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Lest We Forget

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Have you ever forgotten anything? Now get up off the floor and quit your laughing. Yes, we have all forgotten many things, many times. As we get older it gets worse. Now, what was I talking about?

How many times have you forgotten where you put your keys? We may say, “I’ve lost my keys.” Most of the time we haven’t actually lost them, we simply don’t remember where we put them. Don’t you love when people say, “Where did you last have them?” If I knew where I last had them, they wouldn’t be lost! Aren’t you glad that you live in a safe neighborhood when you discover them hanging in the front door the next morning?

Have you ever forgotten that you laid them in the freezer while you filled your glass with ice? I always try to put my keys in the same spot each night so I won’t have to remember where I put them. Have you ever forgotten where you parked your car? I came back from a mission trip once and forgot what level I had parked on in the airport parking deck. I spent an hour honking my horn with the remote and trying to figure out from which level the honk came. When I go to the gym, church, or a store, I always try to park in the same general area each time so I don’t have to remember. If you have this problem at home, I’m afraid you have more serious issues.

How many of us have forgotten a loved one’s birthday, or worse yet, our wedding anniversary? My dear sweet daughter has never allowed us forget her birthday. She begins reminding us about three months early. I’ve never forgotten her birthday, but I have forgotten her – more than once. When she was a little girl I left her at church once - okay actually twice. Her mom and I have rarely gone to church in the same vehicle because we normally have gone at different times. My excuse was that I thought she had ridden home with her mother. The truth is; I plain and simply forgot her. There I said it. Hey, that was about twenty years ago, if I remember correctly. I also used to pick her up at school every afternoon. I know what you are thinking and the answer is, well, yes, but only once, I think. Well maybe a couple of times, but only on extremely busy days. Okay, I never won father of the year. I love you Ashley.

Now forgetting stuff, forgetting things, may be annoying but forgetting people; that really is inexcusable. There are certain people in life that we should never forget. These may be people we have never actually known but we still must not forget them. As Americans, we must never forget those who sacrificed everything for our freedom. Those men and women must never be taken for granted, so we have set up markers to remind us “Lest we forget.” Lest we forget, we have memorials like the Vietnam Memorial Wall or the Pacific National Monument atop the sunken USS Arizona in Pearl Harbor. Lest we forget, we have final resting places like Arlington National Cemetery. Lest we forget, we have a special holiday each year to pause and remember and to give thanks for those individuals who gave their life for their country. That day, of course, is Memorial Day. Thank you to the men and women who gave all, as well as those who serve and have served. Happy Memorial Day!

Dr. Bill King is the powerful writer of the novel But You Shall Receive Power and the creator of the humorous character known as Billy Bob Bohannon. Bill has performed as Billy Bob for churches and civic groups across the nation since 2002. His first book of Billy Bob humor, No, Really, My Name is Brother Billy Bob Bohannon, was published in 2009. The fun continues in his follow-up books, My Name is Still Brother Billy Bob Bohannon and Clean Up the House, Boys, Mama Has Hired a Maid (both OakTara). Billy Bob will have you laughing at his tales, but before you know it, he’ll sneak in a lesson for life. Bill draws from his theological training and years of pulpit ministry but in a way that is not preachy.
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