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Audra Jennings

Audra Jennings is a publicist with Litfuse Publicity Group.

Posted 10/21/10 at 11:59 AM | Audra Jennings

What people are saying about...Follow

For decades, Floyd McClung has been at the forefront of a generation passionately following Christ, equipping them to know Him Deeply and serve Him around the globe. Follow paves the way for practical and powerful engagement by anyone seeking to make Jesus famous among all nations!”

Louie Giglio, founder of The Passion Movement and Passion City Church

For the last thirty years, Floyd has always been something of a spiritual litmus test for the church, and his prophetic instincts over time have proved true. And Floyd is right again…God is definitely calling us to attend to this most fundamental of facts about the authentic Christian life: what it means to be an untamed disciple of the wild Jesus.”

Alan Hirsch, author of ReJesus and Untamed, FULL POST

Posted 10/21/10 at 11:47 AM | Audra Jennings

Are You Tired of Life As Usual?

“Rachel Olsen has created the ultimate godly girlfriends’ guide—completely contemporary yet biblically solid; poignant yet practical. Her clever, warm, and vulnerable style imparts a fresh and needed dose of perspective to all of God’s girls.”

Karen Ehman, national speaker for Proverbs 31 Ministries and author of A Life That Says Welcome and The Complete Guide to Getting and Staying Organized

It's No Secret

Done with feeling exhausted—or worse, bored? Ready to trade your issues and hang-ups for greater intimacy and fulfillment? Then it’s time you did some digging for biblical “bling” and discovered the shining secrets to life in God’s kingdom. Rachel’s writing is lighthearted and fun, but she’s serious about helping you uncover biblical secrets that can make your life shine. This book will help you: FULL POST

Posted 10/20/10 at 2:01 PM | Audra Jennings

Bible Smuggling 101

Legally Saturating High Schools with God’s Word

In today’s divisive culture-war society, when news stories about separation of church and state thrive with controversy, one cutting-edge Christian ministry is having remarkable success spreading the Word of God. What makes it remarkable? They are doing it by distributing Bibles in public schools—legally.

Carl Blunt is the president and CEO of The Life Book Movement, a Christian mission centered on Blunt’s own contemporary, youth-oriented edition of a portion of the Bible called The Life Book, a unique presentation of Scripture designed to engage high school students with the truth of God’s Word. The Life Book presents a brief overview of the Old Testament and the Book of John using an interactive format with honest student comments and real-life questions in the margins. Readers are drawn into the only story that can change their lives forever. FULL POST

Posted 10/20/10 at 1:42 PM | Audra Jennings

The Mark of Love - The Mend Mark tells a powerful story in two words

The Mend Mark Bracelet

Have you been “Marked?” The Mend Mark is a mission, a movement, an entire revolution. It is a bracelet meant to remind its wearers of Christ’s love and sacrifice, and its message is the passion of its creator, Hunter Harrison.

The Mend Mark is an innovative and distinctive bracelet that is designed to reflect the scars and nail holes of Jesus. When worn, the band resembles the deep holes of the nail driven into the wrists of Jesus during his crucifixion. By bringing the story of Jesus’ life and death to constant awareness by wearing a bracelet, Mend Mark is meant to powerfully remind wearers of the ultimate act of love Jesus made for all of humankind.

Harrison’s mission is to remind all to remember Christ’s love in both his life and death. But more than only a poignant recollection, the Mend Mark is meant to inspire and motivate wearers to live a life of service. Harrison strives to bring people together around the simplicity and power of love as lived by Jesus. But this is no example of passive love. The Mend Mark calls individuals in all walks of life to love with a profound sincerity and commitment great enough to change a neighborhood, a community, a world. FULL POST

Posted 10/12/10 at 12:52 PM | Audra Jennings

It is never too early to introduce the truth of God's Word to children

An Interactive Christmas With Your Infant

Introduce Scripture to Your Infant with The Baby Bible Christmas Storybook

The Baby Bible

David C Cook’s The Baby Bible Storybook series offers a set of interactive teaching tools for parents to use with their children, from birth to three years old. The latest addition to this series, The Baby Bible Christmas Storybook, makes the birth of Jesus relevant for very young children through the use of colorful pictures, basic prayer and worship, and fun physical activities. It is never too early to introduce the truth of God’s Word to children, and the Christmas Storybook will enhance a child’s earliest experience of this very special family celebration.

Simple actions such as pointing to a specific facial feature or hand claps enable parents to have fun with their child while telling the Christmas story. Each story is brief and well-suited for short attention spans, and the small size of the books is perfect for little hands. Actions that accompany the story combine with simple vocabulary to make this series even more appropriate for very young children. Christmas Storybook introduces the idea of prayer and worship as part of the child’s daily life while also allowing parents to share the powerful truth of God’s Word. FULL POST

Posted 10/12/10 at 12:45 PM | Audra Jennings

An Examination of the High Cost of Grace

Costly Grace

A Contemporary View of Bonhoeffer’s The Cost of Discipleship

In 1937, on the threshold of Nazi Germany’s war on the world, Dietrich Bonhoeffer wrote what turned out to be one of the most influential books of the century, The Cost of Discipleship. In it, he challenged the flabby faith and compromises of German Christians, famously writing, “When Christ calls a man he bids him come and die.”

