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Audra Jennings

Audra Jennings is a publicist with Litfuse Publicity Group.

Posted 4/11/11 at 6:00 PM | Audra Jennings

The Hidden Gifts of Helping

New Book Shares Biblical Principles that

Grow our Faith and Heal our Brokenness

The Bible clearly tells us that we are to love one another; it also proclaims that we are to bear one another’s burdens. Research has revealed that when we show concern for others—empathizing with a friend who has lost a loved one, mowing the lawn for an elderly neighbor, or volunteering to mentor a school-aged child—we improve our own health and well-being and embrace and give voice to our deeper identity and dignity as human beings.

“Everyone stumbles on hard times. After all, no one gets out of life alive,” writes Stephen G. Post in his latest book, The Hidden Gifts of Helping: How the Power of Giving, Compassion, and Hope Can Get Us Through Hard Times. “Today, even those who had considered themselves protected from hardship are being touched and their lives changed by volatile economic markets, job uncertainty, and the increasing isolation and loneliness of modern life.” FULL POST

Posted 4/6/11 at 5:29 PM | Audra Jennings

The Grandfathers Q&A with director Jim Hanon

The new film The Grandfathers, launched at The National Religious Broadcasters Convention (NRB) in Nashville and was awarded second place in the NRB TV Showcase for best documentary.  The documentary is a motion-graphics film about a young man’s struggle with his complicated heritage and has been awarded The Dove Foundation seal of approval. It completes a trilogy produced by EthnoGraphic Media (EGM) that includes End of the Spear and Beyond the Gates of Splendor. These first two films, also from award-winning director Jim Hanon and producer Mart Green, tell the unforgettable and inspiring story of the killing of five missionaries by a stone-age tribe deep in the Amazon jungle. The impact of this tragic event lives on today in families of these slain men as well as among those responsible for their deaths. FULL POST

Posted 4/5/11 at 9:42 AM | Audra Jennings

Revise Us Again

A call to revisit and return to God’s original script for living

Every person follows a script for living, a life-guide that offers cues for our behavior and direction for our choices. As believers, the Word of God gives us a script for experiencing life as God intended. Yet our scripts are often distorted by our environment, our culture, and our religious traditions. As a result, all of us are in constant need of revising the scripts by which we live, and we want those lines of script that are incompatible with the teachings of Jesus revised and re-visioned to match the heart and mind of Christ.

Revising is a process, and best-selling author Frank Viola’s latest book, Revise Us Again: Living from a Renewed Christian Script, encourages believers to take an honest look at their relationship with the Lord. This process begins by opening our hearts and minds to the possibility that the script we have been given in life is not perfect. We must further recognize that our lives as believers stand in need of regular evaluation and reevaluation. Viola states that his purpose for this intuitive and challenging book is “… to see more integrity and depth returned to the Christian faith.” His hope is that the Holy Spirit of God, who writes not on tablets of stone but on the tablets of our hearts, will use this book to help edit those religious habits that do not map to the heart of God and, in turn, begin rescripting believers into the glorious image of Christ. FULL POST

Posted 3/23/11 at 10:31 AM | Audra Jennings

The Rule of 15 and the Road to New Life

Dr. Scott Morris reveals a simple plan to start controlling weight and Diabetes

Article by Dr. Scott Morris, founder of the Church Health Center in Memphis, TN and author of Health Care You Can Live With (Barbour 2011).

Suicide seemed like a good option. Nothing else worked for Rosie Murrell. She felt bad all day, every day—inside and out. Rosie was an abused child and a troubled teen. Even as the mother of three children of her own, the pain from those early years weighed as heavy on her heart as it did on her hips. Her weight peaked at 437 pounds, so it was no surprise when she developed diabetes. Although she lost 67 pounds at one point, now the scales were headed back up, and Rosie felt helpless to do anything about it. As self-hatred shrouded her life, Rosie thought the best thing she could do for herself might be to end her misery. FULL POST

Posted 3/15/11 at 4:36 PM | Audra Jennings

Spiritual Existence Revealed in Anthony DeStefano’s Newest Book, The Invisible World

The Invisible World

The mystery of a spiritual world has intrigued us for ages. Is there a reality that exists beyond the senses? And can an invisible spiritual world actually become visible? Best-selling author Anthony DeStefano answers yes with certainty. The Invisible World: Understanding Angels, Demons, and the Spiritual Realities That Surround Us explores the existence and meaning of this unseen, yet very real world.

Though the pages of The Invisible World are rich in poignant stories and tangible applications, DeStefano eschews anecdotal evidence and offers instead a depth of theological and biblical evidence as he takes readers on a journey to an unseen world inhabited by God, angels, demons, Satan, Heaven, and Hell. Bravely, DeStefano traverses into the dark night of the soul and the potentially liberating power of Grace with much honesty and candor. The author both asks and answers prickly questions like, “What are the incomprehensible qualities of God?” “Why have angels captivated our imaginations and interest?” “What is the purpose of a soul?” and “Why does it seem that, despite Grace, Satan seems to win?” FULL POST

Posted 3/10/11 at 4:11 PM | Audra Jennings

For First Time, Great Big God Series to be Marketed, Distributed in North America Through Kingsway, EMI CMG

Great Britain’s best-selling, best-loved kids music brand, Vineyard UK Kids, releases Great Big God Live: A Kids Praise And Worship Celebration DVD and bonus CD of the songs March 22, 2011. The first live DVD in the acclaimed Great Big God series, the series will also be brought to North America with marketing and distribution for the first time though Kingsway and EMI CMG respectively.

