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New book by former New Age follower says most Christians are not equipped to battle spiritual warfare

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A Barna Research study indicates that a majority of Christians do not believe Satan is a living being, yet in the same study, 69% of Christians do believe that people can be under the influence of demons or evil spirits. It is this dichotomy of beliefs among Christians that author, speaker, and radio host Eric Barger says is creating a generation of young people who are unaware of the concepts of evil and spiritual warfare, and are subsequently, falling under demonic influences. In his latest book, “Disarming the Powers of Darkness: Fearless Conquerors in Spiritual Warfare” (Aneko Press), Barger says that Christians today are often ill-equipped to know how to handle blatant Satanic activity in our culture.

“In a church culture replete with ‘feel good’ sermons that are often light on substance, many Christians are unaware of the Bible’s emphasis on this life-long spiritual struggle,” says Barger, who co-wrote the book with David Benoit. “Others have a mistaken, unrealistic desire to be permanently immune from knowing about, being subject to, or participating in spiritual warfare. The fact is, as long as we’re here on earth, we are going to be in the arena of spiritual warfare. And not enough pastors today are willing to give their congregations the tools necessary to deal with a culture that is saturated in the occult.”

Barger has knowledge of the occult first-hand. Early in his life, he was following New Age practices and was even in a relationship with a practicing witch who dabbled in candle magic and astrology. His self-professed lifestyle of sex, drugs and rock-n-roll came to a halt after his wife (who had been exploring witchcraft herself) received Christ. Barger began to see a drastic change in her life, and later became a Christian himself. That was 35 years ago. Now, an ordained minister, Barger has spoken at conferences and churches across North America, offering personal insights and practical guidance on the influence that Satan, demons, and the occult have on our society today.

“There is a craving for fear in our culture,” says Barger. “We want to be afraid and get that adrenaline rush. I think that's why horror movies are so popular today. Can you see a movie like that and still be a Christian? Of course. But we have to examine ourselves and understand how subtle the seduction of the occult can be. We need to ask ourselves, does a righteous God who loves us beyond any understanding want us to embrace images or entertainment based on the realm from which Jesus died to free us?”

Barger also believes that church leaders have neglected the one thing that is central to spiritual warfare – teaching biblical essentials.

“When we ignore the teaching of the historic central doctrines of the faith, which have been passed on to us by the apostles, the early church fathers, and Jesus Christ himself, we will have little effectiveness or lasting victory in spiritual warfare. Disagreement and confusion about these issues exist because of the large doctrinal void in the lives of many who, by doing little more than claiming the name of Christ, are ensnared in an ongoing battle with satanic forces. We must find out what the Bible teaches, read it, learn it, and hang on to it. Victory over demonic entities is simply not possible without a complete understanding of God’s Word.”
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About Eric Barger:
After spending two decades as a record producer, rock musician, drug addict, and practicing New Ager, Eric Barger is now widely recognized in the area of Christian Apologetics and Discernment Ministry. Through his best-selling books, video productions, and the Take A Stand! Seminars, he has sought to refute unscriptural ecumenism, universalism, the curious normalization of Mormonism, Islam, New Age philosophy, and other aberrant religious systems inside Christianity. He is an ordained minister with United Evangelical Churches, and serves as the co-host of Understanding The Times with Jan Markell currently airing on over 800 radio stations each week.

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