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A New Life: Delivered From Lesbianism (BOOK EXCERPT, PT 3)

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The Book Stop Blog is featuring excerpts from A New Life: Delivered From Lesbianism by Linda D. Carter.

A New Life: Delivered From Lesbianism by Linda D. Carter

There is no way that two women or that two men can love each other like heterosexual couples love each other. What I was experiencing was pure lust. Eventually, she and I went our separate ways. Afterwards, I went through the excruciatingly painful process of getting her out of my system. For a while I could not eat, sleep or function without her being in my life. I had truly believed that we would always be together, which was just another lie from Satan.

In reflecting back upon things, I learned that once you give Satan entrance into your life, it takes the power of God to set you FREE! I was under the false impression that these types of relationships lasted a lifetime, were just as good as and were the same as hetersexual relationships. I had even met gay couples who had been together for fifteen and twenty years.

While going through the process of getting over this first woman, I began meeting other women, and again getting invitiations to various house parties and such. It took a while for me to get over this woman, but eventually I did. For a long time, I refused to date anyone. I told myself that I'd never go through that experience again.

In the spring of 1983, I graduated from junior college. I took a trip out of the state a short time after. I met a woman while there who had previously never had a lesbian experience. After having gone out for drinks with her one night, our being casually acquainted turned intimate. Things progressed rapidly and we started talking about taking this relationship further. Eventually I moved in with her.

During this time of my life, I wasn't working on doing anything positive. I gambled, drank and smoked dope. Even so, I was well taken care of by this new woman of mine. She worked and I did nothing. As our relationship progressed, she began to show signs of jealousy. She didn't want me to talk to other females, not even the neighbors. In fact she didn't want me to be out of her sight. Soon, we began arguing and fighting.

One day, she came home from work and started arguing with me. She later went into the kitchen to cook dinner and left me standing in the living room. A few minutes later, I turned around and saw a knife coming right at me, but somehow managed to dodge the attack. I knew then, that it was time for me to move back home.

I told her that I was moving back home, because I could not go through this again. She begged me to stay, but by this time I had concluded that I had to do something better with my life. I moved back to Alabama and got accepted into a 4-year university.

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