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When God is There

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Thousands of people suffer at Earth’s violent temper
A purse is stolen from a public restroom
Several people are murdered because of vile insanity
A loved one lies dying because of human error
From the greatest to the smallest, tragedies occur
And we can’t help but wonder: “How, if God is there?”

Explanations cannot be found by human minds
But comfort, forgiveness, and love can be divinely given
Blessings are not given as escape from the sorrow
But to lead us through death’s shadowy valley
And still we doubt and wonder: “How, if God is there?”

Perhaps it’s time to look for God’s presence
Instead of questioning His very existence

A young mother lays in surgery, hoping for relief
As her little daughter prayed for Mommy to get better
Where was God in the midst of family fear and concern?
There, strengthening her heart for the first time in years
Giving family and friends the courage to believe in miracles

As they watched their father lay for weeks in anguish
Lost to all because of a careless mistake
Where was God’s comfort, His miraculous healing?
Perhaps in the touch of the man’s squeezing grip
Or his attempts to speak, though the doctors said he wouldn’t

As his family waits in agony at the news of more cancer
Frightened by the future’s agenda
Where is God’s mercy and strength?
In treasured memories of years filled with happiness and love
In peace that eternity will bring them all together again

When someone determines that theft is fine
And feels justified in taking another’s property
Where is God in such a personal violation?
There, in the priceless reassurance of blessings
In what He gives, that can never be taken away

Amidst the anger and devastation of insane rampage
Through the “How could he do that?” questioning
Where is God’s peace, His gentle presence?
There, in the realization of how fortunate we truly are
That in the face of vile evil, eternity is still ours

God’s blessings are abundant and overflowing
But sometimes hard for us to see
We often need reminders in our lives
To find these gifts in places not expected
Because God is always there.

Janice K. Davis, her husband, Larry, and their daughter, Sydni, live in St. Louis, MO. Janice's newest release, Finding My Smile (OakTara), shares a story of love, forgiveness, and salvation in the face of life's struggles. If you've been touched by Alzheimer's, Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, or depression in life, you'll find encouragement through God's precious message in her novel. Janice is currently blessed to teach writing and storytelling to a group of amazing 6th-graders.

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