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It Could Happen Tomorrow - The 15 Differences Between the Rapture and the Glorious Appearing (BOOK EXCERPT, PT 4)

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book cover for It Could Happen Tomorrow by Gary Frazier

Rapture/Blessed Hope

  1. Christ comes in the air for His own
  2. Rapture/translation of all Christians
  3. Christians are taken to the Father's house
  4. No judgment on earth at the Rapture
  5. The Church is taken to heaven at Rapture
  6. The Rapture is imminent
  7. No signs for Rapture
  8. For believers only
  9. Time of joy
  10. Comes before the day of wrath
  11. No mention of Satan
  12. The Judgment Seat of Christ
  13. Marriage of the Lamb
  14. Only His own see Him
  15. The Tribulation begins

Glorious Appearing

  1. Christ comes with His own to earth
  2. No one is translated
  3. Resurrected saints do not see Father's house
  4. Christ judges inhabitants of the earth
  5. Christ sets up His Kingdom on the earth
  6. Can't occur for at least seven years
  7. Many signs for Christ's physical coming
  8. Affects all mankind
  9. Time of mourning
  10. Immediately after Tribulation
  11. Satan bound/bottomless pit for 1,000 years
  12. No time or place for Judgment Seat
  13. His Bride descends with Him
  14. Every eye shall see Him
  15. 1,000-year Kingdom of Christ begins
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