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INTERVIEW: Jim DeMint Talks About "Falling in love with America Again"

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Falling in Love With America Again - book by Jim DeMint

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Hi this is Tyler O’Neil. I speaking with former Sen. Jim DeMint who is also president of The Heritage Foundation and Author the new book “Falling in Love with America Again.”

CP : What’s your biggest tip in how we should fall in love with our country?

DeMint:  Just remember what made America great in the first place. I think a lot of people are looking to Washington to do things that it’s impossible for Washington to do. If you look back on our history, America was unique in all the world because we were built from the ground up by innovative and courageous individuals and the “little platoons” that Edmund Burke talks about: the families, the church groups, the small businesses, the charities, that’s what makes America strong and they in effect were empowered by liberty because they could all make their own decisions about what they wanted to do and what they valued so all the small businesses that grew up, the innovation came from the ground up. That’s what creates opportunity. So a big part of the book is just telling stories of little platoons all over the country that are creating better schools, better healthcare systems, better ways to develop energy and create a vibrant economy and we compare that with what big government and what we call bigonomics does to actually hurt the little guy.

CP: So what are these “Bigs” that you refer to? What actually makes them negative in the American experiment?

DeMint: Not all big is bad, but when government props up businesses, unions and creates monopoly of power, it tends to concentrate power and smother the activities of the little platoons. We’ve seen that. Whether it’s the fight against poverty, the federal government has superseded a lot of church charitable groups. We created more poverty by doing that. The federal government superseded state control of energy development for instance and we’ve not taken advantage of all the resources that God has given us. But some states are starting to break away from that like North Dakota. It’s a story we tell in the book and if you just look at that one state using new technology [to] develop their own energy, all the opportunities it creates for families to get ahead, to make a good living, and then you realize you don’t need a federal mandate for minimum wage when the economy’s good you can start at McDonalds for $15 dollars an hour. So the solutions are all around us. But the bigs, big government spawns big unions, big corporations, big banks, big lobby firms. For heaven sakes, seven of the ten wealthiest counties in America are right here in Washington DC.

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