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Posted 6/24/09 at 2:25 PM | Audra Jennings

The King's Legacy: A Story of the Wisdom of the Ages

The King's Legacy by Jim Stovall
The King's Legacy by Jim Stovall

Best-selling author Jim Stovall's classic parable returns in an updated gift edition

From the best-selling author of the The Ultimate Gift, now a major motion picture, comes an ageless tale with a profound message: Sometimes wisdom is where you least expect it. This summer, Jim Stovall's classic parable, The King's Legacy: A Story of the Wisdom of the Ages (David C Cook, June 2009), will return in an updated, revised gift edition. Featuring an enhanced look and new illustrations, this simple, insightful story is perfect for readers of all ages.

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, there was an enchanted kingdom ruled by a benevolent and much-loved king who, through his uncommon wisdom and insight, led his people through many difficult times to a period of peace, prosperity, and happiness such as the kingdom had never known.

Now, nearing the end of his reign, the king longs to leave a lasting legacy for his people. What would be a fitting memorial to his time on the throne? A monument to rival the pyramids of Egypt? A gold coin bearing his likeness? A colossal statue carved in his image? No, such an enlightened ruler would choose a very different kind of memorial.

But then the king has a remarkable idea: To discover the most profound words of wisdom in the world. So the king invites citizens from all walks of life and all corners of the realm to share with him the best of their life lessons. Farmers and physicians, hunters and historians, jesters and judges-all come before the monarch. From the wisdom that they share, the king will select the one bit that surpasses all the others, wisdom that will be passed around the world, wisdom that will benefit all people from all lands, forever: the Wisdom of the Ages.

But as the king hears from more and more of his subjects, he becomes worried and restless. From so much profound and wonderful wisdom, how will he discern the Wisdom of the Ages? How will he know when he has found it? The answer comes in a form that no one, from the king to the lowliest peasant, could expect. For the greatest wisdom comes from the most unexpected of places....

Author Bio
Jim Stovall is former a national Olympic champion weightlifter, president of the Emmy Award-winning Narrative Television Network, and a highly sought after author and platform speaker. For his work in making television accessible to our nation's 13 million blind and visually impaired people, The President's Committee on Equal Opportunity selected Jim Stovall as the Entrepreneur of the Year. Jim was also honored as the International Humanitarian of the Year, joining previous recipients Mother Teresa and Nancy Reagan. He is the author of the best-selling book The Ultimate Gift, now a major motion picture.

The King's Legacy: A Story of the Wisdom of the Ages by Jim Stovall
David C Cook/June 2009/ISBN: 978-1-434765-93-2/144 pages/softcover/$12.99 ~

Posted 6/23/09 at 7:24 PM | Audra Jennings

Kids Serving Kids

Give your kids a hands-on mission project and a chance to serve needy children around the world

What do think about when you read headlines about economic hardships, natural disasters, and politically charged conflict? Circumstances like these set families and entire communities reeling, and few people are affected as profoundly as the children involved. How do the littlest victims cope with the changes and uncertainty around them? And what can the church do to reach out specifically to these little ones?

Group Publishing, the premier publishers of children's Bible curriculum including Sunday school and VBS, believes that some of the best ministers to children experiencing disaster and hardship are other children. That's why they have created a program called Operation Kid-to-Kid (OK2K), which partners with nondenominational Christian ministries like International Bible Society and World Vision to provide opportunities for children in North America to share God's love with other children in difficult or disastrous situations. Since its inception ten years ago, Operation Kid-to-Kid projects have impacted millions of kids all over the world.

"Operation Kid-to-Kid is a great way to teach kids compassion and service," says Joani Schultz, cofounder of Group and OK2K. "Children learn by doing. It's one thing to drop a nickel in the offering plate, but when kids make a gift with their own hands, when they can be creative and personal, this leaves a real impression on both the givers and the receivers."

