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How can we better equip churches for the next generation?

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E-Squared Media Network will host a free, one hour webinar on Tuesday, September 15 at 11:00 amPacific/2:00 pm Eastern time called “Effectively Equipping Our Churches.” The seminar will feature several podcasters from the E-Squared Media Network including Dave Murrow, Jana Doughty, Matt Tague, along with special guest, Joel Weldon. The webinar will be live via, Twitter @e2medianetwork, and The webinar is free, but registration is required at

The webinar will include discussions about millennials and the church—are they leaving and are their parents the problem? Worship styles, including using masculine and feminine music/imagery, will be part of the conversation, along with men’s ministry challenges and male vs. female leadership. Additionally, small church vs. mega-church trends and concerns will also be a topic.

In the past year, the E² Media Network has grown its audience over 70%. With a current total of 23 podcasters from eight states, the E² Media Network houses over 1000 free podcasts and videos from well-known Christian communicators such as comedians Jeff Allen and Daren Streblow, Pastor Matt Tague, producer Jefferson Drexler, speakers and authors Pam Rohr and Dave Murrow, just to name a few. All content is offered free to individuals and churches with integrated tools to ensure consistent, high quality delivery. Podcasts range in issues from parenting to church dynamics to addiction recovery to a variety of other current issues that broadcasters tackle from a Christian viewpoint. E-Squared Media is also a content provider for which has more than six million unique monthly visitors.

About E-Squared Media Network:

The vision of the E² Media Network is to engage and influence today’s culture with a Godly perspective by providing media for Christians, churches and the “Christ-curious.” The E² Media Network is headquartered at North County Media Center in North San Diego County in California. The studio houses high-end, professional recording equipment for video and audio podcasts, a full array of lighting equipment, a sound stage, post production workstations, and professional staff. For more information, visit

Webinar speakers:

Dave Murrow host of “Church For Men” podcast
David Murrow is director of Church for Men, an organization dedicated to restoring a healthy, life-giving masculine spirit in Christian congregations. He is the author of Why Men Hate Going to Church, an inspirational bestseller with more than 125,000 copies in print. He is the former Director of Communications for the Alaska Governor’s Office, where he served with Governor Sarah Palin. Murrow has a degree in Anthropology from Baylor University. He lives in Chugiak, Alaska.

Matt Tague host of “Ouxano” podcast
Matt Tague is the 30:40 and Family Pastor of North Coast Calvary Chapel in Carlsbad, California. His first book is entitled, Read the Word: The Bible Was Written for You, and his blog and other insights can be found at

Jana Elizabeth Doughty host of “Confessions of a Closet Christian” podcast
Jana Elizabeth Doughty is an artist from Edinburgh, United Kingdom. As an actress, she has performed internationally, Off-Broadway, and locally to the Baltimore/DC area. She is the Founder of Red Connect Online, a social media marketing company that creates customized advertising campaigns for small businesses.

Joel Weldon
Joel Weldon has written a diverse collection in his life’s work, now spanning more than 2 decades. Mainstream Christian rock; moving story ballads; passionate songs of worship; even composing music for five PBS documentaries and jingles for corporations such as Caterpillar. His music has been featured on CMT ( Country Music Television), Promise Keepers, Harvest Crusades with Greg Laurie, Franklin Graham Crusades, Young Life International, and churches have used his worship songs across the USA and around the world, including songs licensed to WORD Records, Maranatha Music, Vineyard Music, Willow Creek Association, and many others. He has led worship for audiences of all sizes, from the smallest of churches to 20,000 strong Festivals (UnityMusicFestival) and Luis Palau Crusades across the USA. From the ’90′s at Hume Lake Christian Camps, to his current role as ‘Artist-in-Residence’ at Revival Christian Fellowship in So Cal, Joel has led worship in numerous roles.

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