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New book helps believers overcome "spiritual vertigo"

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In his new book, “Overcoming Spiritual Vertigo” (CLC Publications), Dr. Dwayne Mercer points out that, according to recent research, only 13% of the millennial generation consider any type of spirituality to be important in their lives. Mercer says this is a symptom of a larger problem—what he describes as a disconnect between what people have been taught about God and the experiences they are having in their lives.

“Physical vertigo is a condition where your brain cannot process what your eyes are seeing,” says Mercer. “Spiritual vertigo is a state where your faith cannot process what you see, hear, or experience. You know what the Bible says, but real life seems to contradict what you believe.”

Recommended by leaders such as Dr. Johnny Hunt, former president of the Southern Baptist Convention as well as Michael Catt, Executive Producer of Sherwood Pictures, “Overcoming Spiritual Vertigo” addresses central issues where Christians struggle with faith, and often, give up their faith altogether. Using examples from his own life, Mercer helps identify factors that lead people to lose their faith, offering them tools to regain an understanding of what true Christianity is all about.

“Faith stands between the no longer and the not yet,” says Mercer. “Our greatest struggle is how God relates to us. Developing a better understanding of how He is working in our lives, and His purpose for that work, will help us in our faith journey.”

Mercer has served as Pastor of CrossLife Church in Oviedo, Florida since 1993. During that time, the church has grown from 650 to 5000 members, and over 4000 new believers have been baptized. He has seen people from all walks of life gain new perspectives on God in the most difficult of circumstances.

“If we believe God’s world revolves around us, disappointment is inevitable,” explains Mercer. “There are many expectations people have that are built on assumption and perceived promises that are not biblically-based. God is not on trial for His performance. In order to overcome spiritual vertigo, we must change how we view faith. We need to learn how to see life from God’s perspective.”

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