Q: What is Operation Kid-to-KidTM?
A: Operation Kid-to-KidTM is a partnership of Group Publishing, Inc. and nondenominational Christian organizations dedicated to creating hands-on service projects for children in North America. Operation Kid-to-KidTM projects have ministered to kids all over the world. Over the years, Group's Operation Kid-to-KidTM has become one of the largest forces mobilizing children in serving other children around the world. Millions have been impacted with gifts of comfort critters, school supplies, Bibles, hygiene kits, Christmas gifts, Bible coloring books, and socks and shoes. Operation Kid-to-KidTM gives children a meaningful service project that will change their hearts as they help change the world.

Q: What is a Comfort Critter? Where do I get the Comfort Critters?
A: Comfort Critters are adorable, easy-to-assemble crafts designed especially for kids to make and receive. Custom-made Comfort Critters are available from Group and Group suppliers. This year's special critter is a cuddly little turtle that reads "God Cares" and features a pocket so each child can include a special message to another child in need.

Q: We all want to teach our kids about God's compassion. Why are the Operation Kid-to-KidTM Comfort Critters so effective for this purpose?
A: Children learn by doing. While activities like collecting spare change definitely serve a good purpose, it's hard for young children, who don't really understand the value of money yet, to understand how the money they collect will minister to other children. But all children know what it's like to be scared or lonely. They know how a teddy bear, stuffed animal, or blankie makes them feel better. As they use their own hands to make these little turtles, they are creating personal, tangible expressions of compassion. The handy sewn in pocket gives them the opportunity to send a message from their own hearts. And because they make two turtles-one to give away and one to keep-they will have a touchable reminder that other children are struggling and in need of compassion and comfort.

Q: How many Comfort Critters will I need?
A: You will need two for each child participating-one for them to keep, and one to give away.

Q: Can I use a different Comfort Critter for our church service project?
A: Not if you are distributing it through International Bible Society for disaster relief. They're counting on receiving these Comfort Critters with the special message of God's love. IBS has learned it's important that items distributed to children should be identical. No child should feel less special because his or her Comfort Critter doesn't look like the others.

Q: Do I have to send my Comfort Critters to the International Bible Society for distribution?
A: Feel free to tweak your Operation Kid-to-KidTM program. You can use your Comfort Critters as a local community service project-or send the items with your church mission team.

Q: Besides the Comfort Critters, what other Operation Kid-to-KidTM projects can my group participate in?
A: There are so many ways to involve children in ministry throughout the year. Through the Rome VBS program, you can send monthly Bible readers to children in the underground church around the world. Since it is dangerous for these children to own a Bible, these comic book-style readers offer much needed encouragement.

The Operation Kid-to-Kid Prayer Bear missions program warms hearts and minds and allows children to share the joy of God's love. Kids will learn what it means to help others as they create a Prayer Bear that says "Jesus" in English, Spanish, and French. Plus, everyone can personalize a message to put in their Bear's pocket to send to an orphan in Africa. Join us in one of the world's largest forces mobilizing kids in serving others around the world.

This easy, hands-on mission program can serve those in your local community, be sent to military personnel, or simply be sent to the International Bible Society for distribution to children around the world.

For more information about Operation Kid-to-Kid, visit

Posted 6/23/09 at 4:59 PM | Audra Jennings

Caught in the Crossfire of Black and White

The exciting sequel to Richard Doster's Safe at Home offers a front row seat
at the explosive events of the Civil Rights Movement

Crossing the Lines by Richard Doster
Crossing the Lines by Richard Doster

Eager audiences need wait no longer for the much anticipated sequel to Richard Doster's well-received Safe at Home. In Doster's new historical fiction, Crossing the Lines (David C Cook, June 2009), giants of the dawning American Civil Rights Movement come alive as an idealistic white news reporter in the racially charged South of the late 1950s dedicates himself to the renewal of the region he loves.

Family man Jack Hall wants nothing more than to be a respectable newspaper reporter, see a good baseball game now and again, love his wife, and watch his son grow up in their middle-class, white community. A sportswriter for the Atlanta Constitution, Jack is a contented Southerner-until, across the pages of the nation's newspapers, the photos begin to appear of bombed out "Negro" churches, black schoolchildren swarmed by angry white mobs, and Thurmond, Talmadge, and Russell standing before gold-domed buildings, vowing that "our way of life" will never change.

