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My blog will basically deal with current issues facing the church and Christians, such things as differing philosophies on how to "do" church, homosexuality and the church, etc….

A blog about connecting with God in a distracting world, seeing our lives as part of God’s Story, and discovering the wonder of a life of prayer

Exhorting believers to mortify pride and cultivate humility, so the life of Christ may be evident in our lives (Gal 2:20).

Thoughts from a reporter and section editor for The Christian Post. "This is the message we have heard from Him and announce to you, that God is Light, and in Him there is no darkness at all." - 1 John 1:5

Challenging the Church to embrace God’s grand plan of reconciliation on every level—to be reconciled to God, to one another, and to ourselves

Applying biblical principles faithfully and consistently with the scriptures

This blog is dedicated to answering difficult questions that Christians want to know to help us better understand what the Bible says to us and then engage application to our lives in our daily walk with God.

My Relationships with the world, and those who dwell above it.

A closer look at world Christianity.

Encouragement from my faith journey to help Christians and those seeking God find an intimate relationship with him through Jesus. The writings are lessons from my own life as I've learned how to be a follower of Jesus over the past 20 years.

A blog about books, news and other forms of Christian media matter important to the faith community.

Each Friday I post in my blog, "Friday Tidings...thoughts for the journey". As we travel in this new century, I sense we will need one another more than in the past. In fact, I know we will. Please join me.

Generous Life celebrates extraordinary and ordinary generosity lived in the name of Christ. Generous Life seeks to enable philanthropists, Christian organizations and every day people to live generously, the way God desires.

Reports and testimonies from the mission field, along with stories of general interest to believers

Guest news and commentary.

The latest health blog with in-depth analysis from The Christian Post.

I am Daisy Grace, PhD in health is a general health expert and who enjoys writing on different health topics. Read my articles to know about different health topics and how to take care of your Health.

Here anyone get information articles about healthy life, tips and rules. It also contains tech trends content which helps to grow.

I believe that to help others, we need to take care of ourselves both to set an example and to be mentally and physically healthy to help others. My blog focuses on how to do this.

H.O.P. exists to provoke readers to discover and pursue their God-given purpose. Join the discussion--on purpose--and receive inspirational quotes, testimonies, and commentary on the purpose pursuit.

Talking about God, His Holy Word and writing what the Holy Spirit guides me to write. Doing my best to follow where God is leading me.

I already blog for a number of other sites, none of them Christian. I'd like to move my other writings to a Christian audience but also have a base for writing distinctly Christian blogs. My themes are religion, society, politics and culture.

Sharing thought provoking infographics.

Infographics is definitely a great way to begin with a full fledged online presence.

An analogy of why teenagers need and want boundaries.

LIFEology seeks to encourage people to live their lives with purpose, power, prayer, and passion.

Teaching and tips - both biblical and current event-based - on living doxologically, i.e. for God's glory, in all areas of life and among all peoples of the world.

I would like to encourage Christians to fear God again. Give up the gods they worship and worship the One True God.

The latest articles written by Rev Bresciani. They deal with prophecy, politics, current events and much more. The American Prophet site is seven years old and has over 25 subjects and 500 articles, some will be used in the CP Blog for others to enjoy or make comments.

The personal blog of Pastor, Leader, Ron Edmondson

I report new developments in science and discuss their implications for Christian apologetics (reasons to believe in Christianity). I critique today’s dominant materialistic worldview, which denies the intrinsic dignity and freedom of human beings and enfeebles scientific creativity.

A Christian based Blog, sharing with readers, what God expects of each of Us Believers, as Children of God.

Here you get interesting articles on tech trends, live streaming, how to entertain yourself and much more.

Welcome to my Teleios blog! My goal is to show you the exciting benefits of the Bible in our daily lives! We created Teleios, Inc., a private foundation, several years ago. Through the foundation we use the scientific method, by means of well-designed clinical studies, to evaluate the validity of the Bible in people’s lives. We believe that Scripture, while telling us about the free gift of salvation through faith in Christ’s death on the cross, also brings wisdom and knowledge for great day-to-day living. The Bible teaches we can have: 1.A secure guilt free relationship with God. 2.All we need to grow in our relationship with God. 3.Hope, love, joy and peace (Galatians 5:22). In the blogs I will tell you about the dynamic research that Teleios is performing. We use three design tools: prospective, randomized, controlled studies, cross-sectional surveys, and review articles of existing medical literature. However, we will also choose blog topics from issues that come up in our culture and from your comments. We hope the blog will: 1.Encourage you by learning about Teleios research and the practical use of the Bible in daily life. 2.Explain the good news of Christ to those of you who don’t yet believe. 3.Start a conversation with you about your own experiences, thoughts, ideas and questions. 4.Give you inspiring data that you can use in your own life and help you teach others. WC Stewart

Blog is about the life happenings, thoughts, and advice from a single mom about parenting and some other single stuff!

Orange is a nonprofit organization providing resources and training to help churches maximize their influence on the spiritual growth of the next generation.

Unite the USA exists to promote positive patriotism, encourage conservative standards, honor veterans, give a voice to the poor and afflicted, and to fully apply "in God we trust" to daily life. Unite the USA encourages Americans to unite in the fight for our rights - especially Christian rights such as returning God to the public square. We hope to activate the post-9/11 generation to become positive patriots of faith!

I encourage people to live a victorious life through God's word.

I likes to read and write about latest beauty trend and has been actively involved in Fitness and dieting programs. I believe that i'm a reliable source for expert advice and feedback on the latest in beauty and fitness product and tips Such as wrinkles creams, skin creams, home remedies, diet supplements, diet plan and exercise. I am also contributing to the top resources in the area of Skincare, Beauty, Weight loss and fitness related websites such as Examiner, Luckmag and Chicago Tribune.

A blog about changes throughout life that sometimes blow us to pieces and changes from the Spirit, God\'s gift to help us to be in control of all life\'s issues.

Tackling topics that all Christians face at some point along the journey with Christ. We are all a work in progress and we're not there yet, but God is always working on us!