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New book offers Christians a faith-building and definitive guide to answer atheistic questions

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A recent Barna research study confirmed that Americans are becoming more inclined to dismiss the concept of a Creator. The study showed that one in four un-churched adults are either atheists or agnostics. Twenty years ago, 18 percent of skeptics were under 30 years old. Today that proportion has nearly doubled to 34 percent—nearly one-quarter of the total U.S. population. Christians are increasingly exposed to greater antagonism and arguments against faith in Christ and Scripture. In his new book, God The Reason: How Infinite Excellence Gives Unbreakable Faith, theologian Craig Biehl offers Christians a definitive guide on how to grow in faith and answer the most sophisticated arguments of unbelievers.

“Barna’s findings confirm what pastors and parents have known for some time,” says Dr. Biehl, who earned his PhD from Westminster Theological Seminary. “The influence of Christianity on our culture is diminishing. But to blame unbelief on a lack of effective arguments for Christianity would be too simplistic. Many of the crowds who witnessed Christ’s miracles had plenty of evidence and arguments, yet shouted for His death. All people live in a sea of compelling evidence, but deny the clear display of God’s power and genius from a refusal to bow the knee to their Creator. Nonetheless, increasing skepticism not only calls Christians to a more authentic and Christ-like life, but to a greater understanding of the faith assumptions of unbelief, the defensibility of Christian belief, and the infinite excellence of the God of Scripture. Too often our lack of faith and understanding of key issues of faith and unbelief serve to reinforce the rejection of Christ and Christianity.”

Biehl says the main themes in God The Reason boil down to three concepts: 1) without the God of Scripture, life and the world are reduced to pointless absurdity; 2) we are created and sustained by God, and depend on Him for all things, including life, knowledge, truth, meaning, purpose, and a moral code for life; and 3) the infinite excellence of God is the source of the believer’s joy, comfort, and faith in the face of any opposition, circumstance, or deep and dark troubles and mysteries.

God The Reason along with Biehl’s recently re-released book The Box: Answering the Faith of Unbelief are part of the Unbreakable Faith online course available to all Christians ages 14 or older, with an add-on module for homeschool credit. Biehl has developed this curriculum over a 15 year period, teaching it at the church, college, and seminary level. Biehl says the Unbreakable Faith course “explores the infinite excellence of God’s perfections, exposes unbelief as irrational and unscientific blind faith, demonstrates the impossibility of life and the universe apart from God, and boosts joy, comfort, and faith in the face of the most sophisticated attacks of unbelief.”

Biehl hopes God The Reason offers believers a practical and encouraging resource to "easily see the reasonable, defensible, and inspiring nature of the Christian faith in an increasingly skeptical world."

“I hope this book offers readers immunity to the most sophisticated arguments of unbelief, a deeper joy and faith in Christ and Scripture, and a greater ability to show the necessity of Christ and Scripture for knowledge, truth, meaning, and eternal life. Ultimately, I hope readers find a deeper, more profound understanding of God’s infinite excellence, whether in the face of prosperity or our deepest and darkest troubles."

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