With each image, Jack's discomfort grows until, in September 1957, the pain becomes unbearable. That's when one image, in one small newspaper-of a white girl screaming insults at her black classmate-ignites a new mission. Jack, so thoroughly grieved by the now famous photo of Elizabeth Eckford and Hazel Bryan, is determined to show the world the South he loves-with its beauty, its literature and music, and its achievements in sports and business.

He's thrilled when he's introduced to legendary editor Ralph McGill, an outspoken opponent of segregation who promptly sends Jack to Montgomery to investigate reports of a bus boycott. There Jack meets another man on the fault line of black and white: Martin Luther King, Jr. Profoundly moved by King's commitment to Christian philosophy, Jack's writing begins to reflect a need for racial equality and tolerance that isn't always well received-even by his own wife.

As the years pass, Jack covers stories about Southerners from Orval Faubus to Jim Johnson, John Lewis, and Diane Nash and from music pioneer Sam Phillips to literary giants Flannery O'Connor and Harper Lee-always using his writing as a conscience for the South he loves so much. But once again, historic events sweep Jack-and his idealistic son, Chris-into harm's way. Will this be the collision that destroys his family forever?

Author Bio
Richard Doster is the editor of byFaith magazine. Prior to his work with byFaith, Doster spent 25 years in the advertising business. He's been published by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and is a regular contributor to byFaith, winner of the 2006 and 2008 Evangelical Press Association's Award of Excellence. A native of Mississippi and a graduate of the University of Florida, Doster is now concentrating on Southern fiction, exploring the history, religion, family relationships, sense of community and place, and social tensions that characterize his home region. He resides in Atlanta, Georgia, with his wife, Sally.

Crossing the Lines by Richard Doster
David C Cook June 2009/ISBN: 978-1-434799-84-5/304 pages/softcover/$14.99 ~

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Not Your Grandmother's Bible Study

Award-winning team of Heitzig and Rose has created a stylish, fast,
AND substantive Bible study series for women on the go

Voracious Bible study readers, women purchase Bible studies more than do men by a ratio of five-to-one-and Gallup reports that 14 percent of Americans belong to a Bible-study group. This summer, David C Cook will release two new books in the Fresh Life series, their easy-to-use series of Bible studies for women and about women.

With strong endorsements from well-known Christian leaders like Kay Arthur and Ruth Graham Bell, two up-and-coming female authors, Lenya Heitzig and Penny Pierce Rose, have created the Fresh Life Bible study series published by David C Cook. Perfect for every age, appropriate for groups or individual study, and intended for today's on-the-go woman, the Fresh Life series requires just 20 minutes a day for a meaningful contemplation of God's Word. The next two books in the series are Live Relationally and Live Deeply (David C Cook, June 2009). (The first two books, Live Intimately and Live Fearlessly, were released in the summer of 2008.)

Live Relationally by Lenya Heitzig and Penny Rose
Live Relationally by Lenya Heitzig and Penny Rose

Live Relationally

offers a fresh look at the important women of Genesis. Though women in the Bible are sometimes overlooked or downplayed, this fascinating Bible study curriculum reminds readers that women are central to God's story-and His plan. Genesis alone is peopled with women who experience death, marriage, divorce, rape, and family tragedy. And if that sounds like something out of Desperate Housewives, it just goes to show that the Bible has a message for women-today.

With probing questions, insightful sidebars, and meaningful life-application exercises, Live Relationally offers the vivid lessons and rich wisdom of Israel's founding mothers. From the complicated Tamar to the often oversimplified Eve, they are wives and mothers, slaves and owners, sinners and saints ... and each woman's story will touch hearts for God.

