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The Write Opportunity

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Which is harder-- the process of writing, getting published, or going through edits? Earlier in our writing career, we thought getting published was the insurmountable peak. We prayed for the right opportunity and spent more time crafting query letters, fiction proposals, pitches, and log lines than we did actually writing our manuscripts.

Now we’ve climbed partway up the publishing mountain and we have a different view of the writing life and the write opportunity. The various phases of going through the publishing and editing process have given us the opportunity to write according to a standard different than our own. It’s the answered prayer of the write opportunity to challenge ourselves and grow into our craft as better writers and better communicators.

This has enabled us to climb lighter and smarter as we shed excess weight of adverbs, over-writing, and deadwood descriptions; but we have more bad habits to lose before we can reach our best. Yet, in our journey, we’ve made it a habit to stop and access where we’re going, and pray for God’s write opportunity so we’ll be where He wants us to be. And we ask ourselves, "Does a closed door mean God doesn’t want us to pursue this endeavor, or is it a test to teach us to continue to seek, continue to knock, continue to persevere and rewrite until the right door opens?"

We’ve been guilty of knocking on the big publishing door we want to open, and, while we’re preoccupied with it, we overlook open doors we view as lesser opportunities. The truth is -- the write opportunity presents itself in a hundred ways every day. God’s purpose is not to have files of unread “great” (or not-so-great) works on our computers waiting to be read by great editors. His purpose is to use our gift for Him, put ourselves out there and write; take up the challenge, whether small or great, whether others go with us or not, whether others criticize us or praise us, whether others believe in us or not.

The write opportunity isn’t about contracts -- it’s a personal quest, an understanding that opportunity doesn’t have to come gift wrapped. Sometimes it's grubby and small, and the challenge is to recognize the dirt and the work involved; to dig in, set down roots, grow in it, and give to the world a portion of its lost heart in the flowers and fruit as God prospers the message.

Our write opportunity today is a project called A Woman Like Me. It’s a fusion of serial fiction and Biblical wisdom for women of heart, and it’s open to any woman who desires to share her gift. Every Friday, AWLM hosts a guest writer in a 350-word devotional format with a spiritual/Biblical topic of the author’s choosing. It’s a great way to be part of the sisterhood of faith and writing, and it’s the write opportunity to get your work out there for the Lord.

SADIE AND SOPHIE CUFFE are sisters (yes, they’re really siblings) who work a small farm in Maine. They bring the strength of a living sisterhood and an undying faith to their writing. They’ve authored inspirational e-books with Desert Breeze Publishing and have a short story featured in OakTara's fiction anthology I Choose You.

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