Bindings: Reflections on faith, life, and good books
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Is Jesus really relevant for today? That's a question that rolls around in a Christian's head at times, which may be the very reason we hesitate to witness to co-workers, neighbors, family, and friends.

Satan loves to throw up all kinds of arguments as to why this is just not an appropriate time or way to share your faith. The mental debate may go something like this: "Well, this person has so many deep problems. How can I possibly tell them that Jesus is the answer. It will just come across as too pat." Or "what can I say that would possibly make a difference in this person's life?"

With all the abuse, depression, addictions, marital discord, etc. etc. etc. prevalent in our world, we sometimes wonder if the "God, Jesus, or Bible" words that answered every question in Sunday School class when we were five is meaningful for today's needs.

A quick trip through the Gospels clearly dispels any concern we may have about Jesus being relevant for the needs of today. We encourage you to thoughtfully read through the accounts of Jesus' ministry, taking note of the specific ways He tailored His witness to each person's need.

For example, in John 3, Jesus offers Himself to Nicodemus as personal Saviour. As a learned religious teacher, Nic is reduced to a babe in Christ, the most satisfying position he has ever known. In John 4, Jesus offers Himself as the Living Water to an adulterous woman who comes to the well that day to draw water. She leaves with her spiritual thirst quenched. In John 5, Jesus offers Himself as the Great Physician, singling out a sick man in dire need of healing. He leaves whole. In John 6, Jesus offers Himself as the Bread of Life as He miraculously feeds the 5000 on a mountain by the Sea of Galilee. They leave satisfied. And in John 8, Jesus offers Himself as the Light of the world, as He uncovers spiritual ignorance and hypocrisy with a stroke of His finger, and sets an adulterous woman free.

Adultery. Spiritual ignorance. Hypocrisy. Sickness. Greed. Materialism. Counterfeit gods. Family conflict. Loss. Grief. Sexual addiction. Abuse. Betrayal. You will find it all in the Scriptures. And while you are flipping through the pages, you will also find Jesus there, choosing His words to fit the occasion.

Perhaps there is a lesson there for us.

Eileen Rife, author of Second Chance, conducts marriage seminars with her husband. She is currently working on her sixth novel, Seasons of Hope, set in the gorgeous Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina.,

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