Live Deeply is for anyone who has ever read one of Jesus' parables and asked, "What is He

Live Deeply by Lenya Heitzig and Penny Rose
Live Deeply by Lenya Heitzig and Penny Rose

talking about?" Now women-alone or with a small group-can dig deeper into the meaning of these parables to uncover their important meaning for their walks with Christ. Designed with today's busy woman in mind, each lesson can be completed in as little as 20 minutes per day, but will leave her with a lifetime of valuable insights.

Based on the inductive Bible study method, each lesson conjures vivid imagery of the sights and sounds of Ancient Israel alongside poignant application questions for today. The Fresh Life Bible study series offers something for Christian women of all shapes and sizes; everyone will leave with a more profound understanding of the important women of Genesis and Christ's amazing parables.

Author Bios
Lenya Heitzig is an award-winning author and popular Bible teacher. After beginning her ministry as a single women's counselor with Youth with a Mission, Lenya married Skip and together they started Calvary of Albuquerque, one of the fast growing churches in the country. The author of Holy Moments and co-author of the Gold Medallion-winning Pathways to God's Treasures, Lenya currently serves as director of women at Calvary, overseeing weekly Bible studies and yearly retreats. Lenya and Skip live in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Penny Pierce Rose is the award-winning author/co-author of several books and Bible studies, including the ECPA Gold Medallion winner Pathways to God's Treasures. She has served on the board of directors for the Southwest Women's Festival and develops Bible study curriculum for the women's programs at Calvary of Albuquerque. Penny, her husband, Kerry, and their three children, Erin, Kristian, and Ryan, live in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  

Posted 6/21/09 at 8:09 AM | Richard Doster

The Reason We Read

In his book, How to Read and Why, Harold Bloom, the respected literary critic, says that there is no single way to read well, but that there is a prime reason. "Information," Bloom says, is "endlessly available to us..." Then he rhetorically asks, "Where shall we find wisdom?"

Bloom unknowingly underscores the urgency of Proverbs 3: "Blessed is the one who finds wisdom, and the one who gets understanding / for the gain from her is better than gain from silver / and the profit better than gold..."

Nearly every human, I think, intuitively understands the value of wisdom. As parents, teachers, and friends we strive to pass on more than mere knowledge. Our aim, ultimately, is to cultivate goodness. We look to philosophers and theologians. They provide guidelines; they articulate principles and thereby supply a grid through which we can weigh right and wrong. But, as poet Philip Sidney said (and this goes back to the 1580s) philosophy is abstract; it's theoretical, and sometimes -- in the midst of pain, joy, grief, or gladness -- it's hard to see its relevance.

Historians reconstruct the world's pivotal moments. They piece the puzzle together, revealing cause-and-effect, even suggesting, occasionally, the rationale for men's actions. But historians stick to the facts. They're confined by what they can verify. They're prohibited, as historians, from delving into what "ought to be."

Which means that neither philosopher nor historian reveals much of the mystery that we -- real people who get up and go to work every day -- must ponder.

I think it was Philip Sidney, the poet I just mentioned, who first pointed out that the poet provides that picture. It is literature, Sidney said 430 years ago, that takes the abstract and makes it real. With action, dialog, and reflection novelists not only tell us what happened, but what happens -- to us, every day, in the midst of hard-and-fast reality. They give us a story of flesh-and-blood humans who think and feel and struggle ... just like we do.

Novelists, with tools that aren't available to historians or philosophers, can impart wisdom and, one hopes, virtue.

Novelists, unlike historians, create characters. And as we read we come to love, hate, or admire them. Novelists, (and I'm paraphrasing Sidney here) unlike philosophers, can, by the power of their own imagination, create other worlds. They do this as humans created in the image of God -- most like Him when they speak (or write) a world into existence; when they speak (or write) people into being-characters who have names, faces, good qualities, as well as bad ones.

This is one of the means by which we subdue the earth. This is why we tell stories, and why we read them. This is why, according to writer and teacher Leland Ryken, "we not only learn from literature but enjoy it: it delights as it teaches. It conveys ... truth through the creation of concrete images which incarnate or embody ideas which would otherwise remain abstract and nebulous."

