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“Where are the signs?” The Questions of the Koran for Muslims and Christians who interact with them, Part 4

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Many men of good and open hearts asked. Sura 13:27 reports ‘the Unbelievers say: “Why is not a Sign sent down to him from his Lord?”’

They were willing to embrace Islam if it were true, but had been trained that a prophet had to prove his claim of divine backing. Moses had his staff and the ten plagues. Noah, Elijah, Elisha, Jesus, Peter, and Paul had proofs of their messages.

Mohammed had no miracles, no healings of blind or lame, cast out no demons. With no floods, no plagues, nothing to convince others, Mohammed’s answer was that the Koran was his sign. With the many inaccuracies evident to those who knew their own Scriptures, they were not convinced. Someone claiming continuation of older messages should be knowledgeable of them. At the least his God certainly should be.

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