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Posted 6/22/11 at 5:29 PM | WinePress Publishing

Someone's Son: A Mother's Fight for Her Gay, Drug-Addicted Son

Life's path was rocky for Brenda Rhodes and her two children. Though their trials did not defeat them, drug addiction almost did. From the onset of her son's destructive behavior, Ms. Rhodes prayed that he would turn back to God and be healed—that mother and son would eventually be able to counsel others with similar challenges. Although her son's life on earth is over, this book is a giant step in that direction. Prayer works! The true successes and temporal failures of family life are honestly portrayed in this poignant story of broken homes, substance abuse, regret, and finally but most importantly, redemption.

Veteran freelance writer and editor, Marlene McCurley, has worked in field of Christian education for more than fifteen years.

Book Details:

Someone's Son: A Mother's Fight for Her Gay, Drug Addicted Son by Brenda Rhodes
WinePress Publishing
ISBN 13: 978-1-60615-017-7
ISBN 10: 1-60615017-0
204 pages
E-book also available

Posted 12/22/10 at 7:12 PM | WinePress Publishing

Book Review: In Search of Truth in Mormon Doctrine - One Woman's Quest

A Mormon's Unexpected Journey, Volume II, Finding the Grace I Never Knew
by Carma Naylor

Expecting to be a faithful, lifelong Latter-day Saint, no one was more surprised than Carma Naylor when she discovered apparent inaccuracies in Mormon doctrine. This second installment in the chronicle of Mrs. Naylor's quest for truth was prompted by a family crisis which compelled her to question long-held beliefs, and she found Christianity—not Mormonism—had the answers. This is a dynamic, personal story and can be a powerful tool to compare Mormonism and Christianity via real-life dialogues and specific references to the Book of Mormon and the Holy Bible. Respectful, yet direct in her opposition, Mrs. Naylor's sincerity in recounting her journey is heartfelt and genuine.

Veteran freelance writer and editor, Marlene McCurley, has worked in field of Christian education for more than fifteen years. FULL POST

Posted 11/25/10 at 12:26 PM | WinePress Publishing

Strange, shocking, and true: Dying wife confesses thirty-one year web of lies to husband

His wife’s deception started with a “telephone date”––and it continued for more than thirty years.

If his book were a fictional account, Jim Marr’s story in It Was Out of Love: A True Love Story of Deception, Grace, and Forgiveness (WinePress Publishing Group, 2010) is so preposterous that a reader might not even believe it.

But Marr’s story is true. Even before he met her face-to-face, his future wife Melissa successfully deceived Marr about virtually everything in her life history, even her name. Years later, if Melissa had not been terminally ill and wanting to clear her conscience, Jim says it’s likely that he still would not know who Melissa really was.

Marr begins his memoir of their thirty-one year relationship at the beginning, in 1975. He was a nineteen-year-old electronics specialist stationed with the Air Force in Missouri. His buddy Bob approached him one day.

“Guess what, Jim, your picture got over to this girl in Kansas. You need to give her a call sometime.” FULL POST

Posted 4/2/10 at 2:02 PM | WinePress Publishing

"Seeing God at Work-Profile of Author Karen Allen" by Jeanette Hanscome

Karen Allen has learned firsthand that God prepares us for future journeys, particularly those that have the potential to grow and change us, and equip us to impact others. Karen's years in cancer research became personal on January 31, 2003 when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Before that day she saw the heartbreak of the disease on a daily basis. She marveled at patients that walked through the lab for treatments and blood work yet still managed to be pleasant. How did they do it? Karen now sees how. She also recognizes that God used her career to prepare her mind and heart.

Growing up in a Christian home and accepting Christ at age seven, God had always been part of Karen's life. A month before her diagnosis she was reading Bruce Wilkinson's Secrets of the Vine. The book talks about God's process of pruning His people in order to produce a greater yield of fruit through them. She deeply desired to bear more fruit and knew that in order to do this, God would need to prune her. She prayed for Him to increase her faith. When she received her diagnosis she knew God was at work. During her treatment Karen kept a journal, recording what God taught her and communicated to her during each stage. She sent e-mail updates to friends and later discovered that many found the messages so encouraging that they forwarded them on to others. That's when the idea of putting her journey into a book came.

"I was so resistant at first," Karen admits. "I kept asking God, ‘Who am I to write a book? I'm not a writer. Why me?'" Then a thought came to her-"Why not me?" God used all kinds of people. She began drawing from her old journal and the biblical insight that she gained, only to lose the journal. The loss left her wondering if the book was supposed to happen after all. "I prayed, ‘God, you'll have to give me a sign if this is a possibility.'" That's when a friend who had been receiving her e-mail updates sent one of those "Have you ever thought of putting all of this in a book" messages. That sealed it. God wanted her to write. FULL POST

Posted 12/18/09 at 11:54 AM | WinePress Publishing

Rediscover the Reason for the Season: Poem Reflects on the Night AFTER Christmas

With the familiar cadence of its much-loved predecessor, The Night After Christmas at first draws the reader back to childhood, and to imagining the sound of reindeer on the roof. Very soon, however, this contemporary collection of poetic couplets scrutinizes post-holiday exhaustion, mounting credit card debt, unrealistic expectations, and the lack of devotion paid to the Child whose birthday the holiday should celebrate. The relevance of the message, the read-aloud nature of the text, and the photo-like quality of the illustrations will make this light-hearted look at a serious topic a new Christmas tradition for stressed out families everywhere.