Richard Doster is the editor of byFaith magazine. He is also the author of two novels, Safe at Home and Crossing the Lines, both published by David C. Cook Publishers. You can find out more at

Books that prompted these thoughts: 

Ryken, Leylan, ed. The Christian Imagination: The Practice of Faith and Literature in Writing. Colorado Springs: Waterbrook Press, 2002

Bloom, Harold. How to Read and Why. New York: Scribner, 2000

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38,102 miles, 38 years, 1 mission

From Hollywood to Iran, Jerusalem to Poland,
One Man with One Message: The Cross

The Cross by Arthur Blessitt
The Cross by Arthur Blessitt

"And then Jesus said to lay it all down, and let your vision be no bigger than the next person you meet. Following that vision has carried me around the world."
-Arthur Blessitt

Over the past thirty-eight years, Arthur Blessitt has walked the globe with one purpose in mind as he carried a twelve-foot wooden cross. Traveling more than 38,000 miles, visiting every sovereign nation and island group in the world, his pursuit has amazed and puzzled the world. This journey, listed in the Guinness Book of World Records under "World's Longest Walk," is one that has taken him through war zones, across jungles, and even to the penguins of Antarctica.

Blessitt's new autobiography, The Cross (Authentic), will destroy, and then re-define, every reader's assumptions about the cross and what it means to follow Jesus. Blessitt's cross walk converts to action two foundational ideas: The cross is God's message of love, and the cross is for everyone.

"I have had the privilege of reinterpreting the cross. Many people feel that the cross is against them. They [falsely] think the cross is against my sexual orientation or I had an abortion, so God hates me," Blessitt says. The Cross is filled with story after story of the miraculous reception the cross-and with it, Blessitt's delivery of the gospel-has received in unlikely places like Communist Poland, Lebanon, Iran, isolated tribal lands, and Los Angeles' Sunset Strip. Blessitt explains, "In many places-particularly in Muslim countries-the cross has historically been a sign of offense, due mainly to the actions of ‘Christendom.' I have carried the cross of love into Muslim countries and not only survived, but I've been welcomed."

Blessitt's journey has attracted worldwide attention, and his story has been covered by ABC News, Christianity Today, Variety, and a host of other noted media. The Cross offers Blessitt's perspective on the most fascinating moments such as meeting with Yasser Arafat on two different occasions, once after walking through a battle between five different armies with his twelve-year-old son. Blessitt was also able to share the message of Jesus with Libyan leader Muammar al-Gaddafi. On another occasion, he was beaten and jailed along with a group of Spanish pastors under Francisco Franco's fascist regime.

Blessitt has befriended presidents, held audience with kings, and spoken before crowds 500,000 strong, however, his ministry was never about seeking the spotlight. More often than not, he has sought "the least of these"-the nameless victims of war, the obscure tribe on a hidden island, the oppressed people forgotten by the rest of the world.

The power of Blessitt's cross has not only changed the world, it has transformed him. "Many people have dreams and visions of doing mighty things for God and making an impact on the world. That was my prayer also."

The Cross by Arthur Blessitt
Authentic Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-934068-67-0/221 pages/softcover/$17.99

Posted 6/4/09 at 2:54 PM | Religion Ethics

Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly - June 5

Listed below are program highlights for RELIGION & ETHICS NEWSWEEKLY #1240 distributed nationally this Friday, June 5, 2009:

  • Muslim Reaction to Obama's Address - Bob Abernethy is joined by Dr. Vali Nasr, senior fellow for Middle Eastern Studies at the Council on Foreign Relations, and Kate Seelye, RELIGION & ETHICS NEWSWEEKLY correspondent who specializes in coverage of the Middle East, for a studio discussion and analysis of Muslim reaction to President Barack Obama's speech this week in Egypt.
  • Thomas Merton - Judy Valente looks at the spiritual legacy of the late Thomas Merton, one of the most influential Catholic writers of the 20th century. (Rebroadcast from November 21, 2008) 

        Web link:

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How could the Good News get any better?

