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Living Proof of Miracles

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My husband is living proof miracles happen today. After working another long day, Scott found it hard to breathe, hard to walk out to his car, and hard to drive home. A coworker noticed his slow movements and pale skin and offered to give him a ride home. Scott passed, but when he arrived home, he came to me and said, "I have to go to the doctor in the morning. I feel terrible."

You must understand—my husband never takes off work. He never goes to the doctor. So when he told me this I knew something major was wrong. How wrong? I had no idea. After tests and waiting on the results, we found he needed to be checked into the hospital. His right lung had collapsed.

That was only the start.

When they started to go in to inflate his lung, they found a tumor blocking the flow of air. A biopsy was done instead. It was cancer, but they could not surgically remove it. The doctors discussed other treatments but didn't give much hope.

The first night in the hospital my husband came to the reality that his life could be over any day.

The next morning, as I was watching him, I could tell something was weighing heavily on his mind...more than the knowledge he was about to start radiation and chemotherapy. Finally I said, "Scott, I'm not a mind reader. Tell me what you're thinking, so we can talk about it."

In 40 years I've never seen my husband cry. With tear-rimmed eyes, he looked at me and said, "I don't want to die and go to hell. I've waited too long. He won't forgive me."

I quickly assured Scott that, until he took his last breath, it was never too late. Then I reminded him of the thief on the cross by Christ. At that moment we prayed together. He confessed his sins and asked God to forgive him. Praise God! Forty years of prayer for my husband's return to the Lord was finally answered. God had been there and waiting all that time—always ready to forgive, but he allowed Scott, like all of us, free will to make his own choices.

With Scott's renewed faith we prayed, asking God for healing in Jesus' name, followed with Scripture to back up the prayer, and we thanked Him. A peace covered the room. Joy filled our hearts. We knew God was there with us and had heard our prayer. His Word tells us Jesus defeated death and disease when He said on the cross, "It is finished." In that moment, we knew that God said yes to our prayers and healed Scott of his cancer.

Doctors started radiation and then chemo. Weeks later and after two chemo treatments the doctors did another CT Scan, They couldn't find the tumor. They were surprised, but we weren't. We knew God had healed Scott. Despite the damaged lungs and his limited activities, he is totally healed. In Scott's limitations, God worked a miracle.

Deborah Lynne, the author of Be Not Afraid (OakTara), as well as three other novels—Grace, a Gift of Love, All in God's Time, and Passion from the Heart, worked at a trucking company for thirty years, so a small piece of her life is entrenched firmly in each of the Samantha Cain Mysteries.

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