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Christian Comedian Chonda Pierce's Husband Suffers Fatal Stroke; The Queen of Clean Tweets her Spouse 'is Home'

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(Photo: Facebook)

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Tuesday evening Chonda Pierce, the entertainer also known as the “Queen of Clean,” announced her husband’s death on Facebook and Twitter posting a picture of her husband along with the words “David is home.” The announcement followed a near month-long battle following a sudden stroke.

The update elicited many sympathetic responses. Contemporary Christian singer/ songwriter Sheila Walsh tweeted. “Chonda I am so so sorry for your loss. Praying for you all XXX.” Twirl Author Patsy Clairmont expressed her condolences to the Pierce family on behalf her household. “Les and I send our love. We grieve with you. Such a loss,” she wrote on Twitter.

Pierce reported her husband’s hospital journey on Facebook since early July. On July 7 the comedian and author of Laughing in the Dark: A Comedian’s Journey Through Depression asked her friends to pray for her spouse. “He had a mild heart attack and is being kept sedated and on a respirator.” Two days later she explained that the whole ordeal began “with severe back pain [that] has resulted in heart attack, blood clots, ventilators, tubes and bells and whistles to keep him alive.”

Though being in what Chonda Pierce described as a “deep, deep sleep,” David Pierce showed some signs of improvement including body movement, ventilator removal and eventually alertness. However Tuesday afternoon he suffered a major setback in the form of a hemorrhagic stroke.

Chonda Pierce posted on Facebook, “He's bleeding in his brain. He had no chance without surgery. Minimal with surgery. So, he is headed for emergency brain surgery. This is his only hope to remove the portion of his brain and try and stop the bleeding.”

Following the surgery she reported that a “large portion of damaged area” was removed, however doctors said the destruction was serious. David Pierce did not recover from the procedure.

Chonda Pierce’s manager Andrew Tenenbaum verified to The Book Room David Pierce’s death. Chonda Pierce's team has already set up a GoFundMe account in the comedian’s name to “help Chonda and her family with expenses for David's funeral, medical bills, and lost income during this tragic season.”

Pierce told friends and followers that she has loved her husband since she was 16 and that he is one of the greatest men she has ever known. She and David Pierce have been married for 31 years and have two children together, Chera and Zach. Pierce wrote on Facebook they were making plans to visit with their grandchildren before the stroke.

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