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She wanted death, but God had other plans

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Multnomah Books
Life in Spite of Me by Kristen Jane Anderson

“Hollywood may seem too far gone to most Christians. Something to shun,” explains Amber Lia of Storehouse Media Group. “But we believe differently. I feel that’s exactly where Jesus would show up today. He came to seek the lost, not the saved.” For this very reason Guy and Amber Lia began a Kickstarter campaign to create a high-quality feature film about the true story of Kristen Jane Anderson’s failed suicide attempt. In order for their vision to become a reality, they need 3,333 people to donate $30 or more to reach their goal of $99,990 before Friday, November 15, 2013.

Kristen Jane Anderson thought life couldn’t get any worse — or any better. Overwhelmed by wave after wave of emotional trauma, Anderson no longer wanted to live. One January night, determined to end her pain once and for all, the 17-year-old lay across train tracks and waited to die.

Instead of peace, Anderson found herself immersed in a whole new nightmare. Before the engineer could bring the train to a stop, thirty-three freight cars passed over her at fifty-five miles per hour. After the train stopped and Anderson realized she was still alive, she looked around — and saw her legs ten feet away. Surviving her suicide attempt but losing her legs launched Kristen into an even deeper battle with depression and suicidal thoughts, as well as unrelenting physical pain — all from the seat of a wheelchair. But in the midst of her darkest days, Kristen discovered the way to real life and a purpose for living.

After reading Anderson’s story in Life, In Spite of Me, (Multnomah Books / May 17, 2011 / ISBN: 978-1601423825 / $13.99), co-written by Anderson and Tricia Goyer, the Lias knew they needed to share not only the story, but the message of hope and grace that our world so desperately needs to hear. Although Kristen’s survival is a unique story, the crushing pain and despair she felt is common to many. From teens to adults, movie stars to the unknown, many think suicide is their only option left. The Lias want to reach out to anyone in search of strength to go on and share a reminder that even when we give up on life, God doesn’t give up on us.

With the money raised from the campaign, they will adapt the book into a screenplay and hire a talented director and cast to translate that vision to the big screen. As a thank-you for donations, Storehouse Media offers a variety of perks, from a special mention in the film credits and digital copies of the script to dinner with Kristen and a walk-on role in the movie.

The Lias are committed to bringing Anderson’s story to the big screen but know they can’t do it alone. “It's not merely about entertainment — it's a story with a greater purpose to honor God and inspire others. We invite you to help us spread the life-giving message of this young woman and the journey that took her from the depths of despair to the heights of hope and redemption!”

Learn more about Storehouse Media Group at their website and join their Kickstarter campaign.

About Storehouse Media Group

Guy and Amber Lia

Storehouse Media Group is a Los Angeles-based production company dedicated to developing, producing and marketing Family & Faith Friendly Entertainment across multiple platforms including Feature Films, Television, Documentaries and Digital Media. They strive to create projects that are high in production quality with an emphasis on impactful stories, rich characters and messages that celebrate the struggles and achievements of the human experience, hoping to provide alternative entertainment to inspire, uplift and affirm today’s audiences.

Guy Lia is the Founder and Executive Producer for Storehouse Media Group. After more than 17 years working in production, creative development and digital marketing on major productions in both film and television, he is now fulfilling his lifelong dream by starting this dynamic family and faith-friendly entertainment company with his wife, Amber. Guy's desire is to use this powerful medium to reach people with quality entertainment and encourage them to live life with purpose and meaning.

A former English teacher who holds a master's degree in leadership, Amber Lia exercises her creative muscles writing everything from books and screenplays, to scripts for television and sizzle reels. Her passion for projects that both honor God and inspire people have led to the development of shows like Life by Design and a documentary of ministries in the inner city. Her natural abilities in teaching, speaking, writing and producing are evidence of her social and extroverted nature. Guy and Lia and their three sons live in Los Angeles, California.

Learn more about Storehouse Media at their website and join their Kickstarter campaign.

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