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The Questions of the Koran for Muslims and Christians who interact with them, Part 2

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Why do they allege this as forgery? Few who have read the Koran and the Bible can deny frequent references to Biblical stories, albeit with occasional changes of the content. Adam, Noah, Abraham, Joseph, Moses, David, Jonah, and Jesus are all mentioned multiple times. In addition, he frequently borrowed terms and parables.

He spoke of those laying a foundation upon the sand, of going through the eye of a needle, a new heaven and new earth, asking for forgiveness 70 times, braiding of strands, God sealing our hearts, the twinkling of an eye, dry bones, being acquainted with all things including grief, the way that is straight, having two masters, virgins with lights, and many other poetical analogies. They would be creative if not plagiarized.

Ibn Wariq, in his book Why I Am Not a Muslim, mentions that several of the stories told are from rabbinical sources and Jewish folktales. This includes the story of Jesus shaping a bird from clay and bringing it to life. Though not in the Bible, tales of the ancients they are. In Sura 6:93, Mohammed writes “who can be more wicked than one who inventeth a lie against Allah, or saith, I have received inspiration when he received none…?” I agree.

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