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Planning a Women's Retreat?

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Wonder Full World
Wonder Full World

Why Settle for a Weekend Getaway?

Travel the world in seven sessions with Group's new retreat kit

When most churches begin planning a women's retreat, their first step is to track down a guest speaker. Next, they may book a fancy hotel or rustic retreat center for a weekend. Regardless of the venue, the outcome is usually the same: lots of sitting, listening, and note-taking. For churches willing to trade convention for adventure, the next women's retreat could be a passport to another world.

Wonder Full World Women's Ministry Retreat Kit, the newest retreat kit for women from Group Publishing, Inc., offers an affordable, fun-filled, interactive experience for churches of any size and budget. The retreat kit equips churches to create an experience for the women of their congregations using the talent of their own members rather than having a speaker come in for the weekend. Wonder Full World is more than just a weekend getaway. It's an imaginative journey around the world and an exploration of the "I wonders" in a woman's heart through in-depth Bible study, an unforgettable worship experience, and an open invitation for girlfriends to draw closer together and experience the vastness of God's love.

Group released its first women's retreat kit in 2005. As the company releases its fifth themed retreat, it is clear that they are constantly exploring new ideas that will meet the changing needs of church ministry.

"One of the most important aspects of the creative process at Group is the research. We do focus groups with women all over the place, with both the women who love retreats and those who hate retreats. We are intentional in creating a retreat to meet the needs of many women, and what those women tell us is that they want to be able to talk and make friends, not just sit and listen," says Amy Nappa, Group's executive editor and champion for women's ministry. Wonder Full World includes many opportunities for women to discuss what God is doing in their lives and what they hope He will do and to make real connections with other women.

Wonder Full World Kit
Wonder Full World Kit

With a Group retreat kit, churches have access to all the resources they need to lead a retreat and the opportunity to encourage the women in their own congregations to fulfill the leadership roles. As women take part in this imaginary world tour, they will ponder seven questions:

  • I wonder if anyone cares about me...
  • I wonder what it would be like to be royalty...
  • I wonder if I matter to God...
  • I wonder where God is when life is hard...
  • I wonder if I can really rely on God...
  • I wonder if I can make a difference...
  • I wonder what's ahead for me...

For $99.99, churches will receive everything they need to host the retreat, including a director's guide, a worship leader's guide, a custom CD with eight songs, seven leader's guides (one for each session), a training and promotional DVD with three commercials, a CD-ROM with graphics and other resources, and travel themed audio tracks for each session. The kit also contains samples of the essentials and gifts for each participant attending the retreat: a journal, charm, music CD, tote bag, and swatch from the service project blankets. The basic cost for materials per participant is between $13.50 for the essentials (journal, charm, and service project) and $21.00 (which includes the essentials as well as a music CD and tote bag). Like Group's VBS curriculum, each women's retreat includes a service project. This year, participants will make fleece blankets to be sent around the world to those in need. 

In a time when many young women perceive women's ministry as an activity for their mothers, Group has created Wonder Full World Women's Ministry Retreat Kit to connect with women of every age and walk of life, even teenagers. Nappa's team has also taken care to make the materials accessible to women who don't know Jesus. 

"It is our joy and privilege to encourage women through God's word," Nappa says. "When women complete their trip through the amazing sights, beautiful creations, and incredible experiences of God's Wonder Full World, they will see that for every 'I wonder' in their heart, God has provided a loving answer."

                                   Wonder Full World Women's Ministry Retreat Kit

Group Publishing    May 2010

ISBN: 978-0-7644-7400-2/$99.99

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