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Stressed and Blessed this Christmas

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The scurrying of the Christmas season is in full swing. Decorating the tree, stringing the lights on palm trees out front then put out the Merry Christmas lighted sign. Pulling the other boxes from storage I try to remember why I have all this stuff, I unpack it anyway. The Santa photos from the girls growing up, the table setting I bought years ago, the Snow Village and the four nativity sets (can never have too many nativities) all make their way to their rightful Christmas location. I begin planning meals, making shopping lists, hitting the malls to find just the right gifts. Coming home not convinced they are the right gifts I do it all over again. I’m shopping for my family and I do the shopping for my father-in-law as well. He gives me a budget and leaves the rest to me. This began after my mother-in-law left this earth for a better home, heaven. After her loss he found himself in need of some assistance when it came to the holidays so I stepped up.

There are times all of this just seems like a whole lot of work. This is one of those times. I think it may be my need to get everything right, or maybe my patience is just a bit less. Maybe I should back off of the decorations, but my girls still look for the items that have been in our home for years as do I. All this shopping curb that? I pondered that some day I won’t have the extra work of doing my father-in-laws shopping and that will indeed take a load off.

Then it really hit me, some day I won’t be doing my father-in-laws shopping….... This means one day he won’t be here. He’ll be with my mother-in-law in a much better place celebrating this season in a way we should. I really am not looking forward to that day. Not really. I’ll miss the honor of helping him out. I’ll miss the privilege of wrapping the gifts he so wants to give those he loves. I’ll miss the father and friend that is such a precious part of my life.

So, I hit it once again. I’m happy to scurry, hustle and find just the right gifts. I’m happy to have this season to celebrate with those I love. I’m happy to have this amazing man in our lives that has been a treasure and inspiration to our family. This year once again I am blessed to be able to serve a man that served so many his entire life. Today in the middle of all the stress I know I am truly blessed.

Darlene Brock, the author of Help Wanted: Moms Raising Daughters (OakTara/The Grit and Grace Project, 2011) is a motivated self-starter who, while raising her two daughters, found time to produce award-winning music videos, manage recording artists, promote concerts throughout the US, and serve as the Chief Operating Officer of ForeFront Records. Yet, when reviewing her varied accomplishments and successful career, she proclaims her most important and fulfilling job is Mom. For more about The Grit and Grace Project, OakTara and Grit and Grace Project.

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