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The Questions of the Koran for Muslims and Christians who interact with them, Part 1

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Mohammed’s opponents voiced many objections. Some are addressed within the Koran as questions, others as issues that two sides merely disagree on. Is there a god? Are heaven and hell real? Does life exist after death? Should we believe in the resurrection of the body? The book is full of beautiful verses that affirm these claims. Many other issues are debated that are essential as well.

The quality of the book is discussed in terms both of praise and rejection. In Sura 41:1-3, the book is called a Quran sent from God, while in Sura 41:26 others disagree. They advocate heckling. The Unbelievers say: “Do not listen to this Quran, but talk at random in the midst of its reading that you may gain the upper hand.”

One might ask what charges motivate this rudeness and diversity of opinion. The answer consumes if not the whole, at least most of the book. The accusations are numerous.

In Sura 42:24, Mohammed himself asks, “What! Do they say he has forged a falsehood against Allah.” Misbelievers are reported as saying, ‘nothing is this but a lie which he has forged, and others help him at it. …And they say: “Tales of the ancients, which he has caused to be dictated morning and evening.”-Sura 25:4-5. Morning and evening are the times when it is unacceptable for the children and others to visit, S24:58-59

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