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Real-life Partridge Family Releases Devotional

Sat, Nov. 02, 2013 Posted: 01:53 PM

The new book, 101 Devotions for Busy Families (Carpenter’s Son/STL Distribution) by Tom Frye and the Frye Family Band has garnered endorsements from author Mary Beth Chapman, wife of Steven Curtis Chapman, as well as Caedmon’s Call member Andrew Osenga, and award-winning songwriter/producer Joe Beck. The book stems from the Frye family’s practical application of devotions, as well as their experience of homeschooling all three of their children since grade school.

“Having regular family devotions provides a sense of stability,” says Tom. “Over the years, we would read through scripture or a devotional and many times the text would speak directly to a need or situation, opening up opportunities for my wife Lisa and I to share in a very personal way with our children. Sometimes they would lead to the kids sharing thoughts or feelings which might have otherwise gone unspoken, and potentially festered beneath the surface. Devotions have brought not just the peace and stability of God's directing in our lives, but also helped build trust, understanding, and patience when dealing with those inside and outside our home. By practicing the discipline of leading our families in prayer and scripture reading, we model the importance of faithful leadership in our own homes.”

Because of Tom and Lisa’s approach to parenting, they formed Family First Ministries to encourage parents to make family life a priority. In addition to performing in a concert setting, Tom also teaches on specific topics relevant to parents, especially dads. “There was a time in my life when I was so consumed by pursuing a career and the approval of others that I was neglecting the most important people in my life, my wife and children,” Tom admits. “A friend reminded me that my family is my first ministry. The Family was the first institution God established, and yet it is so easy in our fast-paced, get-ahead society to unintentionally push our family to the side.”

The Frye Family Band has also released a new EP entitled Alive for the First Time featuring songs co-written by Tom and the aforementioned Osenga, Jeremy Casella, and Andy Gullahorn (Andrew Peterson, Jill Phillips). One of the tunes called “Family Band,” is a light-hearted look at life on the road and will become a music video in the coming weeks.

“Seeing our oldest graduate this year has reminded me to take every moment captive,” says Tom. “Because I grew up in an unstable household, I know the damage that can be done to a child’s soul when a mother and father are not on the same page. Lisa and I realized early on that the word ‘parent’ is a verb, and we’ve tried to be deliberate in all we’ve done with our kids. I hope they take that legacy with them wherever they go.”

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