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Posted 11/18/14 at 12:14 PM |

King Hezekiah: Examining a life of bold faith: Q&A with bible study author Jaclyn Rowe

1) What made you choose Hezekiah for a bible study?
Years ago, I was invited to be a speaker for Stonecroft Ministries, an international women’s ministry organization. As I was preparing my first presentation for them, I was reading through the book of Isaiah in my personal bible study time. When I got to chapter 36, the Lord stopped me in my tracks. After reading through it a couple of times, I began writing the outline for my speech in the margins of my bible. The story was about Hezekiah. I spent a couple of years sharing the chapter 36 account at Christian women’s clubs and eventually expanded the 20 minute speech into a 10 week study for the Sunday school class I teach, simply out of passion for Hezekiah’s story and what I was learning. One day, a woman at an event asked me, “Do you have a Bible study about this?” The Holy Spirit used that conversation to convict my heart to write it. I fought the Lord for quite some time before surrendering to the idea. I wasn’t convinced another bible study was necessary. FULL POST

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New book validates biblical version of Creation through comprehensive timeline of archaeological and scientific findings

Search for the Truth Publications will release their latest book entitled Brilliant: Made in the Image of God by the company’s founder, Bruce Malone. The coffee-table-sized hardcover uses a timeline of scientific and archaeological facts to validate that the Creation account of the Bible is accurate. Malone says the timeline makes this title unique among similar books.

“Most books on creation deal with the scientific evidence supporting the reality that we have a designer,” says Malone. “Brilliant places creation in a real biblical timeline of Earth's history. Cultures throughout the world are filled with mysteries which do not fit the pervasive evolutionary time-frame, but make perfect sense if the Biblical timeline of history is understood. Brilliant takes the Bible seriously and every page contains an artifact from some ancient culture testifying to the reality of these true events of history.” FULL POST

Posted 9/10/14 at 2:21 PM |

New YA Historical Fiction Novel Earns Early Accolades

The new Young Adult historical fiction novel,Fighting for Freedom and George Washington, has been named to the Mamie Eisenhower Library Project’s (MELP) Recommended Book List. The MELP is the National Federation of Republican Women’s oldest program, celebrating more than 45 years of book donations from an approved list to schools and libraries. Lee’s book will join a list of notable titles including America the Beautiful by Ben Carson, Lone Survivor by Marcus Luttrell and Patrick Robinson as well as another historical fiction novel for kids, Rush Revere and the Brave Pilgrims by Rush Limbaugh. Lee, an immigrant whose family escaped communist China, wrote the book because of his concern for what his kids were learning in school about American history.

“It became apparent to me that my kids were not learning enough about the glory of our country’s founding and the honor of our founding fathers in their history classes,” says Lee. “To remedy that, I tried to teach my children at home. But then I realized that a more effective way would be to put my teachings in the form of the kind of book they most enjoy reading-- adventure stories. I believe many immigrants who arrived here as children, as I did, do not take our freedoms for granted. As I grew older and learned about the atrocities that my parents escaped in Mao’s China, my own appreciation for America intensified. I literally thank God daily that I was blessed to grow up on American soil. However, I am acutely aware that my children and their entire generation may not have that same appreciation for our nation’s struggles and triumphs.” FULL POST

Posted 8/8/14 at 2:30 PM |

Major U.S. Company Partners With Renowned School Speaker to Counter Bullying and School Violence

Life Promotions, founded by international speaker and author Bob Lenz, is partnering with Lifetouch, the world’s largest employee-owned photography company, to supply Lenz’ new book entitled Dignity Revolution: Standing up for the value of every person, to 6000 middle schools around the nation. Co-authored with award-winning educator, Deborah Tackmann, Dignity Revolution is a culmination of Lenz’ three decades of leading assemblies in over 3000 public schools on the issues of bullying, self-harm, suicide and substance abuse. Since 1982, Lenz has reached an estimated four million youth in the U.S. and around the world.

“We are humbled and thrilled that Lifetouch has partnered with us to get this book into the hands of students and teachers around the nation,” says Lenz. “If you look at the number of addictions, cuttings, suicides, and school shootings, it can be discouraging. So how can we help this generation that seems to have so many opportunities before them, use those opportunities to their advantage in positive ways? That’s what I hope we can accomplish with the Dignity Revolution. The 8th and 9th grader is our core target group. We recognize we may not be able to stop all bullying, but we can teach kids how to stand up for themselves and not become victims of others, and how not to become bullies.” FULL POST

Posted 8/8/14 at 2:26 PM |

New Imprint to Offer Romance Novels That Promote Abstinence

Pelican Book Group, a division of Pelican Ventures, LLC, has announced the creation of its new imprint,Pure Amore, to launch books beginning in October. Pure Amore will be the first romance genre imprint to promote abstinence before marriage. Editor in Chief for Pelican, Nicola Martinez, says the content of the books will be something both Christians and non-Christians will embrace, but that there was a specific goal in mind while forming the new imprint.