Read more about Jim and see him recite his poem on his website at

Freelance writer and editor for the past ten years, Marlene McCurley has also served in the field of Christian education for more than fifteen years. FULL POST

Posted 11/9/09 at 2:24 PM | WinePress Publishing

Living for the Kingdom: A Profile of Steve Schaefer by Jeanette Hanscome

If you have ever prayed "thy kingdom come...," then Living in the Overlap is must reading for you. Sharing his own journey, yet in a strong biblical framework, Steve invites us all to enter, understand, and grow in the Kingdom of and now! Thanks, Steve.

Terry Meeuwsen
Co-host, The 700 Club

Because of his fascination with Scripture and its message, Steve Schaefer has repeatedly explored the land of the Bible. His experiences include hot-air ballooning over eerie Cappadocian rock formations in Turkey, trekking through the ancient "rose red" city of Petra in Jordan, sloshing through Hezekiah's serpentine aqueduct in Israel, and scaling Jebel Musa (traditionally identified as Mount Sinai) in Egypt. But he now invites readers to embark on a different kind of biblical adventure in his new book, Living in the Overlap: How Jesus' Kingdom Proclamation Can Transform Your World.
He grew up in a Christian home and accepted Jesus as his Savior at age ten. His family attended a small Baptist church in Pennsylvania. But when he got involved with the Christian youth group Campus Life in high school, he met kids whose love for Jesus blew him away. Their faith in God helped them cope with everything from taking tests to losing loved ones. He began to want what they had.

Shortly after midnight on New Year's Day of his sophomore year he made a decision that changed his life.

"I watched the ball drop in Times Square on television as we rang in the new year, and I felt that this was a time for a new beginning," he says. "I got out my Bible and came to John 8:36 which says, ‘So if the Son sets you free, you will indeed be free' (LB). I wanted the freedom I had seen in my Christian friends. So I got on my knees and told God I wanted him to be in the driver's seat of my life." That began his adult life of faith. FULL POST

Posted 10/6/09 at 1:57 PM | WinePress Publishing

New Tool in the Fight Against Mental Illness

 Have you or a friend been diagnosed with a mental illness? How should you feel? What does this mean? Will anyone look at you the same again?

"Lord, I just found out I am a person with a mental illness." So begins the first of thirty-one poignant devotional thoughts compiled by Evelyn Geisler on coping with the diagnosis, treatment, and day-to-day challenges of living with mental disorders. Each daily reflection brings the reader an increased sense of comfort and peace that comes from meditation on God's word, prayer, and knowing that someone else empathizes. Also included are helpful sections on goal-setting, diet troubleshooting, and budgeting. An encouragement to those who suffer from mental illness and their loves ones, Touched by God may leave the reader wanting more-more devotions for next month and the month after that. FULL POST

Posted 9/9/09 at 12:12 PM | WinePress Publishing

Age-Appropriate Grief Resource for Children

The Day Sad Arrived by Kathleen Sawyer

Illustrated by T. J. Taylor Frey
Pleasant Word

ISBN 13: 978-1-4141-1219-6
IBSN 10: 1-4141-1217-3

The day his uncle died is the day Sad arrived in Eric's life, looking a lot like a huge, blue hound dog. Eric's life began to turn sideways. He didn't enjoy skateboarding anymore, and he found himself "in a nothing place, where nothing is and nothing feels nothing." In his visits with a counselor, Eric learns to combat his depression and that it's OK to be mad at God - He knows, He cares, He can handle it. Richly illustrated, The Day Sad Arrived gently but effectively deals with the sensitive subject of adolescent grief and would greatly benefit children and adults suffering loss as well as those who counsel them.


Posted 8/25/09 at 1:56 PM | WinePress Publishing

Book Review: The Race - From Pit Row to Victory Lane by Rick Lemons

Get ready race car fans!

The Apostle Paul likened the Christian journey to that of a race; author Rick Lemons takes it up a notch and compares it to one of the most popular races of our generation: NASCAR. And just as Jesus used culturally relevant subjects to teach spiritual truths, Lemons also references the ordinary (pit crew) to represent the extraordinary (relationship with other believers).

Divided into two sections, Pit Stops and Pitfalls, Lemons successfully equips his readers with tangible tools for the road of life. Inspiring and encouraging along the way, The Race emphasizes the joy experienced during the journey and not just a victorious finish. FULL POST

Posted 8/3/09 at 12:25 PM | WinePress Publishing

Never Alone: Ex-Wives of Pastors Offers Insights on How to Cope with Adultery and Abuse by Diane Stortz

At first Yvonne Partyka and Joanne Klinger might have thought they had only cancer in common: Yvonne had resigned her church-secretary job to deal with the aftereffects of breast cancer, and Joanne had recently relocated to be near a daughter fighting a malignant brain tumor.

But as Yvonne trained Joanne to take over her position and the two women began to get to know each other, they realized they had something else in common:

both had been married to pastors who committed adultery and were abusive.

At the time they met, Yvonne had been married to her second husband for eight years and Joanne was recently divorced. Slowly, talking about their experiences with someone else who understood, the two created a strong friendship. FULL POST

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