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Reclaiming the Rite of Passage for your Daughters

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From Girl to Woman...

Reclaiming the Rite of Passage for Girls through a Blessing Tea

Inspired Design, a mother/daughter project by Roxanne and Hannah Packham

Are you ever a bit envious of our friends from other cultures and faiths who honor their children turning into young adults?  As Christians, we may not hold Bar or Bat Mitzvahs on their 13th birthdays as in the Jewish tradition or Quinceaneras on our daughter’s 15th birthday like those of Hispanic heritage, but we can certainly recapture the spirit of this unique age by commemorating this milestone with a Christ-centered celebration. While many American families are throwing slumber parties for their 13 year olds, one woman in California decided to throw a “Blessing Tea” for her daughter—and the trend is taking off among Christians.  

Roxanne Packham, President of InspiredDesign Ministries, had the idea several years ago to put on a “Blessing Tea” for her then 13-year-old daughter. The concept is taken from the Jewish tradition of celebrating this momentous year of “becoming a woman” with a huge party, centered on the Jewish Scriptures. Roxanne invited several of the most influential Christian women in Hannah’s life (mentors) to join them for a tea to honor her daughter. While she used her love for table decorating to create a beautiful environment, the real beauty lay in the hearts of the women who came to “bless” Hannah.  Each special mentor woman shared a note/letter to Hannah. The notes included encouraging words, favorite memories, prophetic insights, special scriptures, and wise teaching/advice for the teenage years. This day served to cement in Hannah’s mind who “had her back”, who loves her, who will be there for her in the future and a memory that she could take with her into her high school years which are so often filled with identity-searching and emotional struggles.

Roxanne and Hannah Packham

The concept of a Blessing Tea began to take off in homes of people who had heard of Roxanne’s experience.  One woman Camille, a long time friend of Roxanne’s, loved the idea so much she has now done it with two of her teenage daughters.  She added an additional layer of giving each of the mentors their own blessing and scripture as a way to honor the women who have helped to guide and shape her daughters spiritually.  According to Roxanne, “Especiallybecause I only have one daughter, I wanted to make the most of every moment of her life.  I was inspired to use my gift for creating a beautiful table and practicing hospitality with my love for my daughter.  My biggest desire was to create an environment where very dear Christian women could pour into my daughter blessings and encouragement to carry her through the next phase in her life.  Often, a mother’s impact alone only goes so far!”

Roxanne’s book Inspired Design has a chapter about this Blessing Tea and serves as inspiration for other mothers looking to recapture the age old tradition of “coming of age” for young women.  Currently, Roxanne is overseeing two nonprofit organizations:  Inspired Design and Inspired Design strives to inspire women to find joy in the practice of hospitality, grow closer with their Designer, and discover the true beauty of the home—ultimately only found in the heart of the woman.  By providing inspiring speakers, books, and practical resources, Inspired Design aims to empower women to unleash their creativity in their homes for the purpose of blessing others. is a unique mother/teenage daughter organization, which aims to inspire teenage girls, mothers and others to find, follow and celebrate God’s vision for their lives.  By providing inspirational quality speakers and a friendly environment in the form of casual afternoon teas, these teen girls are exposed to authentic role models who are making a difference in the world and offer an alternative vision to the pop culture icons of today.  Proceeds of her book sales all go to fund the Heart of Hope Ministries International who provide love and resources to orphans in Romania.

For speaking engagements or to order the book, please visit:

Inspired Design is a 501(c)(3) organization.  Our vision is to inspire women to practice hospitality, celebrate their family legacy, and discover the true beauty of the home through speaking engagements, books, seminars and practical resources.  Inspired31.orgis a unique mother/teenage daughter organization whose mission is to inspire teenage girls, mothers and others to find, follow and celebrate God’s vision for their lives.  All proceeds from Inspired Design sales go to support Heart of Hope Ministries International, an outreach to orphans in Romania. 

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