When the Good News Gets Even Better by Neb Hayden
When the Good News Gets Even Better by Neb Hayden

Witness the Gospels Through the Eyes of a First-Century Hebrew

New Bible study from David C Cook gives readers a fresh new way to experience the Good News

How is it possible to make the Good News of the Gospel better? How can truth be enhanced? Can Jesus Christ be improved upon? In his new Bible study, author Neb Hayden emphatically answers, "Impossible! The Gospel gets even better only when it's more clearly understood. The Good News gets even better only when we read the Gospels as they were communicated and in the way they were meant to be seen."

That's why in his new study, When the Good News Gets Even Better (David C Cook, June 2009), Hayden gives students of the New Testament the opportunity to walk through the Gospel narratives in Hebrew sandals. This unique Bible study allows readers to see these letters just as their original audience did and provides vital insights into the Jewish culture, customs, and perspectives, giving a fresh and thoroughly relevant context to the life of Christ.

"The Gospels are the foundation of our faith because our faith is built on a Person," explains Hayden. "He was a Jew, living in a Jewish world, and communicating with Jewish people. This study offers readers the chance to walk the dusty roads with Him, to be there as a participant rather than simply as an observer."

Using a three-month format, When the Good News Gets Even Better combines all four Gospels into one comprehensive and chronological narrative, allowing readers to focus on the overall themes and truths as they occurred. Among many other subjects, Hayden examines the births and childhoods of Jesus and John the Baptist, Jesus' public ministry, the training of the twelve disciples, and Jesus' death, resurrection, and ascension. Features also include days sectioned into key points of Jesus' ministry, suggestions for when to skim or thoroughly read a selection, and interactive questions for individual study and group discussion.

Neb Hayden, author of When the Good News Gets Even Better
Neb Hayden, author of When the Good News Gets Even Better

"The Gospels are just the beginning of God's continuing pursuit of intimacy with mankind," says Hayden. "These biographies of Jesus are our stories too. Every move Jesus made and every word He spoke has direct implications for our lives in the twenty-first century. I pray that readers will be permanently transformed as they become first-hand witnesses to the Gospels' miraculous events and times explored in this guide."

Author Bio
Neb Hayden is director of International Student Development at The King's College in New York City. A former quarterback for "Bear Bryant" at Alabama, Neb has been involved his adult life with the fellowship in Washington, D.C., which works behind the scenes to nurture and encourage the leadership in over 180 nations. The group also works behind the scenes of the National Prayer Breakfast. Neb speaks and teaches extensively at seminars, conferences, and retreats. He and his wife, Susan, live in New York City and are the parents of three grown sons and two daughters-in-law.

When the Good News Gets Even Better: Rediscovering the Gospels Through First-Century Jewish Eyes by Neb Hayden
David C Cook/June 2009/ISBN: 978-1-434767-00-4/240 pages/softcover/$16.99

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How to Raise a Modern-Day Joseph

How to Raise a Modern-Day Joseph by Linda Weddle
How to Raise a Modern-Day Joseph by Linda Weddle

Develop Spiritual Champions for Jesus Christ with New Practical Guide for Growing Children of Faith

With her newest release, Awana author and staff member Linda Massey Weddle equips parents to build a foundation of faith for their children

Parents long to help their children reach their full potential. They schedule regular medical exams, get them involved in planned activities, help them with their homework, and invest for their college education. Yet while they may plan for their success, they can overlook a vital part of their personal development: Nurturing and encouraging a solid, lasting foundation of faith. Though we often assume that children are growing spiritually through church youth groups and programs, it's essential that parents take an active, encouraging, and purposeful role in developing their values and morals.

Linda Massey Weddle, the U.S. program senior designer for Awana and established author of children's books and curriculums, has created How to Raise a Modern-Day Joseph (David C Cook, June 2009) as a resource for parents who are longing to help their children find spiritual success. Based on Raising a Modern-Day Joseph, this unique guidebook encourages parents to develop a practical, personalized plan for instilling faith-based values and beliefs in their children that will last a lifetime.

