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I Lost My Engagement Ring

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Not long ago, I lost my engagement ring. It was awful. Looking everywhere, in every corner of the house, it seemed to have vanished.

"I must have lost it traveling last week," I tearfully told my husband.

"Honey, it's ok," he reassured me.

But it wasn't.

"It's an inexpensive ring I bought when I was eighteen years old, I needed to get you a better one anyway," he joked.

It wasn't a joke and I didn't want another one. As far I was concerned, no other ring could never replace the intimate significance of my ring... our ring.

There was no better ring.

Being hardheaded has its advantages, I didn't give up.

I prayed, I look, I dug through every box, drawer, suitcase, makeup bad, purse, jewelry container, and I prayed, and prayed, and prayed, every single day for two solid weeks.

While I prayed, scenes from the twenty plus years with Bryan popped into my head. He was the best thing outside of my relationship with God that had EVER happened. I wondered how much appreciation I had adequately shown him. Had I taken him for granted as I had the ring?

My desperate pleas evolved into thanksgiving. A new light of gratitude for my husband emerged. Whether I ever found that ring or not, I had found a treasure.

Sometimes it takes a loss to realize what you truly have to cherish.

That day I made the decision to do a better job in being the wife my sweet husband deserved.

Oh, I found the ring. Couldn't believe it! It was in a jewelry bag I looked in several times. It had always been there, I just couldn't see it.

Isn't that the thing with most treasures? They are right in front of our eyes. We just don't see them.

Cindy M.Jones' articles have appeared in publications such as: Thriving Family by Focus on the Family, Journey Devotional for Women by Lifeway, Birmingham Magazine, Birmingham Parent, Birmingham Business Journal, The Old School House, and, most recently her real-life love story in OakTara Publisher’s anthology, My Love to You Always. She is a facilitator and co-founder of Cahaba Christian Writer’s in Trussville, Alabama. and

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