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Q&A with Lisa Weyerhaeuser about her new CD, “Growing Light”

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Q: Tell us about the CD title, "Growing Light."
A: "Growing Light" is actually a line from one of the songs on the CD which says simply, "My burdens grow light.” This CD is ultimately about freedom -- freedom that comes through living the circumstances of life, and learning how to be freed from the things that entangle us, like Hebrews 12:1 calls us to do. Sometimes it's a process. I think the term sanctification applies, as slowly, gradually, we learn to "grow light" from letting go of those things that hold us back from being all we are meant to be on this earth. (Ephesians 2:10). And this project tells a story -- my story -- about the process of letting go of things, relationships, habits or whatever, that pull us away from what we are created to be. It was a very personal project to record. It is actually very emotional for me to listen to some of these songs because it reveals to me how God has been working through every situation to teach me about who He is and how He wants me to live.

Q: You have a duet with Randy Stonehill on the CD. Talk about that song and how you teamed up with Randy.
A: “You're Beautiful To Me” is a song that has us looking at God's beauty in His handiwork, His creation, to bring us to our knees and then we hear from Him how beautiful we are to Him. And in grateful response we say to Him how beautiful He is to us. Like the verse that says “We love because He first loved us.” (1 John 4:19). I had mentioned to Randy last time I saw him that I wanted him to sing on my next project, and so when this song came about it seemed like it was the right one for us to sing together — his voice representing the Father and mine representing the child. So it's a beautiful interplay of the Father reassuring the child that He thinks she is beautiful (and what child doesn't need to hear that from a father), and then the child letting the father know how beautiful He is to her.

Q: You had a long friendship with Larry Norman and included one of his songs on the CD. Talk about that.
A: I did have a long-time friendship with Larry Norman, who passed away in 2008. I met him when I was 18 when he did a concert at my college. I had to interview him afterward for my college newspaper. We became fast friends and he ended up producing a record for me after I graduated. He had a huge influence on my songwriting and on my life as I continued in Christian music. Even before he died, I decided to include a song he wrote on all of my projects because I want future generations to hear the messages he was able to capture in his own unique style. The first song on this CD is his song "I Hope I'll See You in Heaven.” It fit with the Freedom theme because I think the first thing we need to do to experience true freedom in our lives is to admit our brokenness and our part in the mess of our lives. This project begins with the words "I was wrong.” I think that is where humility and freedom begin, by facing the fact that we messed things up and we need healing. Through that realization, we begin to find true freedom.

Q: You have been offering retreats for songwriters and musicians for many years. How did that get started and what is the benefit to those involved?
A: StrongTree is an initiative I started back in the 1990's with the goal of helping artists to grow in their walk with Jesus and in their ability to communicate it through the arts, and also help connect them to other artists and venues. Our mission statement is "Deepening roots in Jesus by creatively communicating Truth.” We started providing artist retreats in 2007 to give musicians opportunity to hone their skills and share them with other artists. We brought in artists-in-residence for many retreats so that emerging artists could glean wisdom and knowledge from the years of experience from seasoned artists. We usually have retreats in the fall and the spring, and they are open to anyone who wants to come and grow as an artist. Former Artists-in-Residence include Glenn Kaiser, Nancy Honeytree Miller, Randy Stonehill, Matthew Clark and Andy Gullahorn.

Q: Talk about your continued relationship with Teen Mother Choices International.
A: Teen Mother Choices is a unique charity that utilizes volunteers from local area churches to help provide teen mothers with a support system. One of the goals of Teen Mothers Choices is to keep all the girls off of welfare by helping them graduate from school and find jobs to support themselves. Over 600 teen mothers have graduated from the program, and all of them got their diplomas and none of them are on welfare. The founder, Christa March, is a gracious and innovative person who continues to grow her ministry by adding new groups of Teen Moms all around the country and beyond. It has been an honor to be part of fundraising events and continue to support TMCI through prayer and financial support.

Q: How has your view of God changed since your very first CD?
A: I first started writing and recording music when I was in my late teens and 20's. I wrote about things that I was experiencing in that season of my life and faith. I think that as we get older our faith has to grow up too. As difficulties and temptation and grief and life and children and relationships happen, we are faced with new challenges and decisions that were never in the picture in our heads of how life was supposed to be. Holding on to my faith through difficulties and growing deeper in my love for God through the pains of life are all part of what comes out through my music now. Learning how to fit our orthodoxy into our orthopraxy is a life-long process. But we know our labor is not in vain as we hold on and stand firm (1 Corinthians 15:58). And we can live in this freedom as we serve one another (Gal. 5:13).

About Lisa Weyerhaeuser:

Lisa Weyerhaeuser (pronounced “Ware-house-er”) is a worship leader, a licensed counselor, a Professor of Adolescent Psychology, as well as a pastor’s wife and the mother of three young men. She earned Master’s Degrees in both Religion and Counseling Psychology. She has recorded several solo albums including a children’s album entitled Big Green Alligator under her “youth camp” moniker, La-La Lisa. Lisa and her band have performed for numerous Christian music festivals such as Cornerstone, LifeFest, the Joyful Noise Music Festival, and Fisherman’s Fest, as well as opened for artists such as Phil Keaggy, Larry Norman, and Whitecross, among others. She has toured in the United Kingdom, Europe, and throughout the US. For more information, visit

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