a book you loved as a kid

Visit college websites and pick the best

Do 500 jumping jacks or push-ups

Go to the zoo

Learn to juggle

Catch fireflies

Try a new ethnic restaurant

Cut the grass

Get tickets to be in an audience at a TV show

Make sandwiches for the homeless

Visit an art museum


            People Care. I love you.

Jane St. Clair has worked as a production staff member of the television program Sesame Street in New York City, at Channel 11/PBS-TV in Chicago, and as a newspaper reporter/photographer for the Louisville-Courier Journal and weekly papers in rural Indiana and Appalachian Kentucky. She has published over fifty children's short stories and adult fiction in literary magazines such as Thema, QWF, and Red Rock Review. Her stories also appear in four literary anthologies, including Times of Grace, Times of Sorrow published by the University of Nebraska. She is the 2007 winner of the True Life Story contest, 2006 first-place winner of The Writers Network contest, American Accolades, Hollywood's Next Success, and 2005 winner in television writing for Scriptapalooza. She has also authored two nonfiction books and hundreds of web articles. Her series on financial literacy for children won a national award and has had over a million " hits." Her first novel, Walk Me to Midnight, was published by OakTara.

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