“I wanted to produce something that would help young people to see how precious the gift of their virginity is to their future spouse,” says Martinez. “The truth is that each individual is worth waiting for and lovemaking is intended to create a bond with only one special person. To believe and act on this one truth will, across the board, increase self-worth and peer respect, strengthen marriages, cut the rate of unwanted pregnancy, and so many other things. As a Christian publisher that publishes romance—promotes lasting love between a man and a woman—I felt we could definitely do something to promote chastity.” FULL POST

Posted 11/7/13 at 2:26 PM |

New Holiday Release Features Chart-Topping Artists

Arrow Records Releases “Christmas in the City: The Deluxe Edition” featuring Canton Jones,
Ann Nesby, Shonlock, and Jeff Sparks

College Park, GA −Arrow Records has released Christmas in the City: Deluxe Edition, a collection of Christmas season favorites. First released in 2008, this third edition includes two new bonus tracks, “Silver Bells” and “Holiday Love.”

“We are excited about the newest collection of popular Christmas songs,” says Taffi Dollar, CEO of Arrow Records and co-pastor of World Changers Church International. “It gives our label a chance to showcase some of our top talent. But more importantly, it allows us an opportunity to keep the name of Jesus Christ alive at a time when shopping and holiday parties too easily crowd out the reason for the season.”

Chart-topping artists featured on the album include Shonlock, Canton Jones, Ann Nesby and Jeff Sparks. FULL POST

Posted 11/2/13 at 1:53 PM |

Real-life Partridge Family Releases Devotional

The new book, 101 Devotions for Busy Families (Carpenter’s Son/STL Distribution) by Tom Frye and the Frye Family Band has garnered endorsements from author Mary Beth Chapman, wife of Steven Curtis Chapman, as well as Caedmon’s Call member Andrew Osenga, and award-winning songwriter/producer Joe Beck. The book stems from the Frye family’s practical application of devotions, as well as their experience of homeschooling all three of their children since grade school.

“Having regular family devotions provides a sense of stability,” says Tom. “Over the years, we would read through scripture or a devotional and many times the text would speak directly to a need or situation, opening up opportunities for my wife Lisa and I to share in a very personal way with our children. Sometimes they would lead to the kids sharing thoughts or feelings which might have otherwise gone unspoken, and potentially festered beneath the surface. Devotions have brought not just the peace and stability of God's directing in our lives, but also helped build trust, understanding, and patience when dealing with those inside and outside our home. By practicing the discipline of leading our families in prayer and scripture reading, we model the importance of faithful leadership in our own homes.” FULL POST

Posted 8/21/13 at 12:37 PM |

Publisher announces Spanish version of book promoting unity between Evangelicals and Catholics

Creation House Publishers’ Spanish publishing division, Casa Creacion, has announced that the book The Stained Glass Curtain: Crossing the Evangelical-Catholic Divide to Find our Common Heritage by Father Dimitri Sala will be translated into Spanish for distribution this fall. La Cortina de Vitrales: Cuando Penetramos la División entre Evangélicos y Católicos para Encontrar Nuestro Patrimonio Común will be available November 2013 in the U.S. and January 2014 in international markets. Father Sala, a Franciscan Friar-Priest involved full-time in evangelical preaching and apostolic ministry, believes this book fits perfectly with the message of the new pope.

“Pope Francis was greatly involved with and respected by Evangelicals in Argentina,” says Sala, “and there is a sense that Argentina is on the point of a new springtime for evangelism among Catholics who haven’t personally responded to the Good News and for unity among Christians. This could be an effectual door for all of Latin America.” FULL POST

Posted 8/21/13 at 12:25 PM |

Non-Profit Announces Ambitious Project for the Impoverished Children of Israel

Israel children with Dr. Jeff

Israel Today Ministries has launched an ambitious goal for their annual Christmas project. After eleven years of helping feed the poorest children in Israel, the organization’s 2013 “Feed Israel’s Children” Hanukkah/Christmas Project is being launched to feed 250 children from both Jewish and Arab families for an entire 12 months. Last year, Israel Today was able to sustain over fifty children aged 3 to 7 years old. But founder, Dr. Jeffrey Johnson, says the need this year is overwhelming.

“No one understands the poverty of these kids unless they see if first-hand,” says Dr. Johnson, who often leads tours to the Holy Land. “These children come not only from impoverished homes, but also from abusive situations. They are sheltered five days per week where they receive two hot meals and a nutritious snack (which is more than they would get at home), educational enrichment and emotional support. Our efforts help children in both Jewish and Arab households." FULL POST

Posted 3/28/13 at 12:51 PM |

NRB Network Helps Believers Take on Tough Questions at Know Truth Apologetics Conference

Christians puzzled by tough and hotly-argued issues such as human origins, atheism, and more will find help in April as NRB Network brings together some of the nation's top Christian apologists for the Know Truth Apologetics Conference.

The conference is Saturday, April 13, 2013, from 9 am to 6 pm at Christ Church Nashville, which is sponsoring the event along with NRB Network.

Attendees will find insights and answers from leading Christian apologists who will address these topics:

-Ray Bohlin, Ph.D., a Discovery Institute Fellow, on "Evidence for Design in Biology"

-William Dembski, Ph.D., a leading intelligent design thinker, on "The Scientific & Cultural Impact of Intelligent Design"

-Stuart McAllister, an apologist for Ravi Zacharias International Ministries, on "The Question of Meaning"

-Alex McFarland, an author and popular apologetics speaker, on "What You'll Hear Your Freshman Year"

-Frank Turek, president of, on "Why I Don't Have Enough Faith to Be an Atheist"

-Dan Scott, Senior Pastor at Christ Church Nashville, on "Why Apologetics is Important to the Believer & The Church" FULL POST

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