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Non-Profit Announces Ambitious Project for the Impoverished Children of Israel

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Israel children with Dr. Jeff

Israel Today Ministries has launched an ambitious goal for their annual Christmas project. After eleven years of helping feed the poorest children in Israel, the organization’s 2013 “Feed Israel’s Children” Hanukkah/Christmas Project is being launched to feed 250 children from both Jewish and Arab families for an entire 12 months. Last year, Israel Today was able to sustain over fifty children aged 3 to 7 years old. But founder, Dr. Jeffrey Johnson, says the need this year is overwhelming.

“No one understands the poverty of these kids unless they see if first-hand,” says Dr. Johnson, who often leads tours to the Holy Land. “These children come not only from impoverished homes, but also from abusive situations. They are sheltered five days per week where they receive two hot meals and a nutritious snack (which is more than they would get at home), educational enrichment and emotional support. Our efforts help children in both Jewish and Arab households."

Since its inception, Israel Today Ministries has provided over 70,000 meals to the impoverished people of Israel and the West Bank. Their mission has a threefold purpose, according to Dr. Johnson: 1) Teach the Christian Church about the importance of Israel; 2) Teach Israel about Jesus as Messiah; and 3) Feed those impoverished in Israel.

“The Bible is quite clear on a Christian’s responsibility toward the Jewish people,” says Dr. Johnson. "Jesus told us in Matthew 25 when we give to the least of these, and He specifically noted ‘my brethren,’ then we are giving to the Lord Himself. In Genesis 12, the bible says when we bless Israel, we, ourselves, are blessed.”

Dr. Jeffrey Johnson

Dr. Jeffrey Johnson is a humanitarian, author, and sought-after lecturer on Jewish roots and Bible Prophecy. He was a pastor for over 17 years and received his Master’s Degree from Moody Bible Institute and his Doctorate from Louisiana Baptist University. He did post-Doctoral research at the University of South Africa. He is a member of the American Society of Church History as well as Evangelical Theological Society. Dr. Johnson recently spoke for a group of students at Harvard University. He has authored several books including God Was There, Childhood of Jesus, and Life After Death: What Happens Next? His latest book, The Moses Papers, will be released this fall.

For more information on Israel Today Ministries and how to support the “Feed Israel’s Children” Project, visit

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