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Praying God’s Word For My Family

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When I was a young wife and mother, an older woman in my church shared that she prayed God's Word over her family regularly. Soon God began opening my eyes to Scriptures I should pray over my family. I routinely did that for years, but lately I've gotten out of the habit. God brought this to mind this morning as I read one of those prayers during my devotions.

In writing to the Colossians, Paul tells them that he prays for them continually, asking God to fill them with knowledge and wisdom so they can live a life that honors God and bears much fruit (Col. 1: 9-12). I prayed Paul's words daily for my husband during a period of great stress at work. Over time I personalized it, asking God to let Steve be a light in his workplace and to give him wisdom to find solutions to the problems he was asked to solve. I believe that God does want us to be successful at work and that He is pleased when we ask Him to help in that regard.

When my sons went off to college, I asked God to give them knowledge to do well in the classroom and wisdom to not get caught up in the many temptations of college campus life. And when my sons married, I shared the prayer with their wives. I hope their wives pray this prayer over my sons and my sons pray it for their wives, also.

I'm recommitting myself to praying this prayer for my family and even myself. I want to have God's presence with me throughout my day. You might consider asking a loved one to pray a personalized version of this prayer over you each morning? Wouldn't it be uplifting to leave your home each day knowing that someone was asking God to be with you each moment, filling you with His wisdom and helping you to live a life that pleases Him?

Susan Elizabeth Ball is the author of Restorations (OakTara), the first novel in her Restored Hearts series. Susan has been involved in Girls Ministries for many years and is passionate about teaching girls and women that God has a wonderful plan for their lives.

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