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Gifted by God

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Artist Ron DiCianni shares Scripture with millions

through his remarkable, heart-transforming paintings.

© Excerpted from the article written by Lisa Sloan for

Significant Living magazine’s November/December 2010 issue.

During this season, acclaimed painter Ron DiCianni is especially aware that God has not only graced him with artistic talent, but with a far more powerful gift—that of eternal life. Through his works, which are visual representations of Gospel truths, he aims to share the message of God’s wondrous love.

And so, while traditional artistic renderings of the Nativity feature a cherubic baby cradled in the arms of His beatific mother or tucked into a manger surrounded by gentle animals, Ron has chosen to portray a slightly different view, explaining, “We tend to forget that Jesus was born to die. His birth was really more for Easter than for Christmas.”

His painting Holding Heaven, for example, depicts the first time Joseph held his infant son. Though he gazes upon his child with the tenderness and amazement one would expect of any new father, there is something far deeper there, for he is aware that Jesus has a higher calling. While Joseph wonders what this child will do to save the world, we know the rest of the story, which is why this poignant painting, and Ron’s other Scripture-inspired works, have touched the hearts and lives of so many.

Bringing Others to Christ

Over the years, Ron has received hundreds of letters, e-mails, and faxes in which people share how his paintings have ministered to them, including a young mother who had been contemplating suicide and family members of those who were killed on 9/11.

It is Ron’s hope that his works will bring viewers to know Christ. In fact, he considers that a far greater accomplishment than any of the many accolades he has received. “It’s how I preach and communicate the Gospel to others, and there is no greater joy than knowing that people saw God in my work,” he says.


As he approaches the Christmas season, Ron, a father of two sons and grandpa to a grandson and two granddaughters, shares his concern about what messages we may be communicating to our families about the importance of Christ’s coming. Concerned that the commercial focus on Christmas is overshadowing its true meaning, turning it to merely an occasion for parties, shopping, and time off work he asks, “What is Christmas without Christ? What if you had a son who gave his life to save a group of people and, somewhere along the line, people stopped giving him credit? God lost a son once. For God so loved the world He gave His son.”

… This is how Ron lives his life: never forgetting the gift of God’s son and the gift of art He has bestowed on him. That’s why Ron continues to hone his talent and use it in God’s service, something he believes all of us must do. He finds tremendous joy in what the Lord has accomplished through the work of his hands. “God continues to do this—and I stand on the sidelines, watching the parade go by and cheering it on. The smartest thing I ever did was to say ‘yes’ to God.”

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