Now, seventy-three years after the book was first published, Jon Walker has written Costly Grace: A Contemporary View of Bonhoeffer’s The Cost of Discipleship. Although Bonhoeffer’s book still has a loyal readership, it has not been adequately viewed through the eyes of the twenty-first century. Walker brings to a new generation the timeless message of Bonhoeffer against the background of today’s political upheaval and societal change and what it means to those who claim to follow Christ’s teachings, challenging contemporary teachings and lifestyles. FULL POST

Posted 10/11/10 at 10:51 AM | Audra Jennings

End of the Spear and Beyond the Gates of Splendor

Relaunched in Churches for Movie Events EthnoGraphic Media and Outreach Introduce Innovative Film Program

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK—EthnoGraphic Media (EGM) is pleased to announce that it has signed an exclusive screening agreement with Outreach, Inc., to develop and launch a church-based promotional campaign for the award-winning feature length film End of the Spear (2006) and its companion documentary Beyond the Gates of Splendor (2002). Both films were produced by Mart Green, CEO and directed by Jim Hanon.

Outreach, Inc., the largest provider of church outreach products and services in the world, will be the official church screening and resource provider for these films. It will produce and distribute a single kit for both films which will include movie event guides, individual study guides, bulletin inserts, posters, and a variety of media resources to churches and other ministries wanting to host a “movie event.” This campaign will reach out to churches throughout North America.

According to Tom Betts, director of strategic partnerships, Outreach, Inc., was selected for this initiative because “they are a leader in providing quality, faith-based films to the church community, and they have proved themselves to be very effective in multiplying a film’s impact.” The goal is to get the films’ message of the power of sacrifice and forgiveness to churches and their surrounding communities. FULL POST

Posted 10/7/10 at 3:52 PM | Audra Jennings

Death: The Opportunity of a Lifetime

A Million Ways to Die

Author Rick James explains how dying to ourselves is the only way to live

Have you ever considered death as a victorious beginning rather than a final ending? In his latest book, A Million Ways to Die: The Only Way to Live, Rick James examines the idea that when Jesus tells us to deny ourselves, take up our cross, and follow Him, Jesus is describing a path of death, not a path to death. Using Paul’s words from 2 Corinthians, James explains that our trials are like “little deaths” because they enable us to see how God resurrects or brings life out of each circumstance.

James, publisher for Campus Crusade for Christ, invites believers to experience a paradigm shift and consider what it means to die to self and live for Christ. James encourages God’s children to embrace the victory found in Christ’s resurrection and know that while some Christ-followers are called to give up their physical lives for the cause of Christ, most believers are called to a type of death that shows up in endless ways throughout their daily lives. He explains that Scripture uses the term death or “to die” as a continual admonition for Christians to “take up our cross,” “die to sin,” and “die to the world.” James believes that seeing the smaller daily opportunities to die is as important as seeing the daily tokens of God’s love and faithfulness that He bestows on us. FULL POST

Posted 10/7/10 at 3:34 PM | Audra Jennings

What Are You Doing Here?

It's Your Call

Gary Barkalow helps readers discover, understand, and pursue God’s true calling for their lives.

Few spiritual concepts have fascinated and confused people more than understanding God’s calling for their lives. Is it primarily about a job or a role? Is it precise or general? Is a calling only reserved for those who work in professional ministry? These are the questions Gary Barkalow sets out to answer in his latest book, It’s Your Call: What Are You Doing Here?  

The Barna Research Group recently conducted a national survey that revealed a startling truth: “…Born again Christians and non-Christians were equally likely to be seeking meaning and purpose in life.” Barkalow contends that, while the search for meaning and purpose in life is universal, Christ offers a higher calling to everyone who places their faith in Him. Christians can know and understand the calling God has placed upon their lives and discover their true selves in Him. FULL POST

Posted 10/4/10 at 4:31 PM | Audra Jennings

Tapestry Productions Fine Art Profoundly Impacts Viewers

Bringing the World Face to Face With the Gospel

What would it have been like to hold the infant Jesus, the incarnation of God, for the very first time? Would you be forever changed to have been present at the Crucifixion? The stunning and heart-transforming artwork of award-winning artist Ron DiCianni is bringing these very images to life before the eyes of viewers across the globe and the life-changing impact is undeniable.TapestryProductions Inc. (TPI), an original creative management firm that offers a wide variety of services focusing on fine art productions and talent management, is bringing viewers eye-to-eye with the unflinching love of God through fine art reproductions from highly acclaimed and mission-driven artists. Created seven years ago, this niche firm began with premium Christian fine art reproductions and then expanded to include derivative products that continue to impact and influence viewers by telling the unparalleled story of hope and redemption.

Today TPI is unequaled in its mission and its quality of Christian fine art. Each work is of the highest artistic quality and skill but is intended for purposes far beyond decoration. Rather, every piece of exquisite art uses arguably the most powerful medium of communication—the visual—to tell the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the world, transcending cultures, languages, backgrounds, and denominations like no other form of media can. Many of the pieces uniquely unite the modern with the classic, thrilling the viewer with a message that is both richly biblical and profoundly personal. FULL POST

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