Bindings: Reflections on faith, life, and good books
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Who You Become = Who You Think You Are

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Are you feeling burdened by life? Encumbered by what others think you should be and do? Do you feel a nagging sense of discontent? Have you tried to change one area of your life, only to relapse? Do you struggle with past traumas or failures? Do your dreams seem just out of reach, no matter what you try?

Helping people learn to let go of what they don’t absolutely need so they can live a more satisfying, exciting life is my passion as a life coach. For many years I've been seeking to follow God unencumbered—without the burdens of my past and my feelings that come from that past. I've sought to be free in Christ in every way. And as God began teaching me things about how to let go, I discovered that the same principles could also help others.

A friend of mine was having difficulty making some decisions so I met with him. I thought we’d meet once, twice, or perhaps three times to help him in his decision-making quest. It turned into four years of meetings on Monday mornings after we dropped off our kids at school. That experience led me more in the direction of life coaching and writing more than anything else. That’s because, as I went through my own journey of discovery and healing, God prompted me to lead me to lead my friend through the same journey. My excitement grew as I realized the principles I was leading him through could be duplicated and written about for a larger audience.

By God’s grace I began to see others I could help in the same way, extending hope and healing. Soon these friends, colleagues, and acquaintances began to ask, “Would you write a book about these principles? They could help so many people!”

So one day several years ago I began to put my fingers to the keyboard. What came out was the just-released book Letting Go: Becoming Who You Are Meant to Be. The book is all about letting go of what encumbers you—unfelt feelings from your own life. Things you thought you’d dealt with that you have not. And so you carry all of that emotional weight—like a heavy backpack—with you in everything you do.

My heartfelt desire is to see people drop that emotional weight, so they can experience the fullness, freedom, and joy that life has to offer.

I do not know where you are on your life journey. But I do know that each of us needs to be free of toxic emotions so we can move into the present with a smile, and toward the future with redefined goals and dreams. All of us want to be changed for the better. But that can only happen when you let go of what you don’t need.

Steven L. King, the author of Letting Go: Coming Who You Are Meant to Be (OakTara) graduated from Penn State (B.S., Mechanical Engineering) and worked for five years in sales and quality positions in the industry. He had a faith awakening in 1984 and began seminary in 1987, graduating from Princeton Theological Seminary in 1990 with a Masters of Divinity. He has pastored two churches—one in western Illinois and the other in east Texas. He, his wife, and two children live in Illinois.

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