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Author’s Supernatural Fiction Breaks All the Molds

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James L. Rubart entertains and challenges audiences with his new thriller, Soul’s Gate

Ever since author James L. Rubart read The Chronicles of Narnia in the seventh grade, he has been enthralled with supernatural and fantastic stories. Because of his love for being swept away by a story that goes beyond ordinary, everyday life, and gives him hope while opening his mind to ideas he never dreamed possible, he writes. This passion is sure to shine through with his latest book, Soul’s Gate (Thomas Nelson/November 6, 2012/ISBN: 978-1-4016-8605-5/$15.99). In this new release, Rubart poses the question: What if you could send your spirit inside other people’s souls to fight for their freedom?

“Toni Morrison says, ‘If there's a book that you want to read, but it hasn't been written yet, then you must write it.’ That’s what I’ve done and why I’m writing supernatural fiction,” says Rubart. Supernatural fiction is a term that covers a wide spectrum of genres, but when Rubart wrote his first book, publishers weren’t sure where he fit in. He has since been able to carve out his own niche. “For me it’s taking ordinary contemporary settings and interjecting the extraordinary into them. If you look at the Bible, it’s full of science fiction, fantasy, and speculative type stories. The difference is the tales in the Bible are true. What I do is take those fantastic things in the Bible and turn them into a story in our modern world.”

Rubart’s novels entertain readers while challenging them to reexamine their own lives. Soul’s Gate explores healing from our deepest wounds and embracing God’s calling for our lives — challenges that often have a strong hold over us. Ultimately, as with all of Rubart’s previous releases, the core theme of freedom runs deep. “I want people to finish Soul’s Gate and be freer than when they picked it up. Freedom from their past, freedom from their brokenness, freedom to step into their God designed destiny,” Rubart shares.

Soul’s Gate poses the question: what if you could travel inside another person’s soul? What if you could battle for them and be a part of Jesus healing their deepest wounds? Thirty years ago, that’s exactly what Reece Roth did—until tragedy shattered his life and ripped away his destiny. Now God has drawn Reece out of the shadows to fulfill a decades-old prophecy about four warriors with the potential to change the world. In order to fulfill God’s plan, Reece will have to face his deepest regret in order to train them.

Reece stood and faced the group. “Every now and then we get a break from reality. A glimpse into the other world that is more real than the reality we live in 99 percent of our days. The Bible is about a world of demons and angels and great evil and even greater glory. A world the prophets saw; the world Enoch, and Elijah, and Paul, and John the apostle all saw. A world that is all around us in every moment if we would have eyes to see and ears to hear.”

The group gathers at a secluded and mysterious ranch deep in the mountains of Colorado where they will learn to see the spiritual world around them with stunning clarity and how to step into the supernatural as powerfully as anyone in the Bible did. The four have a destiny to battle for a freedom even Reece doesn’t fully fathom. However, they have an enemy determined to destroy them — one who will stop at nothing to keep them from their quest for true freedom and the coming battle of souls.

There’s no doubt that Rubart has found his niche. In addition to a strong following of readers, his previous releases have garnered critical acclaim and have risen to the top of best-seller lists. His first novel, Rooms (2010), won a Best Books 2011 award from USA Book News, as well as a Romantic Times Book Reviews Reviewers Choice Award.

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About the Author

James L. Rubart is a professional marketer, speaker, and writer. While being the owner of Barefoot Marketing certainly keeps him on his toes, his passion is writing fiction.

Rubart is an ECPA best-selling author who has been positively reviewed by both Publisher’s Weekly and Romantic Times. His first novel, Rooms, won a Best Books 2011 award from USA Book News, as well as a Romantic Times Book Reviews Reviewers Choice Award. His debut release was followed by Book of Days and The Chair. Soul’s Gate is Rubart’s fourth release.

In addition to being an author, Rubart is also a photographer, guitarist, professional speaker, golfer and semi-pro magician. With all of this, he says that he barely sleeps. Rubart lives with his wife and sons in the Pacific Northwest.

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