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A New Life: Delivered From Lesbianism (BOOK EXCERPT, PT 4)

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The Book Stop Blog is featuring excerpts from A New Life: Delivered From Lesbianism by Linda D. Carter.

A New Life: Delivered From Lesbianism by Linda D. Carter

My mother was a praying woman of God who stood in the gap for me. Not only was she my mother, but my best friend. On April 8, 1995, she went home to be with the Lord. For years she had suffered from diabetes and high blood pressure. Over the course of her suffering, she had to have each of her legs amputated. Even after her first amputation, she kept on serving God, praying, reading her Bible, attending church, cooking, traveling and even washing clothes. She didn't let that stop her from living her life. She remained faithful to God and to our family.

I took her to the hospital in February, 1995, and she remained there until God called her home a couple of months later. I did not know that taking her to the hospital would be our last ride together. My mother was such an inspiration to our family and to so many others that knew her. When we would visit her in the hospital, she always had her trademark smile and remained peaceful, calm and positive.

One day when I went to visit her, a young man who worked at the hospital came into her room to give her some medication. The two of them were talking as I stood right by her bedside. When he asked her who I was, she said, "that's my baby girl, Linda."

I was smiling from ear to ear. I felt so good inside, because I knew that I was not living a life that was pleasing to God or to her. Even so, she never stopped loving me and never disowned me.

She was still praying for others, as well as herself. I don't know that I would have been as calm as she was. Well, it makes a difference when you know the Lord, as opposed to a person who knows nothing about God and His word. Her trust remained in God until she passed away. I have seen people who were sick say that they trust God, have the nastiest attitude you've ever seen.

One day, as my two sisters and I were visiting with my mother in the hospital and standing by her bedside, she began to thank us for all we had done for her. She made sure to tell us how much she appreciated and loved us. We were so sure that she would be coming home, but in her own way, she was telling us goodbye.

Oblivious to what we were really facing, my brothers and sisters and I were making preparations to bring my mother home from the hospital. She was talking spiritual things, but we were thinking natural things. We soon found out that the "home" she talked to us about so frequently was not earthly. Just when it seemed that everything was improving for her health-wise we were blindsided by an abrupt change in her condition.

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