Co-producer of Vineyard Music’s all time best-selling album, Hungry, Nigel Hemming also produced Great Big God Live and has written many of the songs in the Great Big God series. Uniting Biblically sound, simple lyrics designed to help children and young people connect with God, Great Big God Live features Hemming leading a cast of vocalists that include Wendy O’Connell (Come, Now Is The Time To Worship), Charlie Groves and Jodie Frye. The project also introduces 13-year-old Joel Barber, who not only leads on vocals and guitar, but also penned two new songs himself.

With nine new songs in all, plus four fan favorites with new arrangements, the Great Big God Live DVD and bonus CD was recorded live with a full band and children’s choir as kids packed the Vineyard Birmingham UK. The project also includes demonstrations on making your own drums and puppets, learning some of the dance moves and behind the scenes footage. “Great Big God is a refreshing return to praise and worship for kids,” says award-winning children’s music and video producer, Alex MacDougall. “Millions of kids have been impacted through live worship in the past, and it’s exciting to see powerful songs performed in a fun and uplifting way, once again leading children closer to Christ. Parents will love this resource.” FULL POST

Posted 3/9/11 at 5:38 PM | Audra Jennings

Q&A with Ted Bigelow, author of The Titus Mandate

The church is supposed to be the safest place on earth for Christians, so why is it often a place of deep dissatisfaction? Many Christians suffer from difficult church situations and are unsure how to live and worship with such stress, let alone grow in the midst of it. Much of this pain comes from being under poor church leadership. According to Ted Bigelow, if your church doesn’t follow God’s mandate for leadership as set out in the book of Titus, it is almost certainly headed for disaster.

In The Titus Mandate, readers will follow Paul’s special attaché Titus on his treacherous mission to the Mediterranean island of Crete. You’ll learn for yourself what Titus experienced as he went toe-to-toe with the wolves, carrying out God’s very public mission to rescue Christians and churches from danger. Paul’s journey will teach you to spot the wolves and protect yourself and those you love from Satan’s most prolific form of spiritual peril. FULL POST

Posted 3/7/11 at 5:38 PM | Audra Jennings

Broadcasting Hope to Every Student

Q&A with Sean Dunn

Founder and Executive Director of Groundwire

Teens today can be overwhelmed searching for meaning amidst depressing hopelessness, negative self-image, and the pressure to be perfect. To meet the needs of hurting teenagers across the country, Groundwire, a current and innovative outreach, has become a ministry where teens find comfort, guidance, and answers delivered through multi-media communication. Groundwire leverages media and technology to meet teens exactly where they are — viewing, listening, texting, or chatting — and to invite them to voice their questions and struggles so they can find answers in the message of the Gospel. FULL POST

Posted 2/24/11 at 2:12 PM | Audra Jennings

The Grandfathers from EthnoGraphic Media Releases Today

The Grandfathers, a motion-graphics film about the struggle and influence of a young man’s heritage, completes a trilogy produced by EthnoGraphic Media (EGM) that includes End of the Spear and followed by Beyond the Gates of Splendor. These first two films, also from award-winning director Jim Hanon and producer Mart Green trilogy tell the unforgettable and inspiring story of the killing of five missionaries by a stone-age tribe deep in the Amazon jungle. The impact of this tragic event lives on today in families of these slain men as well as among those responsible for their deaths. FULL POST

Posted 2/23/11 at 12:03 PM | Audra Jennings

Worship album answers the cry of the worshipper for more depth, more substance

David C Cook/Kingsway Announces the Long-Awaited Release of Love Shine Through by Tim Hughes

Colorado Springs, CO—Kingsway, the music arm of the David C Cook family, is pleased to announce the April 19, 2011 release of Love Shine Through, the first studio album in four years by British worship artist Tim Hughes. Sharing Tim’s heartbeat to see songs of substance strengthen, inspire, and build the church, Kingsway is delighted to add these fresh sounds of worship to their already very successful offering of worship music. 

Steve Nicolle, Kingsway’s North American director, says, “Interest in the church as we know it has been waning for years, especially with the youth culture. Our desire at Kingsway is to provide life-changing music that God will use to draw people to Himself… and to His church. Tim’s Love Shine Through,I know, will be an effective tool in the hands of worship leaders and worshippers everywhere to do just that.”

Despite the overall decline of product sales in the music industry, Kingsway reports continued success with retail sales and an ever-increasing demand for engaging, substantive worship music. Both Kingsway and Hughes believe that this quest for quality music and a deeper worship experience reflects the hungry heart of the worshipper to forego the polish and performance of calculated worship and return to honest, heartfelt praise and worship. FULL POST

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