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Get Off The Couch (BOOK EXCERPT, PT 4)

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Steve Reynolds is described as the "anti-fat pastor" and Get Off The Couch is his latest book. This is the final part of the introduction.

The Participants in the Plan

This book was designed so that you could read it alone or use it as a study within a small-group setting. For some of you, reading Get Off the Couch will be something you do alone—a personal journey as you reflect on your health and wellness. However, you might also want to consider reading and discussing this book as part of a men’s small-group, with a Losing to Live weight loss competition, or just by asking a good buddy to do it along with you.

Another good option is to discuss the material in this book as part of a First Place 4 Health group. This ministry has played a major part in my weight-loss journey, and it is a vital part of the wellness ministry of the church I pastor. Founded in 1981, First Place 4 Health is a Christian weight-loss and healthy living program that has had groups in more than 12,000 churches across the country. Unlike other health and fitness programs, First Place 4 Health emphasizes a biblical approach to weight loss and focuses on improving every area of a person’s life—mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. Members meet at scheduled times to encourage and support one another, share struggles and triumphs, and study the Word of God. First Place 4 Health offers a series of Bible studies, which address many issues of everyday life and provide members with opportunities to grow together in Christ.

The Process for the Plan

I want to encourage you to take your time as you go through this book. While you are reading, you are going to be learning how to let go of a lot of bad habits, how to start producing change, and how to form healthier habits. That is going to take time. I suggest that you go through a chapter a week and not only read it, but also start putting the principles discussed in that chapter into practice. Twelve weeks is not a long time compared to the rest of your life. This is your time—your time to change, your time to start living again.

This Book Is for You

Congratulations! It was a risky move just picking up this book and beginning to read it. Now, I want you to take another step and keep reading. I am going to walk with you on this journey as I share my heart with you, man to man. I will share some things that will make you laugh, some things that will make you think, and some things that will change how you view yourself. I will challenge you to keep moving. I am also going to say to you, “Man Up! It’s time to change!” Yes, this book is about action, but it is also about your re-action. So stay focused. Let me help you be the man you want to be. Let me share my story with you and explain how I went from being a conqueror on the football field to a lazy bum in a Lay-Z-boy, and then how I got off the couch and back into shape. We’ll get started by talking about the first action step!

Pastor Steve Reynolds

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