How to Raise a Modern-Day Joseph is modeled after Joseph of the Old Testament, who maintained his faith in spite of challenging circumstances. It features insights for growing kids spiritually and plotting out critical milestones from the toddler years through adolescence, while also allowing for the uniqueness of each child.

An ideal target for how parents want their kids to develop spiritually and morally, Joseph of Genesis offers parents a Biblical standard for building children of character. Using his story, How to Raise a Modern-Day Joseph will help them do just that. They'll discover how to instill five Master Life Threads for each stage of life, from preschool through high school. The practical guide helps children:

• Acquire wisdom from the Bible
• Understand God's grace
• Gain a sense of destiny and purpose
• Develop a life-perspective based on God's perfect plan

Linda Weddle, author of How to Raise a Modern-Day Joseph
Linda Weddle, author of How to Raise a Modern-Day Joseph

The result: Children and teenagers who know, love, and serve the Lord. How to Raise a Modern-Day Joseph is a sure investment in the spiritual development of our youngest generation.

Author Bio
Linda Massey Weddle is a gifted teacher, speaker, and prolific writer. A children's author and regular contributor to publications including Women's Day and Christian Parenting Today, she has published twelve books and more than 2,500 articles, stories, devotionals, and radio scripts. Linda also develops Bible-based curriculum for young people and has been involved in children's and youth ministry for the past forty years. She has two grown children and six grandchildren and resides in suburban Chicago.

How to Raise a Modern-Day Joseph by Linda Massey Weddle
David C Cook/June 2009/ISBN: 978-1-434765-31-4/240 pages/softcover/$16.99

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Scared: A Novel on the Edge of the World

Scared by Tom Davis
Scared by Tom Davis

Author Tom Davis explores today's most vital social issues in his new international saga

The United Nations estimates the world orphan population to be over 143 million children. Poverty, war, disease, and AIDS are the primary enemies of children across the globe, leaving those who are robbed of their parents at-risk for criminal behavior, prostitution, drug abuse, alcoholism, and suicide.

In his debut novel, accomplished author and speaker Tom Davis offers readers a sweeping narrative that explores these most critical social concerns. Scared: A Novel on the Edge of the World (June 2009/David C Cook) delves into the lives of a photojournalist struggling to redeem his past and an African orphan fighting for survival.

Once a celebrated and award-winning photojournalist, Stuart Daniels is reeling from debt, a broken marriage, and crippling depression. The source of Stuart's grief is his most famous photo, a snapshot of brutality in the dangerous Congo. This haunting image indicts him as a passive witness to gross injustice.

Stuart is given one last chance to redeem his career: A make-or-break assignment covering the AIDS crisis in a small African country. It is here that Stuart meets Adanna, a young orphan fighting for her life in a community ravaged by tragedy and disease. But in the face of overwhelming odds, Adanna finds hope in a special dream, where she is visited by an illuminated man and given a precious gift. Now what seemed like a chance encounter will forever change their lives.

Tom Davis, Author of Scared
Tom Davis, Author of Scared

In Scared, Tom Davis, also the author of Red Letters and Fields of the Fatherless, weaves a beautiful story of redemption that takes place in a world far away from our own. Readers will discover, along with Stuart, that, "Sorrow is a part of life, but our tears can leave us with clearer sight, if we look to God."

True "fiction with a conscience," Davis' novel is the first in a planned series of three. Narrated in the first person by both Stuart and Adanna, Scared offers a unique perspective on the tragedies taking place in Africa today and encourages readers to step out and help the "least of these."

Author Bio
Tom Davis is the well-known author of Red Letters and Fields of the Fatherless. He also serves as a trainer in leadership development. He holds a Business and Pastoral Ministry degree from Dallas Baptist University and a Master's Degree in Theology from The Criswell College. He is the president of Children's HopeChest (, a Christian-based child advocacy organization helping orphans in Eastern Europe and Africa. Tom and his wife, Emily, have five children.

Scared: A Novel on the Edge of the World by Tom Davis
David C Cook/June 2009/ ISBN 978-1-589191-02-0/288 pages/softcover/$14.99 ~

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